Catching up with Tiger and Nicklaus

A little check-in with Tiger Woods during this trying time for everyone at home. Slightly interesting to see what he’s been doing with all of his free time. He’s more of an outdoor cycling man and interestingly enough I’ve seen on Instagram that many of the tour guys are into the Peleton. Speaking of Peleton, their sales have to be at a near all-time high right now.

Nicklaus and his famous putt in 1986 at Augusta National.

Did you happen to catch Jack Nicklaus on the Dan Patrick Show? It’s the anniversary of his Master’s win in 1972. But he, during the interview, had to say the one that most people want to talk about is his 1986 Master’s victory. What an excellent interview! 1972 he won his 4th of 6 green jackets.

Hello Friends! It was nice to also see Jim Nantz stop by to follow Jack Nicklaus.

For those that don’t know, Jim Nantz has a replica of a Pebble Beach golf hole and has the Master’s CBS Theme song playing the entire time while you play the hole. Nantz tries to redo this from his phone on the 13-minute mark in the above video.

Dan Patrick playing the par 3 at Jim Nantz’s backyard

We’ll get thru this everybody. One day at a time. It’s a tough time but it’s trending towards better.

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