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It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Between taking the dog to the vet and the shitshow debate. It’s tough to know where to start. First doggie Indy. Indy has developed some warts/bumps on the inside of his ear and due to his age, they don’t want to risk how he might respond to being put under to look/biopsy them. So we really don’t have any way of knowing if they’re cancerous. The vet gave me some good advice about looking at his quality of life and making sure he doesn’t suffer. She pointed out that all-too-often people wait until their dogs are too far gone and, in her opinion, it should have happened sooner. So who knows. Currently, he eats and naps and is mildly sociable. So no sense rushing anything.

Politics. Politics.

I’ve figured out what is needed for the next Presidential debate. Shock collars. Get out of line. Don’t act in a respectful manner. Boom! Hit the switch and we’ll send you 120 volts. They’re talking about silencing microphones but really what good is that when the person across from you can still hear you? Yep – go straight to shock collars.

You people that are having a Proud Boys discussion on Facebook/Twitter. Going back and forth and blah blah blah. Damn. I just read over the comments and laugh at such a waste of time and energy. Trump did this and Biden did that and Liberals do this and do that. You’ve over-emphasized how important your voice is and the amount of research you’ve put into the discussion is staggeringly low.

By every account, any credible source declares this was the worst debate we’ve ever seen. Why would any candidate want to call themselves the winner of the shitshow debate?

I listened to one podcast where he was telling his audience that he had to tell his twelve-year-old son that it’s not normally like this. That he had to show previous debates as an example. More of the dumpster fire inside of a trainwreck. I knew 2020 couldn’t give us something good.

I appreciate John Roberts trying to just get an honest answer and just put this all to rest.

But even that was too hard. Here. This is how it’s done. Kayleigh read and listen. If you had said this at your press briefing nobody would ever ask this again except for maybe clarification on the dildo to which you’re free to use the word buzzsaw.

Some Golf

Excellent discussion from Golf Digest talking about sandbagging. It’s a bigger issue than people realize and it amazes me that people (golfers) don’t take this more seriously. Have some honor and play the game like it matters. Does winning some pro-shop credit really matter what much to you?

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