Some Saturday Recaps

Awoke today and it was one of the few mornings where I wasn’t off to the golf course. It was a nice change to be able to wake up and have a normal morning without rushing to get out. Yippee!

Have you been able to watch any of the golf this weekend at Colonial? It’s still really odd to me watching this event without fans. Seeing the players having to watch their own balls though I guess there have been a few patrons that were allowed to be “spotters.”

Gyms are starting to open back up in California now. With a really weird protocol. You make a reservation and you can workout for an hour, and then they close for thirty minutes to clean the place, and then they open back up for another hour. Rinse. Repeat. My twenty-four hour fitness should now be called ‘Kinda Fitness’ as their hours are now 5 am to 9 pm.

This will be the first year without San Diego Comic-Con ages. It’s been a staple of the San Diego downtown community for the longest time. Damn, that will be really weird and I’m sure the city will be hurting due to the loss of revenue.

My step-son Tommy is an interesting fellow. We looked at the option of sending him to Arizona so that he could potentially have classes in person with a teaching professor. You have to wonder about the value of your education where everything is being done remotely. Tommy didn’t have any interest and wants to continue remotely. Why are the UC Schools charging full dollar for this? Crazy. One of our friends is refusing to pay for remote learning at Cal Poly and his boy won’t return to school until the classes are normal. I get that. College tuition isn’t cheap.

Also on a slightly interesting note, Tommy has starting driving for DoorDash. For those not so technically inclined, you place an order for food on the DoorDash app and a driver delivers the food to your house. Tommy made over $100 on his second day of doing it just driving for a few hours. It’s good for him. Something to do.

Universal has released a film straight to Video-On-Demand bypassing the model of going to the theaters. Theaters are not happy and have threaten to straight up ban all Universal pictures. Sorry, but there is room for both business models. Anyway – the film is ‘King of Staten Island’ – give it a view.

I’ll leave you with some wise words from Jordan Spieth.

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