Golf. Bring me Golf

I was surprised to see the USGA this morning coming out with some relaxed rules, I guess you could call them local rules. It definitely hardly seems like golf any further. But something – perhaps is better than nothing. Especially in these odd times.

I think guys just want to be able to get out and play. Golf is a sport that lends itself well and easily to social distancing. Driving ranges as well. Walking. Leave the pin in. No touching pins. My kind of golf. I sent out a message yesterday when some video surfaced of some guys playing golf on my home course. My question was basically – “WTF?!? Why is this happening?”

The question was met with a silence which is the universal, “Trying to formulate an answer and really hoping this will just disappear.”

Charley Hoffman got out for some practice. I don’t think my swing will look this good after six weeks.

Sports and social distancing. The hard reality is things are going to be different for a while. Some sports lend themselves well to social distancing/activities better than others. Golf and swimming for example. Probably can’t get much better than competing in a chlorinated pool. But volleyball, basketball, football where you’re constantly in contact. I don’t know. That’s tough.

Valhalla High School. Photo by me.

Did you happen to catch Saturday Night Live – Home edition last evening? Anthony Fauci said he thought Brad Pitt would be good to play him. Wish granted. 😂

Joe Rogan on his most recent podcast episode was making a valid point saying that this whole quarantine/Covid19 mess is requiring politicians to be authentic otherwise we’ll see right thru you. He makes a lot of valid points in this video.

“You were talking shit and the world changed

Joe Rogan

That brings me back to my other big issue with people. When was the last time you heard someone say they were wrong? Nobody wants to say that. We live in these bubbles of information and we somehow think that because we’ve read four articles – boom you’re now an expert. I know there are a few things I know a great deal about. I have known there are a vast number of items I know some but not a whole lot about. I know there are also a lot of topics that I’m an absolute idiot. I’m not at all shy about saying,”I’m wrong.” People should own that shit.

Have an excellent Sunday everyone!

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