Cranston. Nile. DNC

We’re off to an excellent Thursday. An excellent interview with Bryan Cranston on DP. Always enjoyable to have Bryan on the show as he talks a bit about how he got diagnosed with Covid-19 and didn’t want it to be headlines in the news. It wasn’t until he was going to donate plasma that some friend’s told him that he could generate some buzz about doing this to help mankind. Anyway – decent listen.

Also, they just released the trailer for Death on the Nile. Put this on my list as to movies that I want to see. It’ll be nice to see Gal Gadot in a role outside of her Wonder Woman role. Not saying that she’s not excellent in Wonder Woman – but you need to branch out otherwise you’ll just be typecast forever.

Last night was night three of the DNC. They brought out some of the heavy weights with President Obama probably leading the way.

Sounded very Presidential (still) and I wonder why we couldn’t have had a Republican in office that deeply cared about the job. Instead, we have news that another former campaign official of the Trump Campaign being arrested. Three if you count Corey Lewandowski who charges were dropped.

We’re facing real problems with the national debt. The national debt is now larger than GDP (GDP: $21.4 trillion) and we’re now sitting in a hole that will be difficult to dig ourselves out of. Republicans campaign on financial responsibility and we need it now more than ever. We need tough decisions that won’t make a lot of people happy. Good write-up here.

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