Happy Sunday

Just imagine being in a room with these two together. Amazing…

Moving on….


Yesterday was our 2nd Saturday Golf Tournament. I played moderately well with two birdies but I just couldn’t putt. I must have left six or seven putts short of the hole.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.08.47 AM

I thoroughly love my Garmin S60. With it and the scorekeeping abilities, I very rarely pull out the rangefinder during a round anymore. So many features between syncing with my phone, step counter, slope corrections that you can turn off and on, etc.

Plus it gives you a nice breakdown of the entire walk (round of golf).

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.07.57 AM

Highlight *

Not golf related. My daughter, Joy, is down and we’re having an excellent time. She’s growing up so fast and will be ten years old this month. Holy Cow! Where has all of the time gone?

Getting Closer to Christmas

Give me a break. Can you be more un-Presidential? When is he going to realize that he’s the President for all people. He’s literally encouraging people to vote for a pedophile. Isn’t there anyone better to vote for than anyone than someone that wants to be in relationships with teenagers??!?!

Steve Jobs….

Leo Laporte suggests that Tim Cook was Steve Job’s worst decision. Not sure I entirely buy that. If you look at the things that he had gone thru. Basically, he wanted to make sure that Apple was in a position to remain competitive for the next fifty years. Tim Cook was a safe choice.

Katie Couric

She says she’s still ready to talk about Matt Lauer. More so that she’s not ready to talk about how he was on set and what she thinks of these allegations against him.

Lauren’s Few Seconds of Fame

Just after the opening of the video – you’ll notice her in the black floral dress and the ponytail. Bravo! What fun! I can’t wait to see you for Christmas.


Sunday FunDay


Thanksgiving Group Photo

It was good to get everyone together. Big Thanks to Sharon and Mike for hosting us and making us feel like we are at home.  From Thanksgiving day to Cornhole Bags to racing at the dirt track – I had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything.

Cornhole Fun.

Ohio State vs Michigan

I kept on screwing up when the day of the game was. My Friday totally felt like a Saturday and my Sunday today now feels like a Monday. So I literally was searching for the game on Friday. I enjoy a good rivalry but for the life of me I cannot understand people that post and share such banter like calling Ohio State the ‘Fuckeyes’. I could maybe loosely understand it if you were a nineteen-year-old college student but for it to be coming out of the mouth of forty-year olds – I just don’t get it.

Anyway – Ohio State won due to their play in the second half. I think the thing that I appreciate about the team. Meyer goes out of his way to play tough teams and wants to play them on their turf. 48-3 in conference games. That’s one hell of a record.

Cowherd had an excellent segment talking about just how good Urban Meyer is and how he’s different than Alabama’s head coach.

If you’re looking for highlights of the game: Here you go….

The coach also gave a decent press event afterward.

Brad Faxon: Tiger outdrove DJ Half the Time


If it’s true – the big cat is back. I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs next week.

Last Note –

UCLA picks up Chip Kelly. I’d look for them to get their offense into high gear.


Yep. It’s that time of year. It’s upon us once again. Almost nothing better than spending it with good friends that you consider family. All the stories that make for a very exciting time. Most of the adults just enjoy telling stories of their kids. Which makes being a parent much more enjoyable.

From last year….

Speaking of last year. We definitely had some legendary videos. I’ll share a few below.

These kids today! Wow! ASU kids know how to party.

Also this time of year I’m reminded of one of my favorite moments from ‘The West Wing’ – The Butterball Hotline.

Have a safe Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe!

Happy Halloween

So it begins….

Halloween is off to a roaring start. It’s hard to believe how many of these holidays I’ve celebrated. Some of them I’ve actually gone through the trouble of dressing up for but I can say that honor has not happened within the last 5 to 10 years.

I hope you noticed the site change that I managed to do for Halloween. It will be up there until November 1. So have a look while you can. Just something a little different. I’m not one of these people that changes my background picture every few days to try to make my website look different. When people come to my site I want people to know what they’re getting because they’re used to a look.

A Little bit of a commentary coming at you. How about this Halloween we stay away from the politics? How about we just post pictures of our kids.? Maybe we as parents try not to complain about every little thing?

Also… What’s up with all the oversharing on Facebook.? Do people just really have nothing better to do than just endlessly post their lives on Facebook? Of course, I say that as I’m posting some of my life to this website that I run.

Stephen A on Players Wearing Hoodies in the NBA

John Smoltz on the World Series

Astros definitely have some momentum. Can they keep it going in Los Angeles?!? I’ve felt for a long time that Kershaw in overrated in the playoffs. One hundred playoff innings and a nearly 4.5 ERA vs his regular season 2.5 ERA. I knew that Astros would be able to get one game off of him. For a $250 million dollar pitcher, you have to come up big in the playoffs.

Post 4th Of July

I hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July. It’s time to move onto the rest of the year.

Trump at G20

So Trump is at the G20 and someone needs to clue him in. A lot of false media being thrown around here in the United States. Like this bit that claimed that Poland’s PM refused to shake Donald Trump’s hand. You can see from the full video that she did.

My Golf on Wednesday

It started off bad. Then started off really well. Then it went completely south and terrible. I started with walking to the wrong course. Fortunately my buddy Gary went over and picked me up. Then I started on the right course and played 9 holes really solid. After that, I jazzed up my wrist on a shot and the wheels completely flew off for a nice solid 88. I haven’t played that badly this year.


I got up this morning and played golf with Eric Thomas who had a good solid round. Not as good as his 70 from the other day.

Rickie Fowler and his Girl Friend

I like the way they celebrated the 4th of July.

I wanna fly like an eagle🦅🇺🇸

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Spiderman: Homecoming

I’m off with my step-son Tommy to go and see Spiderman: Homecoming today. Arclight. One of the best theaters in the area.

Quite digging their song by MGMT:

Up this Morning

Last day of being 39. No big deal. It just feels a bit odd. What I’m really wanting is the ability to call either of my parents. Now that’s a weird feeling. But I’m heading to a beautiful golf course to play golf with some friends. Scotty, Gary, Doug – it’ll definitely be a very exciting day. Even better with the ultra-discounted rate that we got on the golf. (Thanks, Bob Madsen)

Yesterday: I highly enjoy the round of golf that I got with Keith McKee. Always fun buddy.


Moving onto something more pleasant.

Great start to the road trip!

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Cubbies steamrolled over the Marlins. The offense kicked into high gear.

I guess when you’re the President of the United States you can drive your golf cart onto the putting green. WTF?!?