Padres Bench Clear. What an Embarrasement

This whole damn series so far it’s been the Padres MO to pitch the Colorado Rockies inside. You either do that well or you have to go to a different strategy and it’s really only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Both teams start pitching each other inside and sure enough, you’re going to end up with injured players.

Padres, in this case, end up looking like idiots. Pitching another batter so inside that you completely miss the target and the ball lands behind the batter. That’s crazy.

Another thing. If you a batter comes at you. It’s time to man-up. You don’t throw your glove at him. In the history of baseball brawls, how many times has throwing the glove been effective? 0%. Hell if it was me, I would catch the glove and throw it back at him and then pound him into oblivion.

Also, what’s up with Mark McGuire being involved in so many of these brawls?!?!

Then in Padres fashion, they go on to lose the game. *sigh*


Facebook vs Congress

I’ve officially heard it all while watching some of this. From conservatives blaming him for why they feel they were censored. Cmon. You do realize that it’s all an algorithm. An algorithm based entirely on what you’ve liked in the past and what content you like on a daily basis. Free speech? You need to realize that yes you can say and type anything you’d like but Facebook has the right to determine that it goes against the brand they want to put forward and hence delete it.

I highly enjoyed what Mark said they have going for them with artificial intelligence in flagging hate content. This is huge. Nobody understands that.

Sen. Durbin did have a good point while questioning Mark. Video of the exchange below.


Town Hall and More

CNN hosted a town hall with many kids and parents that lost loved ones in the most recent shooting. Marco Rubio and others were held to the fire. While I applaud their efforts banning assault weapons is a very difficult task as there are so many weapons that are encompassing that label.

I’m less about the weapon and more about mental health checks and enhanced background checks. We need to make it tough to get as well as have a community outreach program where if citizens believe someone to be a danger that we can have a weapons restriction placed on them. Granted, all of that will have to be done with due process.

So many of these guns are already on the streets and in the hands of citizens. Banning them simply won’t work.

This is part of the problem with politics. The moment they take office they work on fundraising for the next election. Bring on the money! Money in politics. Part of the problem.


Quite an interesting video. Enjoyed!

John Green – When your Friend Runs for Governor

Big fan of John Green.


I’m sure by now you’ve read and heard of the shooting in Florida. I’m tired of the ‘it’s too soon to talk about it.’ We have our children being murdered at our schools.

Another quite smart man who’s more eloquent than I am with his words:

I’m sick and tired of the ‘lets not talk about’ and wait until the news cycle is over and it just goes away. We have a sickness and it needs to be treated. Doing NOTHING is a slap in the face to all of the parents that have lost children and loved ones in these mass shootings.

Moving On…

I really dig Justin Timberlake’s ‘Say Something’ music video. Quite well done.

Have a good Friday everyone! Get out and enjoy the sun.


Trump and his Parade

Skip to the 10:00 mark of this video.

A f$*king parade? Trump wants the Pentagon to put on a parade. Oh geez. I served and I can tell you the one item that we were all unified in, we absolutely hated parades. Base Generals would change hands and the Marines would spiff themselves up and do three to sometimes five practice rounds of “parading” around.

No country on this planet says

“The United States is the only remaining super power but they don’t have a parade.”

The resources that are going to have to be spent on this is just going to be insane. There are no military bases near Washington DC – so it’s not like an Abrams tank can just drive on over. Also, we haven’t even gotten to what happens when you put a multi-ton tank on asphalt roads.

This is pure and simple the dumbest thing you’ve ever asked for. Trump you don’t need to be jealous of the French.

Super Bowl and More

Eagles Win

I prefer to say Patriots lost. But really it was the Eagles offense and their defense early that got to Brady. I’ve never been a Patriots fan and at the beginning of the season I just said ,”Anyone but the Patriots in the Super Bowl…” Will they be back next year? Who knows. Brady says he will return and Grok says he wants time to think about it. So who knows?!?

Interesting Bits during Super Bowl

The full Han Solo teaser trailer got released. This is not a good sign. I was hopeful that I’d like it as much as Rogue One but goodness. It really feels like Disney is grasping at straws. When the original two directors leave over ‘Creative Differences’ I get a vibe that they wanted to make a hardcore Han Solo and Disney wanted to make a film for ten years old. Boo! Disney!!

Onto something good. Mission Impossible 6: Fallout looks very good. But these are the type of films that I typically enjoy.

Peter Dinklage vs Morgan Freeman. Yet, we didn’t use their voices at all. I wonder how much they paid for that?!?

The Rock in Skyscraper. It seems like this is just The Rock in a Die Hard version. Argh! Hollywood is definitely out of original ideas.


I did enjoy the new Jurassic Park trailer. That looks like a lot of fun.

This morning….

Golf with some of the boys. Getting ready for Wednesday’s tournament. It should be a good one.


Beer News

If you Live in San Diego – Don’t Care about Popular.


So a publication ranked the top selling beers in America.

  1. Bud Light
  2. Coors Light
  3. Miller Light

It’s important to note that this is just measured in sales. Also, it’s worthy to note that beer sales in barrels were shipped by 2 million less than the previous year. However, more families are spending more for beers such as craft beers.

San Diego the home of the Craft Beer industry. Nobody has won more medals worldwide. Brewers from other countries and cities come here to figure out how we do things. People fly to San Diego to go on beer tours. We now have over a hundred craft brewers in San Diego and it’s still growing. So why would you think of having a beer that is just mass produced?! When you can have something original. One of my kid’s friends worked on a great documentary on craft beer in San Diego where they interviewed all of the top brewers.  I’m posting the first entire episode here. It’s called ‘Kings of the Craft’. Very well done.

My quick thoughts on this in audio form. Click below.

Oprah. Give me a Break


Well, I reach my limits to the sanity that is our country. We are now trying to appoint Oprah as our next president. Have we all lost our mind? Are we all forgetting what she did for a living? She interviewed people and made a lot of money doing it. How does that give her any kind of a credential for being our president? It’s a rhetorical question. Goodness people we need to get a grip.

I mean it can’t be any worse than say appointing a reality TV star as our president. Have we just reached a point now in our history where celebrities are the people we want to lead us? It’s absurd to me.

I guess even Ivanka got on board the Oprah train. *Shaking my head*

But here are some of the funniest moments from the Golden Globes:

Best Moments of 2017

Some of these are a downright catastrophe. I just couldn’t help but list them as a highlight of the year. I’m not ranking these in any particular order.


We cannot forget Mariah Carey’s Awful performance in 2016 – start of 2017.



Michelle Obama’s expression’s caught on camera at the Inauguration.


BBC Dad who gets interrupted by his family during the interview.

This led to many well-done parodies.



We cannot forget Donald Trump using Twitter even after he told various news outlets that he’d use it sparingly. An example below of it blowing up in his face.


Trump had no choice but to try and laugh at it….


Our Solar Eclipse. Anyone remember the need for everyone to buy the glasses so that you’re don’t potentially damage your retina’s? Amazon and others were selling like crazy.



Donald Trump takes on the NFL


Harvey Weinstein.


Who can forget how badly he crashed and burned?


The #MeToo moment on Twitter and Facebook started by Alyssa Milano.


Matt Lauer terminated from ‘The Today Show’. It’s come to light that he had an automatic door lock for his office installed. Argh! Many other moments.



Tiger Woods returns to golf this year.



Just barely missing out. This was the year of ‘The Last Jedi’

Golfing Saturday. Happy Christmas Eve


Golf with the Guys

It was good to get out with the guys for what turned into a slightly competitive round of golf. It was excellent that we got five people to show up and play an excellent game of Wolf.  The “Doctor” Keith McKee was in the house feeling pumped after his nearly $700 poker win. So I expected a good match. What I didn’t realize was that he’s in the middle of working on a swing change to try and get some additional yardage due to Father TIme. That leads to some rather erratic shots from him while he’s working on getting his wrists to fire faster into the ball. It’s all timing and he’ll have it down before you know it.

Yesterday was one of my better rounds and the first sign that I’m back from my injury.  I got to the 18th hole and both my partners were in trouble and I had a bunker shot. Keith walks up to me and says ,”No pressure you have to make it.” I literally was trying. I still knocked it close enough for an easy tap in to force a tie. I’ll take it. I need pressure situations like that.

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 7.54.12 AM

Star Wars: Last Jedi

I’m seeing this again with my daughter Joy. She’s all of nine years old and has seen all of the films. I’m curious to see what her take on it will be as I feel the film is really geared towards an audience of ten to fourteen years old.

RIP Dick Enberg

One of the last few classy broadcasters that always tried to highlight the importance of the game and tried to view the positive. He’ll definitely be missed.

Last Night…

We got everyone together for a pint at Hooley’s. Always good to have a family gathering.


Christmas Eve

Last bit and I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas Eve. My favorite Christmas movie of late is….

‘Office Christmas Party’

But my favorite Christmas scene – just for pure comedy. You can’t go wrong with Chevy Chase.