Comic-Con, Cubs Win, and more Zuckerburg

Baez hits four home runs in two games. Damn. He’s on fire! The offense got going and the Cubbies rolled past the Pirates 13-5.

Coach Maddon reviews the game and the performance of Baez of late.

Zuckerburg Day 2

This has been my issue. Our representatives don’t understand how Facebook works. 95% of them have young twenty-somethings that do all of their social media postings. Yet, they’re pretending to voice outrage as it fits where some of their constituents are.


Some Comic-Con goodness. It’ll make you laugh.

I’m Back….Again

I’m back and writing on my blog. I took a little time off while I was fighting this cough that I had. One visit to the Dr and it turns out it was more than a cough. Anyway, I’m finally more like myself. Enough time in bed.

Last evening we visited the Vuong’s and it was definitely a ‘go hard to midnight’ type day. Fortunately for me I had the perfect excuse being that I’m on antibiotics to go a little lighter.

Moving onto the Masters

Tiger Woods survived but still couldn’t post anything in the red. At least, on hole twelve he didn’t hit it in the lake for what would have been a third straight day.

The story definitely has to be Patrick Reed. He’s playing some good golf.

People are saying that this is a Ryder Cup rematch. Wrong! These two are going to be keeping to themselves. Especially Patrick. It’s completely different. Patrick has to play the golf course and not play Rory. So no there won’t be any finger-wagging.

But it’s not all Patrick Reed. Rory has a chance. If he can have another round in the 60’s, he’ll put the pressure on Patrick Reed.

Facebook Still under Fire

I’m sorry Mark. You gave away fifty-million people’s data without their permission and your answer is ,”Sorry!” Why didn’t you have stronger privacy standards in place from day one? I feel users have the right to know when their data is being sold or given and used for purposes that they don’t want it used for. I’d be very careful with Facebook and trusting them.

California. Independents about to overtake Republican Party

We need more people with common sense. More people like myself and like my wife – who in the last election voted for ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’. Not Hillary. Not Trump. We need better candidates and better choices. Enough of the standard bells and whistles.

“Trump is bad for California.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


Alex Inc and Baseball

My latest TV show

So far I’m watching ‘Alex, Inc’. Zac Braff (Scrubs, Garden State, The Last Kiss) is so far the perfect family flick.

Baseball is Back

First pitch. First batter. Cubs are off to a good start. Padres are already showing signs that the offense is stuck in neutral. But hey wasn’t it just last year where they had gone four games without scoring a single run?!?

Currently, my Cubbies are in the 13th inning and tied 1-1. There was some fun with Wilson Contreas and Anthony Rizzo. I guess Rizzo wasn’t thrilled with how much speed the catcher put on it.

Bryant also had his first home run of the season. Two games and boom!

It’s getting Stormy

The Stormy Daniels Interview

Yep, this is all the info that Donald Trump tried to silence with money.  He was paying for relationships with ladies while married. Yep, the same guy that said that nobody is more Christian than him.

Oh, here he is talking about his wonderful relationship with God and how he always tries to do good.

Tiger Woods Looking Good

Tiger Woods Playing Well.

First round is over and he’s T8 at one under par. It’s looking good for him to make the weekend and maybe even be in competition for his first win since coming back from his back injury.

Of course,  it wasn’t without some trouble. And it’s excellent shots.

Phil Mickelson on Dan Patrick

An excellent interview with Phil and how his strength training program is what has lead him to be competitive and injury free. Dan Patrick was talking ‘bench press’ with him and Phil interestingly made a comment saying,”I would never do that. It’s all the pressure on my spine.”

Charles Barkley on DP

Excellent segment talking about the NCAA and college’s paying players. Charles makes a good point talking about how he took a loan from his agent to and it lead to him staying in college longer. But, the NCAA made $1 billion dollars last year. Granted that’s through ALL of its sports but it’s still a lot of money. Free educations is worth a lot and the vast overwhelming majority of these kids won’t be playing professional anything. Charles also makes some great points about NBA teams tanking and getting more ping-pong balls for possible draft picks.

Bring on the Golf and Coffee

Valspar Tomorrow.

Tomorrow Tiger Woods tees off at the Valspar and his butt better make the weekend. I think he’s looking solid and I wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks thru and we see a top-five finish. Phil Mickelson’s win is probably even more incentive for him to win.

But who can forget the time that Tiger was being introduced and the starter was listing his year victories and Phil had heard enough. Video below.

First Wednesday Tournament

Today is our first Wednesday tournament and I spent the last few days hitting some shots to get ready. Part of that getting ready was a lesson with Bob Madsen. It looks like my stance was too wide for my driver. The road to better. One day at a time.


Oscars 2018

So is a bit funny to me when people get all fired up when an actor or an actress is voicing their opinion. They’re doing the exact same thing that I’m doing right now. I just happen to do mine in a blog format on social media which has a reach of about 10,000 to 15,000 people. Between Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram. I’m grateful for having that voice and I try to make a point not to abuse it. But I applaud people for taking a stand and voicing an opinion.

Sam – the video above – is definitely one of my favorite actors. I think he’s highly underrated. He is definitely very comical.


I’m Back

I was at Golf Mart and one of the employees that I typically spend quite a bit of time talking with said,”Hey when are you going to be updating your blog?” I was rather flattered but also sorry that he’s probably been looking on my page and wallah – no update. Well, that changed today. I’m going to make a better effort to publish out three times a week and on the rare occasion that I have a subject that I want to discuss.

Kevin Smith


Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Bob Strike Back, and more. One of my favorite writers, actors, and directors had a massive heart attack and is lucky to still be with us.

Here he is discussing it from the hospital:

Get well, Kevin.

Some Presidential Humor….

Looks like we’re all playing for second folks. He’s tops in every category.


Happy Sunday

Just imagine being in a room with these two together. Amazing…

Moving on….


Yesterday was our 2nd Saturday Golf Tournament. I played moderately well with two birdies but I just couldn’t putt. I must have left six or seven putts short of the hole.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.08.47 AM

I thoroughly love my Garmin S60. With it and the scorekeeping abilities, I very rarely pull out the rangefinder during a round anymore. So many features between syncing with my phone, step counter, slope corrections that you can turn off and on, etc.

Plus it gives you a nice breakdown of the entire walk (round of golf).

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.07.57 AM

Highlight *

Not golf related. My daughter, Joy, is down and we’re having an excellent time. She’s growing up so fast and will be ten years old this month. Holy Cow! Where has all of the time gone?

Getting Closer to Christmas

Give me a break. Can you be more un-Presidential? When is he going to realize that he’s the President for all people. He’s literally encouraging people to vote for a pedophile. Isn’t there anyone better to vote for than anyone than someone that wants to be in relationships with teenagers??!?!

Steve Jobs….

Leo Laporte suggests that Tim Cook was Steve Job’s worst decision. Not sure I entirely buy that. If you look at the things that he had gone thru. Basically, he wanted to make sure that Apple was in a position to remain competitive for the next fifty years. Tim Cook was a safe choice.

Katie Couric

She says she’s still ready to talk about Matt Lauer. More so that she’s not ready to talk about how he was on set and what she thinks of these allegations against him.

Lauren’s Few Seconds of Fame

Just after the opening of the video – you’ll notice her in the black floral dress and the ponytail. Bravo! What fun! I can’t wait to see you for Christmas.


Sunday FunDay


Thanksgiving Group Photo

It was good to get everyone together. Big Thanks to Sharon and Mike for hosting us and making us feel like we are at home.  From Thanksgiving day to Cornhole Bags to racing at the dirt track – I had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything.

Cornhole Fun.

Ohio State vs Michigan

I kept on screwing up when the day of the game was. My Friday totally felt like a Saturday and my Sunday today now feels like a Monday. So I literally was searching for the game on Friday. I enjoy a good rivalry but for the life of me I cannot understand people that post and share such banter like calling Ohio State the ‘Fuckeyes’. I could maybe loosely understand it if you were a nineteen-year-old college student but for it to be coming out of the mouth of forty-year olds – I just don’t get it.

Anyway – Ohio State won due to their play in the second half. I think the thing that I appreciate about the team. Meyer goes out of his way to play tough teams and wants to play them on their turf. 48-3 in conference games. That’s one hell of a record.

Cowherd had an excellent segment talking about just how good Urban Meyer is and how he’s different than Alabama’s head coach.

If you’re looking for highlights of the game: Here you go….

The coach also gave a decent press event afterward.

Brad Faxon: Tiger outdrove DJ Half the Time


If it’s true – the big cat is back. I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs next week.

Last Note –

UCLA picks up Chip Kelly. I’d look for them to get their offense into high gear.