Saturday Latest. InstaCart – Ethical?

It's Saturday morning and I'm waking up and reading my Apple News. Some go to their specific websites and if you're like my boy, you perhaps go to YouTube as that's where the youngsters go for their news, but for me it's Apple News. Apple News I can throw together everything I'm interested in and … Continue reading Saturday Latest. InstaCart – Ethical?

Hot Take Friday

Friday is upon us and I've been a bit absent from my blog. My easy Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule turned into waking up and not having much to say. Politics has become so diverse that I think people are taking lessons from the pundit talk shows. So I'll cover a few things of interest to … Continue reading Hot Take Friday

Super Bowl Aftermath

The Super Bowl was a lot of fun to watch. Two competitive teams going at it. A few decent commercials that I'll share my favorites on this blog shortly. Do you happen to have a 4k television? Fox, who hosted the Super Bowl coverage, was streaming out a 4k HDR video stream of the Super … Continue reading Super Bowl Aftermath

Saturday. Wassup

It's that time of year that I really love. Two holidays that I really enjoy are Halloween and Christmas. Yeah Yeah. Thanksgiving is a close third. I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. I don't want to just regurgitate the news as you can do that on your … Continue reading Saturday. Wassup