Kevin Smith Reviews ‘Last Jedi’

I thought I’d share another review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Kevin Smith. Long time Star Wars lover. I think his review was quite good. He’s spot on with so many points.

  • Luke calling it a laser sword. Yes, that was odd to me as well.
  • Luke and Chewie didn’t have a moment when discussing the death of Han Solo. It seems like it was a missed moment.
  • Porg’s worked. I agree. A good mix between Ewok’s and Jar Jar.

Star Wars: Last Jedi Review *Spoilers*

When I kept hearing from people that it was as good as Empire Strikes Back I was very optimistic. This coming from a person that enjoyed ‘Force Awakens’ despite a few flaws. It was entertaining. I felt like I was along for a great ride and that I was ten years old again. I didn’t need a movie as good as Empire Strikes Back.

Well, I’m sorry to say. This movie is no Empire Strikes Back. Not by a long shot. My problems with ‘The Last Jedi’

  • Why on earth would Luke Skywalker try to kill Han and Leia’s child? That just makes absolutely no sense to me. One of the themes that seem to be surfacing is bad parents that don’t necessarily want their children. I’m just baffled as to why they’re going down that road as a narrative.
  • (1)Rey’s parents. At Star Wars Celebration in Florida where they first announced and showcased the first trailer, the very first question asked to the director was,”Who are Rey’s parents?” Well, it appears they’ve answered that. Nobodies. Not “special”. So we had Vader who was born of immaculate conception and we have this very special bloodline of Skywalkers but now it looks like we’re shifting to give it anyone. Why? Why is it so significant that the director wanted it known that her parents are nobody? *sigh*
  • Killing off Snoke in this movie when you spend very little time developing him. We don’t know where he’s from. Perhaps the outer rim. Was he perhaps the first Jedi and he perhaps left the order? Well, all of that could have been an interesting storyline but instead, he was taken down rather easily.
  • Leia. Now they’ve opened up this whole box of worms of ‘What do we do with Leia now?’ I’d almost would have rather had her say that she’s tired of a life of fighting and maybe she wants to go into retirement. HaHa. But anything would be better than the current way we left things based on what can be done with episode 9. Maybe it would have been better if she had just become a force ghost and left it at that. Take Luke’s fate and put it in place for Leia. (2)
  • How do you do this to the Luke Skywalker character? Ok ‘Force Awakens’ we got rid of Han Solo. Now we have a disappearing Luke Skywalker?!? Couldn’t that have been best used in episode 9. As far as Luke being the Master Jedi, other than himself being projected across the galaxy, we never get to see how truly powerful he is. More of the movie is spent just showcasing how crabby he is. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll use Luke kind of like Ben Kinobi. (3)
  • What’s the deal with Rey and Kylo’s relationship now? The first moment they’re fighting alongside one another and the next they’re not. Same issue as earlier. Where do we go from here.

I’ll add more thoughts as they come to me. I’m going to see it again before Christmas with my daughter. I’m more interested to see how she feels about it. To summarize – it left a lot on the table and a lot of WTF moments for me. Looks like it also has only a 56% rotten tomato score.

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Wonder Woman Review *Spoiler free*


My Review

This is the movie that we’ve waited for. So well done. Patty Jenkins had the tough job of trying to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen for all ages. To portray her sexy but also really smart and to be able to stand with the best fighters. Well – Patty – mission accomplished.

We needed a movie today that makes us feel hopeful. Diana is the woman that cares for all and wants peace in mankind. Well done. It’s the perfect mix of adult and kid humor.

Also, major kudos to Zach Synder for casting the perfect Wonder Woman.

One of my trusted reviews below.


I found this a bit interesting….

Even better that Chris Hemsworth took the time to respond.

Alien: Covenant – Huge Disappointment

eitzqasg9bpzxhxlfjtqHere’s a sentence that I wasn’t expecting. Alien: Covenant is bad.

Now the entire movie isn’t bad mind you. Nope. The first forty-five minutes are a worthwhile adventure. Then it turns into a giant alien turd sandwich.

For those unaware, Alien: Covent is a sequent to Ridley Scott’s 2012 film, Prometheus, and it follows the adventure of another space ship traveling into space.

I get tired of horror/sci-fi with incredibly stupid people in them. Basically, when I watch these movies all I have to think of is,”What’s the dumbest thing to do right now?” Boom – it happens.

We just got back into space after a horror filled adventure. Possible flesh-eating alien onboard. Yep – let us take off our clothes and have sex. I’m sorry but if I’m on a planet and I see a bunch of my friends get brutally killed – I’m going to need years of Dr. Phil therapy before I’m even thinking about having sex again.

Also, why was it necessary to even tell the story of the Alien creation? Yes, it’s a damn alien. It comes from ‘OUTERSPACE’. All we need to know is this. Every time we see the aliens they try to either kill us or use our bodies for mating pods. In each event, we end up dead. So no point in developing a backstory.

Highlight of the movie: Michael Fassbender as Walter/David.

Lowlight of the movie: Michael Fassbender playing a sociopath robot in David. Did your creator sexually molest you as a kid? Why are you so beyond fucked up? I know this will probably be the next series of movies to come out in fifteen years. It’ll probably be called ‘David: Robot Gone Bad’

Do yourself a favor. Save your money.

My biggest annoyance with the movie.


Prometheus is about us understanding our beginnings and we meet these engineers. We, at the end of that movie, are left with a bunch of questions. Boom! Sequel. David gets his black slime and kills all the engineers before we understand or know anything of them.

Logan 2017 Review

Best Comic-Book Movie Since The Dark Knight

I don’t say that lightly. Now onto the review

WHEN WOLVERINE FIRST appears in Logan, he’s graying and tired. His claws get stuck between his knuckles and have lost their snikt-snikt responsiveness. He’s suicidal and he’s drinking too much, even for him. Guys he normally would have taken out with a quickness can get him on his back. He looks like shit—and because this is R-rated Wolverine, he can say so.

Yes, everything you’ve heard is true. That rage-filled, drunk, foul-mouthed Logan who never got to fully surface in the previous X-Men movies is finally joining his buddy Deadpool in the world of grown-up cinema. And it’s the perfect way for him to end his run.

Logan Movie Delivers

Logan-1.-Digital-Fox-MediaWolverine has always been a true fan favorite. You don’t accidentally get three solo movies if you’re not. But despite his hallowed status—and despite Hugh Jackman’s dedication to the character—Wolvy always felt like the sole grown-up stuck on Xavier’s Island of Misfit Heroes. He’s a lone wolf, not a wide-eyed mutant struggling with outsider status. As Old Man Logan in Logan, he finally gets to be the salty dog everyone always suspected he was.

To say any more would spoil the experience, but know this: Logan earns its keep, and its rating. The cursing and carnage aren’t just there for oooh, neat! effect. They’re there because Logan is about finding redemption in an imperfectly lived life. To remove them would be to sugar-coat a story, and character, that lives on the darkest timeline. The X-Men have always been about celebrating outcasts, but Logan was the one most on the fringe. If he was going to find any kind of solace, he was going to have to go to some bleak places first.


Jackman swears this is his last turn with the muttonchops. It’s a fitting justified finale. This is where Wolverine, as movie fans know him, should end. He’s saved the day enough times; it’s a fitting reward to go out in a movie that cuts to the bone.


2016 Top Movies of the Year

2016 seemed to be the year where you really had to go out of your way to find and see the best movies of the year. Big movies this year, I think it was a tough year. Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, Jason Bourne were all movies that showed that the studios are having trouble finding their footing.

2016 the Year we First saw the new Wonder Woman

5. Manchester by the Sea

I quite enjoyed Casey affleck. It’s a different story and you’ll go on a different type of journey. So don’t expect the usual story – or ending.

4. Arrival

3.  Doctor Strange

This was an excellent addition to the Marvel universe.

2.  Edge of Seventeen

Something a bit different that again – you won’t be ready for.



Robert Zemeckis takes you on a journey. Big fan of all of his movies.


John Wick: Chapter 2 Review


Keanu Reeves is back in full force

“John Wick is a man of focus, commitment and sheer will.”

It’s not very often that I can compare an action film to the original Arnold Films of the 80s and 90s but this is very close. A Highly enjoyable action movie without the “Superhero” element.

The entire appeal of the movie lies in the beautifully choreographed action sequences. A particularly cool scene has Wick, wounded, walking into a crowded place and realizing that everyone has a contract to kill him. There’s even a mirrored-room action sequence which I think is masterfully crafted as you don’t see any of the cinematography or cameras.

It’s nice to see movies where you can turn off your brain and just set the heart to full speed racing.

If you’re in the mood for blood, Wick is your pick.

Movie Review: Manchester by the Sea


Today I had earned enough points with my Regal Clubcard for a free movie. I was torn between Passengers and Manchester by the Sea. Being that this is a review of it – I think you can guess what I went to go and see.

90% of the movie tries to tell the story of how Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is going thru life dealing with a big tragedy in his life. We meet his character going back home to deal with the passing of his brother, Joe.

Lee, though, already lives with a much more extreme kind of pain. You can see it in his smallest gestures and hear it in his flat, careful diction. The force of his pent-up emotion is terrifying, and so is the self-control he must exercise to keep it invisible. About half-way thru the film we realize why he’s carrying this heavy load on his shoulders.

How could anyone deal with such a disaster? How do you live with yourself afterward? Those are all questions that are given to the viewers.


The only parts that bothered me with this movie were Michelle Williams and the ending. The ending will leave you feeling non-completed. I kind of got the vibe that they just wanted this story done and the writers weren’t sure where to go. Michelle Williams, while sometimes I think her performances are top notch, this was not one of those. I kept asking myself for anything memorable from her when it was over.

Enjoyable movie all and all. Was it one of the best of the year? Doubtful.