Bryson. Bryson. Bryson

I’ve been a bit absent from my blog. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. I’ll try to make an effort. What usually happens? I actually write up an entire blog post and I read it myself and I find it boring. But then yesterday, I heard from a friend that he enjoys reading my posts even if they’re re-caps. Let us get this started then.

Bryson won the US Open. Blah. Not a fan. He’s incredibly full of himself and really looks for every way that he can to skate by. Anyone remember when he made a ten months ago and then asked the rules official, “Can I play the ball in the out of bounds stakes?” Is this your first time playing golf? Anyway, yes, he won the US Open. He played the best golf for this tournament. Don’t go getting on Team Bryson has the train has a lot of problems.

I heard yesterday from Big E, trying to make an analogy in saying that Bryson now has an advantage like Tiger/Nicklaus because he hits the ball so far and high. A couple of guys at Hoo are severe golf followers, and so I proposed the analogy to them to get their take. Answer: So many guys today have those credentials. Bombers/High launcher. Nicklaus and Tiger were top-notch putters. So far, we’ve had one tournament with Bryson, and people are already to declare him the second coming. Sorry folks. It’s weak sauce. But no taking away from your victory.

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Major statement. 🏆

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I wonder how many protein shakes I can fit in this thing…….

IOS 14

Apple announced and launched their new IOS system. Widgets are added which are nice along with a system to automatically organize apps. Also Watch OS 7 came out and the watch is even more snappy.

Moving on…..

Politics 👍🏻

Joe Biden had a screw-up where he said by the end of his speech, about 200 million people would be casualties from Covid-19. Nope. Not Two-hundred million Joe. Yep. It’s a considerable gaf. But is it? Is it really a gaf by an obviously sunsetting older man who mixed up a word? I actually think not. I think it’s a subtle way of making the American public when they see the video to say, “No, Joe, it’s not two-hundred million. It’s two-hundred thousand.” The networks correct it. It’s free advertising of how we handled the Covid-19 response. But then you’re instantly thinking….wait….it’s two-hundred thousand people? That’s a lot of people. Let’s give it some perspective.

  • More than 45 Iraq wars (Measuring American casualities only)
  • More than 66 9/11’s.
  • About 1/2 of all the United States casualties of World War II (Again just US Casualties)

Debates are coming up around the corner with Fox and Chris Wallace. It’s incredible to me how much campaign strategies change. The plan for the longest time was to portray Biden as mentally not there. Even for a while, describing him on drugs. As we get closer to the debates, the story is changing to him being a seasoned debater. Why? Trump campaign is worried they lowered the bar so much that he doesn’t have to do much to exceed it, and then what if he does? What if the President comes out flat on the first night? Debates are weird. It took Romney a few nights to gather his footing, and Trump vs. Hillary wasn’t a resounding success for either candidate.

Moving on slightly…..

Miami Heat move up to a 3-1 lead behind Herro’s 37 points. Excellent rookie performance and probably haven’t seen something like that since 1980’s Magic Johnson performance.

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