Saturday Go

Yesterday was an excellent day as my wife and I got out for some golf. It’s good to see the course but it was obvious even for the course things aren’t the same. The rough was longer than I’d ever seen it. Places that are usually mowed now had high weeds. Greens are sometimes cut tighter with a moderate amount of speed – not any longer as they were sponges from being watered. But, golf is golf and it was good to get out and get some exercise. It was nice to run into a few guys that I knew and say hello. I have a feel it’ll be baby steps until we get back to even more normal.

One unique item that I liked was seeing everyone walking. Temporarily gone are the days of people getting carts with music blaring and riding along with a leg hanging out the cart.

My wife showing the new cups.

One of the items that the golf industry has had to change is how do we deal with the pins now. Answer – many different ways. But the days of the ball dropping and pulling/raising the pin are temporarily over. Now other option now but leave the pin in and do not touch it.

Another way of handling the pin done at Rams Hill. Video by Sean Kearns

Moving on….

We met up with our neighbors for a modified happy hour. It feels good to bounce ideas off others and just have some semblance of normalcy. A lot of discussions were had about how deeply we’re potentially overreacting to this.

Two physicians in California had a press event where they talked about their findings from their Emergency Room. It’s an excellent watch. Immediately other fellow physicians jumped on them for it not being peer-reviewed or not being an adequate sample size of the United States. But, here’s the thing to me. They’re an Emergency room so you’d expect their numbers to error on the higher side as mostly sick people DO go to an emergency room and if their reported numbers are that – and it’s the high side – argh. We may be overreacting.

I do think the shelter in place and the masks have had a benefit. But at a certain point we’re going to have to look at the RAW numbers and see how bad it is.

Have an excellent Saturday everyone!

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