Friday. Friday

I’m back. Yep. The blog is back. The turd of a blog is back. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to say. Somedays I wake up and go through the motions of reading my news and it’s the usual ‘doom and gloom’ stuff. I kind of think people need cheering up. They need some hope. Not this constant ‘doom’ numbers. Moving on. Let us cover some basic news.

Michael Flynn had his charges dropped. From an outsider point of view, it looks like political pressure apparently had some effect on the Justice Department’s findings. Keep in mind he was charged by Robert Mueller for giving false information to the FBI. Trump was talking about a possible pardon, and then all of a sudden, charges are being dropped. I can’t figure any of this stuff out anymore, but it seems like we have varying levels of corruption on every level. Doesn’t that make you feel all confident inside while we’re going thru this? HaHa.

Are you a fan of Elon Musk? He gave another long form interview to Joe Rogan discussing everything under the sun. The last interview Elon had done previously with Joe was where investors got weirded out when he decided to go ahead and light-up a joint. Still it was one of my favorite interviews. Say what you want about Elon, despite his quirks, I find him most of the time to be very intelligent. (Most of the time)

Below is a decent segment from his interview.

Moving on. I’ve ben rewatching Scrubs a lot lately. Slapstick and funny. It’s definitely something mindless to take your mind off things. I’m reminded of one of my favorite scenes from it lately.

and if you’re really feeling adventurous you can check out the podcast that Zach + Donald have been doing where they’re going inside of each episode.

That’s it for now. I’m off to play some golf with my lovely wife.

A quick throwback photo to some better times….

Lunch time addition:

Just finished some golf on the course. Damn that rough is high. Tough!

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