Breaking: Rise of Skywalker D23 Footage

The Disney D23 Footage that was shown to fans on Saturday that many were wondering if it would finally be released to the public. Well, you’re in luck. It has. It definitely has a lot of fans wondering about the turn. Is Rey actually a clone? So many possible answers.

How about this badass Star Wars official poster for the new movie. Damn!

We’ll see. It was obviously a very big Star Wars weekend with this footage being dropped and the first trailer of ‘The Mandalorian’ which is the Star Wars show coming to Disney+ this November. I might be possibly more excited for The Mandalorian.

Hump Day

We’ll start with the ladies soccer match. They had a close one and were able to come out victorious. It’s good they have stressed for the first time all World Cup. I don’t know about you but I keep watching this and I keep asking, “How can our ladies be so good but our men be so terrible?” Friday’s next match will be a test for them against home team France. It should be a good one.

Sports Illustrated keeps releasing more photos from the ladies that were part of their Swimsuit Issue.

Alex Morgan

Moving on…..

I had an excellent golf round yesterday. Eric and I went out for some twilight golf. There is nearly nothing better for me as I can get what I need done at home and then go out in the afternoon. Long story short – I shot an even-par 72 from the blue tees. The odd part for me? I had played on my birthday the day before and I just had no control. I felt out of sync. I blamed a lot of it on my gym workout from the day before but reality – sometimes a bad day is just a bad day. Anyway – yesterday with my 72. It made up for it.


Thanks for everybody that came out for my birthday. In what has become typical, I forgot again to take photos. I told myself last year to take photographs, and again, just like last year, I get wrapped up in socializing with people and completely forget the photography. Still though – thanks for coming out. Thanks for the birthday wishes whether it be on Facebook or at the golf course. It meant a lot.

Birthday Time

It’s my one day of the year that I literally try to avoid. Not because I fear growing older. Far from that. But mainly because it’s a big reminder of what yesterdays I had with my parents that are now distant memories. I lost my mother at twenty-six and birthday’s have been a kind of tough pill to swallow ever since. Don’t get me wrong I know there are people far worse off than me. I consider myself lucky that I did get twenty-six years with her. There are people that hardly know their parents at all. Yes – I consider myself fortunate in that aspect.

Moving on…..

John drains a putt despite not playing the fairway on the hole at all. Well done!

Special thanks to John and Keith for joining me for some birthday golf. Your company along with the excellent weather was all that I needed. Then to have Cindy and my wife to join us all for lunch was just fantastic. I highly enjoyed it all.

Additional thanks to my lovely wife for putting together tonights event with friends. I appreciate this more than you know.

Tiny sidenote: My birthday is one day only. Not a weekend. Not a month. That’s how it works people.

May the 4th Be With You

Yes it’s that time of year where the Star Wars fan celebrate loudly. Proudly. It’ll be even more evident with the loss of both Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew. I don’t think we knew how good we had it with all of the original cast still alive.

A toast to you Star Wars. For all the connections and friends and laughs you’ve brought me.

Moving on….

We had a good evening going to the Dodgers vs Padres game. The first game for Machado vs his former team. Ironically, first at-bat he took Clayton Kershaw deep to left. Definitely a tough loss for the Padres.

Weekend Getaway to Game of Thrones

What an episode. Comedy and bonding. A lot of character depth brought forth. A lot more backstory and a lot more callbacks. Probably the best breakdown of the video is the video below.

I’m definitely stoked for episode 3. I really don’t think it’ll be what people think is happening. I don’t think it’s going to be so easy for Bran to be the pawn to lure in the Night King. Any character that usually talks about their own death a lot usually they’re next on the chopping block. So Tyrion – you’re one of my favorite characters but I don’t think you’re long for this world.

Near the end of the episode, there was a song(Jenny of Oldstones) that they sang. Fortunately, Game of Thrones broke down and got a really good Irish singer (Florance and the Machine) to do the song and make a video to it proper. Video below.

Weekend Get-a-Way

Circa 2013-2014. Wow. We look so young! 😎

Our good friend’s Sharon and Mike have come to town. It’s amazing the journey of life they’ve been on together. Kids to now young adults. My wife longer on this journey and myself a part of it for the last ten years. It was a nice getaway at this amazing condo with an incredible view. You really felt spoiled looking at it each morning. Video of the view below.

Friends in Town

My view last night

Friends in Town

Our good friends Sharon and Mike came to town to visit San Diego which was a bit of a staycation for us. A lot of fun was had as well as a lot of great social banter. Yesterday afternoon it was some great Mexican and then into the evening we ventured on out to Searsucker. It wasn’t my top choice for dinner last evening as I wanted an excellent steak but when we were scouting bars for after dinner this one worked the best. Surprise! With a late dinner, everyone was tired and just wanted to go back to sleep. Which was understandable considering one of us was fighting a cold.

Have I mentioned that sometimes my oldest step-son is a dumbass?

Why? This morning we have a brunch planned, and my wife invited both her boys. Sounds simple enough – right? Nope. My oldest said that 10 am was too early for him and he couldn’t make it. For a guy that is currently unemployed to decide to pass on friends/family because if a preference for sleep. I don’t get it. What’s the problem? He’s always been a night owl and isn’t on a regular sleep schedule. My guess – probably up until 4 am and then sleeps until 3 pm. How about just sucking it up and making it anyway?

I digress. I don’t get it. So my wife communicates such his girlfriend, and she wanted to go. So then there was the issue of one wanting to go and one saying,” I’d rather sleep. ” what should a guy do in this situation? Take one for the team and join your girlfriend. Or simply ”Get your ass out of bed.”

Moving on….


Cubs lost. Padres lost. Both ballclubs are playing terrible right now. Cubs closer Brandon Morrow is taking a step back from his recovery. Why did we take a chance on him again? So far he’s been nothing but an injured mess.

This author published an excellent piece about him. Getting away from him. The Cubs need to right the ship and play like the team that they know they are.

Happy Tuesday….Maybe

I’m starting the Tuesday off on the wrong foot. 9 am. I’m headed to the Dentist. Just a cleaning but still not my favorite thing to do. Why do they always try and have a conversation when I have my mouth full of various medieval tools? Also, somehow they’ve learned a different kind of language where they can understand the broken english that I’m speaking with tools in my mouth. I rest.

Then Thursday I’m having lab work done for my yearly physical. New readers to this blog, please allow me to give you some back story. I have a long assorted and fun (sarcasm) history of fainting while giving blood. Also, while on that note, I have fainted just thinking of gruesome things that require me losing blood. The first time I experienced this was in 5th grade. My teacher Mr. Keenan was telling a story of a heart bypass. Shortly into the account, I start to feel light-headed, and I put my head down on the desk to try and alleviate the dizziness that is occurring. “Mr. Weeks. Sit up. No sleeping.” I sit up and listen to a bit more of the story and boom – I fall right over passing out. It happened again in 7th grade, 8th grade, while giving blood for tests a few years ago, and come to think of it even while I was on my exit evaluation from the Marines. I don’t know what it is. Crazy and it cannot be helped.

My wife and I went out last night to our local bar at Hooley’s. Our usual practice of Ubering there and Ubering home. It’s $10 each way for a grand total of $20 smackers but saves you the potential cost of a $5,000 DUI. One of the twenty-somethings that I’ve gotten to know at the bar was picked up several months ago and got a DUI. My step-son has gone thru it. It seems more and more people that I know have one. It just doesn’t make sense to me. You have the technology. Use it. Don’t drive yourself home. One step further – if you’re going to drink don’t even drive your car there.

One more thing….

Tommy and family at his SDSU graduation last year

Tommy got accepted into the SDSU Master’s program. Recommendations from this person and that. Deadlines. Essays. It all paid off for him. Good thing as there wasn’t really a back-up school that he had applied to. If you’re actually reading this blog you’re one of the first ones to know. Consider yourselves lucky 😀

Tiger Wins Masters

Oh what a Weekend

It started from celebrating Tommy’s birthday on Friday. Then having some of our best friend’s over on Saturday night for dinner and drinks. Then Sunday morning some golf with my wife and finished to watch the end of the Masters. Were you frustrated not being able to watch the Masters until it was on CBS/ESPN? A lot of people don’t know this but there was an easy solution. The Masters app. It was above and beyond the best way to watch the Masters. The Masters provided their own coverage and commentary with Bobby Clampett, Michael Breed, and a few others. What’d I like best about it? No commercials. Just golf coverage. Don’t have an AppleTV or an IPhone. No problem. You can easily just go to Some of the highlights below. You definitely got special coverage by watching with The Masters app.

  • Monday’s Hole No. 16 Camera
  • Wednesday’s Par 3 Contest
  • Thursday’s Honorary Starters
  • Tournament play at Amen Corner (Hole Nos. 11, 12, and 13)
  • Tournament play at Hole Nos. 15 and 16
  • Featured Groups channel following key players around the course
  • Masters On the Range – Special analysis from a live-streamed Practice Range show starting Monday, April 4th through Sunday, April 10th
  • Masters Green Jacket Ceremony at the conclusion of Tournament play

Other features of The Masters Tournament app include:

  • Video Everywhere
  • Shot Tracking Feature
  • Exclusive Live Scoring
  • Leader Board Everywhere
  • Course Overview
  • Master Radio
  • Tee Times

Game of Thrones

Winter has come. Last night was the first episode of the final season. Five more to go. I’m curious to see where they end things. Writing is excellently done and this year has been no different.

Tommy’s Birthday

Yesterday was Tommy’s birthday. We took him out to this buffet sushi place. It wasn’t half bad. Not the greatest. I always feel the moment you start talking buffet’s that your quality of food gets diminished to raise the quantity. Unless you perhaps go to high-end casino’s and pay the premium prices for it. This was $30 a person, so it wasn’t entirely high end. You get what you pay for. Which ended up being a real waste of money on me as I don’t eat enough to make it worthwhile. All and all it was a good birthday for Tommy. Though I must add that I think his friends could learn some of the social norms. That’s a blog post for another day.

Star Wars Celebration

This weekend is the annual Star Wars celebration. Tons of fans attend these conventions where Disney puts on a great show where they bring together all the Star Wars talent. In past years, this is where we’ve gotten the early trailers for Star Wars. Yesterday was no different.

People are convinced that this is about Rey’s lineage. But, I view it differently. Kylo is technically a Skywalker thru his bloodline. It might very well be the rise of him. We’ll see. It’s still very early but I’m confident they’re heading in a good direction. Video below of the entire panel. Nice of Stephen Colbert to moderate it.

One last thing….

I was at our local bar, and I had an interesting political discussion with one of the few guys that actually can handle having a political debate decently. I told him, “Nobody researches anything anymore.” He responded to me, “Yep, we all trust these stupid memes and trust every news outlet that gives us anything.” From a twenty-five-year-old conservative to say that he recognizes the problem out there – that really means something.

These memes have taken off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and they’re so easy to make with tons of false or partially misleading information. Like I’ve said before, “Memes are the new kiddie pool where people go to just have a discussion with people that agree with them.”

Da Bears

The Bears took care of business against the Green Bay Packers clinching the division. It was definitely a fun game to watch and it’ll be nice to see the Bears in the postseason for the first time in seven years. 

I watched some of it yesterday in Pacific Beach with my buddy Mike at the 710 Beach Club. Ironically, I had scouted this place when I was looking for a decent Chicago Cubs bar when they were in the playoffs on the way to the World Series. 

Well done Chicago Bears. It made me feel like a kid again watching the Bears go for the Super Bowl in 85. 

Maybe the best bar I’ve found to watch Chicago Sports

Moving on…..

Byron Meth gave a good interview since clinching his acceptance onto the tour. It’s been a tough journey but he’s definitely a fighter and one that I’ve enjoyed watching from the sidelines. Even better was that he mentioned Singing Hills and his instructor Bob Madsen. Play well next year Byron. I’m rooting for you. 

Today’s Plans

Also finishing up the payouts for my last tournament that I did as Tournament Chair. Then updating the contact list with those that have resigned their association memberships. Soon gentleman you’ll receive one less email in your inbox.