Getting Closer

One day closer to golf courses opening up and having some semblance of normalcy. But even that I’m sure upon doing that will have people scratching their heads and realizing how different things are. I received notice that both Cottonwood and Steele Canyon in my area are opening up on May 1st. My club and I’m still waiting. I hope to hear something from them today. I got a call from my swing coach at Aviara saying they’ll be open for lessons May 1st and wanting to book lessons. I would think 6 feet and the lesson would be very easy to do. The problem? Being that you’re not as hands-on now you really need to make a larger effort to get your vision across.

Lots of talk about the Chicago Bulls and their ‘Last Dance’ special. Yes they were an iconic team. But, I fully agree with Charles Barkley in the video above, the dismantling of the Chicago Bulls is fully because Jerry Reins didn’t want to pay a big wage for any players. He finally had to pay MJ and that was only his final two seasons. Scottie was on a great deal and then as soon as he could, he cut him loose. Do we need to wonder any further why the Bulls have just been terrible since?

John Daly had an interview where he was talking about his Covid remedy (He was trying to have some fun) and have some humor about life. John Daly kind of asserts during the interview that the only big difference between him and Tiger Woods is Tiger was a much better putter. Moving on….

Hope you all have an excellent WEdnesday. I’ll leave you one with one of my favorite Game of Thrones clips.

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