Thor: Ragnarok. Happening Soon.

Something a bit lighthearted as I’m heading out for golf this morning. Of course this is just a small clip from Thor: Ragnarok.

Ok ok. A few more clips from the movie.

Post 4th Of July

I hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July. It’s time to move onto the rest of the year.

Trump at G20

So Trump is at the G20 and someone needs to clue him in. A lot of false media being thrown around here in the United States. Like this bit that claimed that Poland’s PM refused to shake Donald Trump’s hand. You can see from the full video that she did.

My Golf on Wednesday

It started off bad. Then started off really well. Then it went completely south and terrible. I started with walking to the wrong course. Fortunately my buddy Gary went over and picked me up. Then I started on the right course and played 9 holes really solid. After that, I jazzed up my wrist on a shot and the wheels completely flew off for a nice solid 88. I haven’t played that badly this year.


I got up this morning and played golf with Eric Thomas who had a good solid round. Not as good as his 70 from the other day.

Rickie Fowler and his Girl Friend

I like the way they celebrated the 4th of July.

I wanna fly like an eagleπŸ¦…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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Spiderman: Homecoming

I’m off with my step-son Tommy to go and see Spiderman: Homecoming today. Arclight. One of the best theaters in the area.

Quite digging their song by MGMT:

Wonder Woman, Jordan Spieth Wins, Dan Patrick comments

Wonder Woman

Another big weekend for the Wonder Woman movie. It officially passed Man of Steel domestically and it’s on track to beat Batman vs Superman next. Not bad for a movie that had a fraction of the budget of Batman v Superman and Man of Steel.

Golf – Jordan Wins

Jordan Spieth holed out a bunker shot in the first playoff to win in dramatic fashion. Good thing they went with the body slam as earlier in the day they tried the ‘high-five’ and completely missed each other.

Dan Patrick had a good take on purists and the modern age of celebration in golf.

Also Dan had a great interview with Phil Mickelson talking about – oh I don’t know – anything that he might have done recently…

What Celebrities are saying about Wonder Woman. Thanks Joss Whedon

Some comments on the Wonder Woman movie. Some people you may have heard of.

I’ll start with my favorite. Some ridiculous men have been complaining about these ‘Women Only Screenings’. I appreciate that Joss Whedon knows how to put it in proper perspective with an excellent joke.

Jessica Chastain

Director Patty Jenkins even responded to her –

The Hulk decided to weigh in –

Captain America –

Aquaman director –

Quite impressed with their Rotten Tomatoes score….

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.32.09 AM

Wonder Woman Review *Spoiler free*


My Review

This is the movie that we’ve waited for. So well done. Patty Jenkins had the tough job of trying to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen for all ages. To portray her sexy but also really smart and to be able to stand with the best fighters. Well – Patty – mission accomplished.

We needed a movie today that makes us feel hopeful. Diana is the woman that cares for all and wants peace in mankind. Well done. It’s the perfect mix of adult and kid humor.

Also, major kudos to Zach Synder for casting the perfect Wonder Woman.

One of my trusted reviews below.


I found this a bit interesting….

Even better that Chris Hemsworth took the time to respond.

Wonder Woman Today


I’m happy to hear about all the good press and the RottenTomatoes score. Definitely looks like it’s the best DC movie that has been made is some time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 6.29.01 AM

Best DC movies –

  • 1977 Richard Donner Superman
  • 1989 Tim Burton Batman
  • Patty Jenkin’s ‘Wonder Woman’ ??

It’s very possible.

I’m very excited to be seeing this with my daughter tomorrow night. Finally a movie with heart and soul and a hero that cares for people the way Christopher Reeve’s Superman did.

Also an interesting clip below. Gal Gaddot and Chris Pine talking of a scene in their movie.