Sunday. Father’s Day

We’re off to the races this Sunday morning. I really should get used to using my blog as an outlet for daily musings. On my Twitter handle, I mention that it’s for my brain droppings, but I don’t even really use it for that anymore. Mostly just articles that I find of interest, and they don’t also have to be items that I agree with. I got out for some golf last Friday. Blue tees and was good to get a distinguished group together. Big E, it was his return to golf after a seven-month injury layoff. Some videos below from the game.

Moving on. Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day out there to all the Fathers. As I told my daughter yesterday that it’s a weird holiday that I try to ignore and just get thru. Mainly due to it being a reminder that my Father is deceased. Don’t get me wrong I try to make it a day where I’m thinking of our bonding moments together. Our relationship I guess you could best describe as unsaid. A lot unsaid.

As I did tell my daughter Joy yesterday though. Father’s Day for me is the day that she was born. Being in that delivery room and holding her. Seeing her. That was the day that I became a father.

Did you happen to catch Jimmy Kimmel discussing that he’s going to be taking a few months off? Hey, it’s well deserved. So they’re going to have numerous guest hosts for about two months. It should be interesting to see who they get.

Last time he took an absense because his daughter was in the hospital and Brie Larson hosted. Yep – I still remember how gorgeous she was hosting.

Hey – she’s easy on the eyes.

Happy Father’s Day

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