Saturday Latest. InstaCart – Ethical?

It’s Saturday morning and I’m waking up and reading my Apple News. Some go to their specific websites and if you’re like my boy, you perhaps go to YouTube as that’s where the youngsters go for their news, but for me it’s Apple News. Apple News I can throw together everything I’m interested in and have about forty different sources put together. Then it’s easy to browse for what I’m interested in and I can adjust the algorithm for what it’ll show me on the front page.

We’ll move onto the headline. Instacart. You’ve maybe not heard of this. It’s the latest internet start-up where employees get paid to deliver groceries. These employees go to the store, collect the groceries, and deliver them. Bring on the current situation with Covid19 and it creates many problems of ethics. At least to me – it does. I’ll put it mildly below.

If you don’t feel safe going to a supermarket to shop and wait in long lines with other shoppers who may be sick, it’s reasonable to question whether it’s ethical to ask a low-wage worker to do the same thing on your behalf.

Other issues that arise. Are they being tipped well? Reports surfacing that the average tip is just $7. Then there is also a big problem lately of people retracting big tips as I guess there is a three-day window where you can change your tip amount. It’s a “Bait and Switch” tactic. You can read more about that here. Also, some Instacart employees have been taking large orders and using a photo from the internet of the person’s property and lying that the groceries were indeed delivered. Very problematic. I probably shouldn’t use the word employees as they’re labeled “independent contractors” in most states so that they don’t have to provide benefits or paid sick time.

For myself and my wife, we’re unwilling to do it. We’re not willing to jeopardize someone else for something they’re getting paid a low wage for.

Moving on….

How I fill my free time lately

Try not to get yourself down in the mud online with all that’s going on and realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll get there but it’ll just take some time. Have a good Saturday everyone!

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