Yesterday was the day HBO Max launched. I had been waiting for this for months when I learned that it would have Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and Friends all together in one place. This was supposed to be the ultimate “team up” when AT&T bought Warner Bros, HBO, and DC Comics. All of those products together for HBO Max. The more you browse the library the more you see the big holes and problems with it.

Batman vs Superman is in the catalog. But not ‘Man of Steel’ the very first film in the new DC universe. Why? Ok it must be an oversight. Except there isn’t a single Superman adaption to be found. No Christopher Reeve films. No Superman animated cartoons. No Smallville or Lois and Clark.

I don’t get it. You charge the most money of any streaming service and yet – completely omitted. That must be where it ends. Nope. All of the Lord of the Rings films are present….except the middle one ‘The Desolation of Smaug. Batman Begins was in the promotional materials for the service and yet none of the movies have made the HBO Max launch product.

One of my bigger annoyances is the lack of 4k at launch. Not a single film nor is the service able to do it at this point. How do you launch a modern streaming service without the ability to watch anything in 4k? 4k is glorious and the best way to watch any film. It’s almost like watching a brand new movie when you see it in that high of a resolution on a tv that supports it. What do you get? You get a high bitrate 1080p. Yep. Disney+, Amazon Video, and Netflix all push 4k assuming you have a 4k set otherwise you’re just getting the high bitrate video that HBO Max pushes out.

We currently get this free with our AT&T and to be honest with you – I don’t know if I would pay for it. I use the word “free” loosely as nothing is free.

Now HBO Max does have a few exclusive shows that are coming to it. The new Green Lantern show is coming to it (not available at launch) but what is available is this new show ‘Love Story.’ My wife and I watched the first two episodes and found it decent.

Anyway, it’s early and it’s hard to tell what to make of it. I hope it’s in its infancy and it can only get better. We’ll see what they do with it.

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