Yep. Yesterday was our Anniversary. We went from having these grand plans of let’s go and stay all here and there. Get-away. All of this. Then we started weighing the cost of said “stay-cation” and decided it just wasn’t worth it. What did we do? A walk on the beach first thing in the morning and my wife wanted to visit Lahaina’s.

Yes. As my daughter pointed out not a lot of people are wearing masks. I’m not sure what the official guidelines are. I thought it was masks when you couldn’t distance yourself. Maybe I’m wrong. If you can’t walk at the beach where I’ve got huge amounts of open-air and come in contact with virtually nobody then perhaps this has gone a bit overboard.

San Diego County has been doing quite well recently. We finally got below the Governor’s mandate of 100 cases per 100,000 people. For the third consecutive day, the county recorded a 14-day average case rate under 100 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents. The county reported the rate at 96.3 on Friday, compared to 98.3 Thursday and 94.1 Wednesday. We need to do that for a further 14 days and then we’re taken off the watch list and we can open up schools. Is that really the best idea? Maybe we should just declare the year a wash and try to get businesses back to normal and get the economy stabilized before we focus on throwing a bunch of kids together where they could be passing Covid-19 from one to the other.

I was reading this article today from USA Today, talking about that the pandemic has been taking a toll on American’s Mental Health. This has been my issue with this from day one. The lockdowns (which there is no scientific data to show that they work. Wear a mask when near and socially distance) take a toll on people mentally/physically. Especially our youngsters. It’s not a good situation for a young kid to have to intellectually grapple with that they can’t see grandma and grandpa because they might get them sick. I have a twenty-something kid at home, and we have to remind him daily to get outside and get some sun. Don’t keep yourself cooped up indoors all day. Speaking of masks. It reminded me of this funny but true viral video about wearing masks.

Moving onto some Golf….

One of San Diego’s and El Cajon’s own played in the US Amateur. Cameron Sisk. Made it to the final eight and boy has he got some talent. His home course is Steele Canyon where I believe he holds the course record with a 59. Valhalla High School grad/ASU attendee and just all-around good kid. He fought back to even and it just wasn’t meant to be. Golf Channel – that was some terrible coverage of it though. Eight guys playing and you’d have thought there were only four based on the footage shown. Cameron took his opponent to the wire and played tough. He’ll be back next year.

Can’t Make This Up

Whatever happened to things being quasi-normal in American politics? I’ve seen more and more people just turn into online trolls and feel (take it upon themselves) to defend a political party. It’s this mentality of your either with us or against us. The US vs them mentality that will get us nowhere. The last election was the first that I was literally fed up with both parties and voted independent—an excellent write-up here discussing that the founding fathers thought that two parties would tear apart the country. I look at where we are, and this is the worst I’ve seen government. Before I go – I’ll share an interview with Mitt Romney below.

Damn it’s hot outside. I think Olivia Munn has the right idea.

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