Oh Monday

Yep, we’re rolling into Monday like we have no other choice. How was your weekend? My wife and I ventured on out to Costco, and we’ve noticed the dramatic increase in people wearing face masks. But while I was out, I saw a large percentage of them wearing them wrong. Gaps on the top or holes on the side or weak to no serious cloth strength. What’s the other big problem? I kept seeing people touching the front of the outside of the masks to adjust them to no-end. Hey – it makes sense as you’re wearing a foreign object to cover your face. The World Health Organization still doesn’t recommend masks for everyone – definitely yes if you’re showing any symptoms of a cold/cough as you don’t want to spread those droplets to anyone else. Moving on….

If you’ve liked SGN – (Some Good News) as I have. John Krasinski is back with episode two. Give it a watch on your AppleTV or Roku or whatever you can watch YouTube on. It’s worth it.

A good segment on OANN. Scary! Perhaps my favorite quote “Just because you have explosive diarrhea doesn’t mean you’re not still full of shit.”

Bill Gates – most don’t know – that he retired from Microsoft and has been giving all of his time to his foundation that is trying to solve problems like pandemics and lots of 3rd world problems. Bill definitely knows quite a bit as he even many years ago gave a TED talk where he said what keeps him up at night is pandemics hitting the United States. He gave a 30 minute interview discussing somethings about this.

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