Apple Event. IPhone 12

Yep, it was the iPhone announcement day. Maybe the only thing to make you feel semi-normal. Well, except for the fact that my Chicago Cubs got killed in the first round of the playoffs. The offense could only score one run. Yeah – that seemed like times of old. So what about this Apple announcement. These are the first iPhones using the Qualcomm chipset that they negotiated for years over. Qualcomm has a huge patent portfolio and a few of the things that their chipsets/patents do really well is run efficiently when on cell towers. They’re very power efficient and also hang onto phone calls longer before dropping them in low-signal areas. That’s one of the items being overlooked. The last two years of phones have all been intel modems.

The iPhone 12 Max Pro was the silent winner. Apple sure was quiet to announce all the additional photography features in it. 87% better in low-light and a longer optical zoom. That low-light performance is huge. Marques Brownie did a nice video talking about a bunch of it:

My main takeaway. I hope Verizon dumped about a billion dollars into Tim Cook’s lap to share the stage with him for a while and talk about the Verizon 5G network. Just one problem. It’s available virtually nowhere. People need to understand this. Apple (and Qualcomm) and betting and designing chipsets for the tech that they know is coming. It’ll be deep into 2021 and perhaps even 2022 before we see vastly rolled out 5G. I can picture it already… people get their new iPhone and are like,”Hey my phone won’t connect to 5G.” Yep because good luck finding it. Also, while 5G is nice, it’s a huge battery hog. You can go thru an entire phone battery in an hour using it which is partly while Apple also used this 5G data saver technology. Your phone will determine if it’s better to use 4G LTE for the task at hand or 5G. Another good interview below discussing all the camera differentials:

Apple did an excellent job of keeping the phones top notch. Why the big difference in camera though between the Max Pro and the Pro? Some speculate that it would have cost Apple too much money to try and place those existing parts in the smaller pro and would have cut into their margins. I can totally see that.

Larger sensor = better image quality and better low light performance. That’s a no brainer from a photography standpoint. Hello, iPhone 12 Max Pro!

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