It’s Thursday Right?

The PGA Tour announced they know when they’re kicking the PGA Tour season back into gear. It’ll be weird to watch with no fans, no autographs, and no player accessibility. I wonder what they’re going to do with the pins and bunker rakes. Sanitize them after each touch? Who knows? I’m sure Major League Baseball will follow along but they have a more difficult issue in-front of them as their games are in major stadiums compacted together. So I picture that as well having no fans. With MLB team owners getting so much revenue from ticket sales, jersey sales, alcoholic drinks, food, etc and now that well of money is completely dried up, well something will have to give in order to bankroll the expensive talent on a team. My prediction is owners and players will be at an impass and we may see them just call it quits/strike all-together. Players will want the salary they were promised in their contracts but they’ll be unwilling to see that the landscape has entirely changed. I could very well see this also being an issue that will translate over to NFL football as well.

While surfing thru my Instagram feed I noticed this.

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It could be a new way to playing golf as that’ll be something. Some course are using inflatable floaters so that the ball drops a tiny bit but then bounces back up. Regardless – it’ll definitely be weird.

Are you a fan of Better Call Saul?

I’ve been a fan of this series and it’s predecessor ‘Breaking Bad’ for a long time. The writing on it is so good as you never know what will happen next. I was interested when I found out that the lead on the show would appear on a podcast that I listen to called ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.’ Excellent long-form interview with Bob Odenkirk (Saul) and it was interesting to know that he grew up in my hometown. I’ll post the long-form interview below. but my takeaway was that it’s so nice having a guy that is so grounded, doesn’t have an interest in being a celebrity nor does he care about it. Listen to the interview and you’ll see that he’s adamant about being indifferent about the whole celebrity nature of Hollywood.

Chicago Bulls

My first pair of Air Jordan’s

What else is going on? ESPN is airing the first two parts of an almost ten-hour documentary of the Chicago Bulls last year of their dynasty. It’s creating a bit of controversy as Michael Jordan said this is going to make a lot of people not like him. MJ – sorry buddy – but I wholeheartedly disagree. People might be surprised but they won’t turn on you. Their minds are already made up. They’re buying the Air Jordan clothing, the shoes, whatever it might be and they still definitely want to be like Mike. MJ was doing some press beforehand to discuss the upcoming series on ESPN.

Moving on….lastly….

While on the subject of ‘Minds Made Up’ – it seems like in this time that we could come together as a country. Perhaps realize that we’re all in this together. Instead, I’m just seeing more of the same garbage. Last night, I saw a post about a report that the United States is looking into the origins of the Covid19 outbreak. That we think it came out of a lab. Would that be a surprise to anyone? We have labs here where we have the most deadly viruses in the world but we go to extraordinary lengths/protocols to make sure they’re safeguarded. Maybe China wasn’t following those safeguards. Anyway, those person was posting a link to a story on Fox that we’re investigating into it along with adding the words ,”For my left friends – you’ll never see this on CNN, MSNBC, “…. I was curious. So I go to the CNN main landing page and boom.

I stupidly then pointed it out. I should have known better. I do know better. Just like MJ – minds are made up. I yearn for information to form my opinions and make them better. I have no issue with saying,”I’m wrong” and it happens perhaps frequently. Get to the point. Don’t be stuck in your own beliefs.

Anyway. Enjoy your Thursday everyone. Get out and get some sun.

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