Well Hello Tuesday

UCLA Fires Jim Mora

Yep. They let him go. Unsuccessful season after losing to USC. It appears even the quarterback saying he’d delay the NFL wasn’t enough to save the coach’s job. Now it appears they’re going after Chip Kelly hard. What’s the toughest job for Chip Kelly? Recruiting. UCLA has all of these tests and academic requirements that athletes still have to do to get into the school. You could be a young Tom Brady in the making and yet it’s still up in the air as to whether they can get you into the program.

Dan has a good take on it all.

Justice League Mini-Review


I don’t understand why DC has such a hard time putting this together with a decent script. I don’t know if they’re just in a hurry or what they’re doing. Steppenwolf was such a boring villain. All he had was an axe and would throw around the Justice League members. You take a look at Superman (The Richard Donner films) and you always had a worthy villain. Lex Luthor or General Zod, etc. Then it flew off the train when you started putting inferior villains into the movies. Well, this was another example of that. Wonder Woman worked as they were largely able to shoot in Europe and Patty Jenkins had complete control. All of these stories leaking in that the CEO of Warner Bros told whoever that the movie had to be two hours and hiring a new director mid-way – all of these are issues that should have never happened.


My mini- takeaway:

  • Ben Affleck did a good job portraying an older and wiser Bruce Wayne. Most of the Batman scenes were well done.
  • Gal Gadot steals the scenes largely in the movie.
  • Flash is around for comic relief and is character they could have done a better job of taking the wise cracking Flash to the screen. Best joke was perhaps Flash saying that he doesn’t understand ‘Brunch’

Golf Yesterday

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.49.17 AM

One of the oddest rounds of late. But it’s definitely one of my best since recovering from my wrist injury. What’d odd? I was on the driving range warming up and I was just striping the ball. One of my best warm-ups. I get out on the course and it’s +6 on the front nine holes. I made the turn and I was thinking ,”This wasn’t how I was hitting it on the range.” So I just relaxed and tried to slow things down. Boom! Back nine – one under par.

My buddy Doug – I’m not sure what happened. He shows up with no warm-up. No practice putting. Then he gets on the course and boom explodes for a 94. Gee – I wonder why?!?!


Bring on Sunday

Good morning everyone.


A good Saturday for college football was had. Ohio State lost in what was a good game. My friend Pete’s team at Oregon pulled out a victory. Back to  Ohio State. I think this is just what the team needed. I felt like they were a bit over ranked at the beginning of the season. But they take into account many factors like returning seniors, recruiting, injuries, etc. 2014 they lost their second game and then went on a tear the rest of the season. I’m not sure I’m seeing that with this team. I really hope that I’m wrong.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the classless act at the end of the game as the Sooners were celebrating.

Indy Women in Tech

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.40.57 AM

Lexi Thompson pulled out a victory over Lydia Ko. Nice to see her go head to head and come out victorious.

Funny Note.

#madsengolf personal greeters @calpoly #sanluisobispo

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My buddy Bob Madsen dropped his son off at Cal Poly yesterday. They were greeted by this on the streets. They might as well be screaming ,”Well done on giving us your hard earned money. Keep giving us more…”


iPhone Announcement Tuesday

Tuesday is the event. 10 am is the time. In the new Steve Jobs theater that just got finished where Apple spent almost $20,000 per seat. You enter this theater and take a stairway below ground and then you’re in an entirely underground theater environment. What an excellent tribute to the man that had the vision to bring us the IPhone.

I’m expecting an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the gem – the iPhone X. The IPhone X may start at $1200. A $400 premium over the other phones because it supports wireless charging and has an entirely OLED screen. I think we’ll also see an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity and an AppleTV that does 4k.

Montero and IPhone Ten Years Ago

Miguel Montero on Wednesday said he takes responsibility for ripping pitcher Jake Arrieta after the Nationals ran wild in a victory over the Cubs on Tuesday.

But after getting designated for assignment by the Cubs, he also didn’t back down from what he said.

“Sometimes people can’t handle the truth,” he said. “That’s my biggest issue. I’m just straightforward, man, a straight shooter. I’m not going to say you’re pretty when you’re ugly.”

It’s a good thing the Cubbies parted ways. Hopefully, they can trade him for something but most likely he’ll be released. Let us not forget that he was very influential in getting the Cubbies to the world series.

Cubs fans just have a feeling of ‘we did it last year and this year we’re just exhausted.’ It would be like asking an astronaut if he’d like to go to the moon – again. Well, you’ve already been there once. The Cubbies just don’t have that fire or that sense of enjoyment that they had last year.

IPhone Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, on this very day, the IPhone was announced by Steve Jobs.

No product has generated more revenue for Apple than their iPhone.

Here is Steve Jobs talking about the origin of the IPhone.

Of course, you cannot forget how Steve Balmer thought that the iPhone was going to be ridiculous.

Love Actually 2. Muslims. New Child in our Crazy World (Congrats)

Red Nose Day. Love Actually 2


Well, fans of Love Actually finally got some of the answers they were looking for. I quite enjoyed it.

Dinner with Tommy and Family Discussion

We had an interesting discussion talking about the Manchester bombing at a concert. I say that it was interesting as he must have interrupted me at least three separate times. He’s so focused on what he wants to say next and not listening to what is currently being said – and often times overanxious to say what he’s thinking next. Listening is definitely an important skill.

I quite enjoy Reza Asian – Professor of Religion at UC Riverside who appears on CNN and has appeared on Fox News.

He makes a lot of valid points below.

“We’re using two or three examples to justify a generalization – that’s actually the definition of bigoty. ” Reza – 2:55 in the video

I’m usually a big fan of the Pew Research Center for some stats. So here are some good stats on Muslims in the United States.

Rand Paul on Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Definitely a very valid point. Tax payer dollars are used to research and develop these weapons and then we’re selling them to countries that may in turn give them to ISIS. Why are we selling them to other countries when they’re for our protection?

Lastly…..but not of Least Importance.


My buddy Doug (and wife) gave birth to a beautiful girl yesterday. It was a long childbirth for Doug and after a day of nursing – Doug had this to say…

“Damn my nipples are sore. I’m done with this. Oh wife….your turn.” – Doug

Seriously…I’m very happy for you guys. Now, let’s start cutting down Doug’s golf clubs to get her ready for the LPGA Tour and college. Yes – I put it in that order on purpose.

Trump a Hypocrite on the 5th Amendment. Melania takes a pass. Wonder Woman movie soon.

So it just got announced that Michael Flynn will invoke his 5th amendment rights. So he refuses to cooperate in the investigation into the dealings with Russia and our election. Anyone think this sounds familiar?

“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the fiften amendment? ” – Donald Trump during campaign talking about Hillary Clinton staffers

Lets also not forget this…

Hold My Hand. Melania – No Thanks

Good for a laugh.

Wonder Woman comes out Soon

The movie near forty years in the making is due out soon. Excited to see it with my daughter.


Happy Wednesday

Golf Yesterday

I played some golf yesterday and was trying to do some prep for the Member-Guest tournament that is this weekend. On my “prep” ball I shot an 81. I’m counting four shots that I’d never hit in a tournament. That being said – watch me on the day of the tournament count twelve strokes I could have cleaned up. HaHa.

On a good note – on 18 I asked my buddy Gary to take some video of myself and I hit the pin on 18. Tap in birdie.

So for my buddy Jem Doonan that jokes that there is never video of my swing – well here you go.

Comey Memo

It looks like Comey wrote a memo about a dinner that he had with Trump and wrote that Trump asked if he could see his way into “letting this go.”

Can Trump go one day without something blowing up in his face?

Here’s my advice for Mr. Trump. You need to stop thinking of yourself as a monarch and viewing things as you’re in control of the people. Instead, think of it as it’s your job to serve ‘ALL’ the people.

That is what public service is all about.

Video from Paige Spiranac

Check out my answers to these questions at the times listed:
* Where am I from? How old am I? Where do I live? — 2:18
* How did I get into golf? — 2:27
* Where did I go to college? (And my college career) — 4:04
* How did I get big on social media? — 7:49
* How has my professional golf career been? — 9:33
* Why is cyberbullying so important to me? — 13:08
* What is cyberbullying? — 13:38
* What am I doing to help stop cyberbullying? — 15:55
* What are my goals for this year? — 17:13

It’s becoming the thing to do more of these videos. Good job with the first one.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Miss you Mom!

It’s Mother’s Day. This day, in particular, is one of the toughest for me. It’s a definite stark reminder of what I’ve lost and what I should have not taken for granted for so long. You never know how long your loved ones will be with you. So take the time and enjoy them. Make a phone call and tell them how much you value and appreciate them.

One of my proudest moments. My mother had come back a long way from her stroke. She was trying hard to get to a point where could walk without a cane. I had suggested going to Clifton Gorge to do some photography. She was hesitant to go with me due to all the steps and walking but as we discussed it more and more – I think she was liking the challenge.


Off we went and she took my arm on the steep uphill steps. But she made it. Three mile hike and walk with a constant running water stream following us which lead to this photo above. On the way home, we stopped off at Taco Bell. While eating lunch, she kept talking about how proud she was of this. I agreed. It’s still one of my fondest memories. Mom – you definitely made it. All three miles walking without your cane and you conquered each hill and step and you did it. You made it. I miss you and I miss our talks.

Love you Mom!


A Few Days Off..


So I had taken a few days off from the blog. Not sure if anyone has noticed but I try to do micro posts – on very specific topics – and then every once in a while do more of a broad overview of things. Provide commentary to life, etc.

So lets get started. Wednesday was the first Wednesday tournament. I talked my buddy Pete into attending even though he wasn’t feeling well. Good thing I did as he was a vital part of making some birdies that we needed to secure the victory.

Victory is Ours

Yesterday – I tried doing something a bit different. I should have known that when I heard the group was ‘very casual’ that it really stood for exceptionally stupid. Eight people playing and some of them as a thirty handicap – translation – I was about to pull my hair out.


You play with better players and you emulate what they’re doing. You play with worse ones and you emulate that. Sure rang true for my buddy Doug – a double and a quad on the first five holes.

Off to Alpine

Departed there and met my wife at Alpine. Damn how I do enjoy their Willy Vanilly. Fried Chicken sandwich and a good beer – makes it all the better. Share the meal and half the calories. Even better.