Death of Expertise

How are you this Wednesday morning? Are you having the same problem that the days are all blending together? I sit here in my man-cave and wait for some amount of normalcy to return to life. I see the light down there but it’s still a way off.

The whole protesting thing has kind of struck a nerve with me. The San Diego Tribune had a good piece discussing some of it. I get that you don’t like being quarantined. I get that. But that doesn’t mean you get to just put your wants in-front of others’ health. These protestors definitely aren’t very bright.

I wish we’d keep a list of them all and when the time comes for their medical needs because they’ve been infected with Covid19 that we put them at the bottom of the list. I posted a video of the recent book that I’m reading which is also the headline for today’s post. People and their alternative facts seems to make people feel entitled that they’re experts. Sad *shaking head*

This golfer has the right idea of how to get in practice. I love it! 👍🏻

Val Kilmer is talking about his book coming out. I think it was planned to come out this June when Top Gun: Maverick was due to come out. A little insight into the first Top Gun, Val Kilmer wasn’t onboard with playing Maverick. He wasn’t enthused. Then he talks on the set during filming he said there were two groups – the party-fun group and Tom Cruise.

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I am so excited to announce the narrators for the audiobook edition of my book I’m Your Huckleberry: Mare Winningham, Will Forte, and George Newbern. Some of you may know, Mare and I went to Chatsworth High together and performed in the production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie at that drama festival, which was recognized as the best representatives of Southern California high school theater. We later starred in an ABC Afterschool special! How great were those!? They were kinda like hybrid Hallmark and Lifetime Movie Channel productions, not too wholesome and also not too over-the-top, meant for kids and parents. I secretly like both channels, btw. Haha, well, stay safe and stay strong everyone. And if you chose, pre-order your copy for delivery on 4/21

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Have an excellent Wednesday everyone! Rise Above this….

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