It’s the Weekend

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It’s the weekend. Yep. It’s here. Though it doesn’t feel like it with everything blurring together. We had a good Friday home (as if there is another option) but we did go and get takeout from our favorite local place – Hooley’s Irish Pub. Go there and get some take-out. Give it a try.

We walked in to get our takeout food and ran quite a few old faces. It was reminiscent of old times. This time was a bit weird. Drinking a beer in a plastic cup, virtual high-fives from six feet away, and talking about what golf course is open and which isn’t. Summary: Everybody is closed now except for Steele Canyon which opened for just their members now. I wonder how long that will last. Ive been itching to play with my new wedges.

Moving on. Are you a user of Zoom? They’ve kind of rose to fame with the home quarantine but it was a success too soon and too fast. Do I have it installed on my machine? Hell no. It’s got too many problems. Where to start? Its backend isn’t secured end-to-end encrypted. This means that anyone that is decently computer savvy can figure out how to piggyback on your video call and insert into it. CBS had a great story about just this thing happening across the nation. A few other articles worth reading are here and here. The second story is probably a bigger issue as it gives the hacker the ability to remotely take over your entire computer. What would I use? Google Hangouts or Apple Facetime or Skype. All of those are run by big companies that have invested the resources to make sure their products are more locked down. It’s even been given a term called ‘Zoom Bombing’ If you are going to use it because your work wants it or whatever – take the time and figure out how to lock down the privacy settings. What does that look like? You’re in luck as I have another article for you on just that.

Moving on….

The latest test for movies is for movies that were scheduled to go to the theaters for them to release straight to iTunes and Amazon Video but at a higher price. I’m good with this as movies are expensive and they need to make back their investment. Otherwise, plain and simple, these movies don’t get made. The latest to do this is a film called ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’. A story of a pregnant young woman and what she goes thru to get medical advice. It’s $19.99 to RENT in both iTunes and Amazon Video. If you happen to be a friend of mine on Plex – yep – you guessed it.

I’m about to start watching CBS new show ‘Interrogation’. Ten episodes and each episode rather individual. It has big potential. Can it deliver though? I don’t know.

I’ve always re-started watching House from the beginning. Such a classic. So good with so much stupendous writing. He’s the dark character with troubled issues that you’re cheering for.

Have you seen a lot of the MEME’s going around during this? Some of them are quite good. Probably my favorite that I’ve seen.

So on that note, everyone have an excellent Saturday.

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