Sunday PGA

PGA Championship is under-way. The third round was completed yesterday and it looks like it’s Dustin Johnson’s tournament to have – all he needs to do is putt the same way that he did yesterday. Call me crazy but I’m rooting for him today. I watched Tiger’s entire round on ESPN+ from start to finish. Tiger Woods so far is -3 today and is like a whole new player.

Conor Moore put together a nice bit before the final round of the PGA. If you need a laugh this should do it.

Mesquite Trip

Back now nearly ten days from this trip with the guys to Mesquite and Vegas. Truth be told it was a lot of fun and about golf more than anything. About half of the attendees dropped as they were fearful of getting Covid-19 which I don’t get. These same people that dropped are good with this but not that, etc, etc. For me, it was really simple. Golf. Enjoy the fellas. Dinner. Wash hands/Sanitize/mask. Avoid the casino floor. So I did and it seems to have worked well for me.

Some bullet points of Pros/Con/loose commentary of the trip:

  • If the guy in the backseat is going to be always be ripping farts the majority of the drive, you’re best of zip-tying him to the roof of the car. Sure beats every fifteen minutes lowering the windows.
  • Driving the majority of the trip upfront made a big difference. Don’t show up at IHOP during a pandemic and expect service.
  • Don’t interact with the crazy nightlife at 1 am.
  • Both of my friends put on demonstrations for choking at different courses. What you thinking? Snowman on the last hole when you come in one under par. A bogey on the last hole when you come in one under?
  • If you’re going to move your ball from a bunker and fifty yards below it in the fairway, make sure the group behind you isn’t the more serious group as you’ll hear lots of shouting,”What the fuck are you doing?!?”
  • The whose better dynasty Bulls/Lakers debate belongs at home. Not in the middle of the desert
  • If you’re a diehard Trump supporter and you’re coming on the trip. The very least, yes the least, you could do is wear the MAGA hat for at least one day of golf.
  • If you’re going to hand out golf balls. Make sure somebody else doesn’t take credit for it.

I found this funny clip that the Lincoln Project put together. It hits home on various levels. Funny. Truth. Think about it.

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