Apple Goodness

A useful review of the iPhone 11 vs. 11 Pro features. My wife and I watched the keynote again last night as she’s trying to make up her mind if she wants to upgrade to the iPhone 11. Isn’t the naming of the phones so much easier now? iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max. Simple. None of this XR vs. XS vs. XS Max.

Moving on. Did you happen to catch that Dan Patrick was on the 40th anniversary of SportsCenter? Here’s a video of his recapping how it all came together.

Moving on….

An excellent interview talking about ‘The Truth of Lance’ and what I like most of the interview is they’re trying to be very real about how different Lance was.

Cubs Power Thru Marlins. Brexit. Bill Hader on DP.


Da Cubbies are heating up with just a month left of the regular season or so. This lineup is really showing it’s depth and the pitching is starting to come around. They could make up that ground real fast to the St. Louis Cardinals that hold a three-game lead. It’ll be interesting to watch as the team comes to San Diego next week. Below is one of the bombs by Schwarber.

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A swing of beauty. #EverybodyIn

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Also, Wilson Contreras was back in his first game since a badly injured hamstring.

Labor Party wins Control

We live in really weird times. This is maybe one of the best things to happen yet.


Bill Hader had an interview on the Dan Patrick show discussing Superbad and more. Excellent interview.

College Football Begins

As for Ohio State – it was Ryan Day’s first official game as head coach of Ohio State. 103k attended the game for an early kickoff game. I honestly expected nothing less for a Ohio State game. 28-0 with 6:50 left in the first quarter.

Justin Fields definitely showed that he did a good job of managing the game and letting the big plays come.

How about those Ducks?

Upsets. Upsets. Those Oregon Duck fans can’t be pleased with the beginning of the season. I watched for a while I kept thinking, “No way are they blowing this.” Sure enough. It happened.

SDSU game was unbearable to watch. Nothing worse than watching two teams stuck in neutral. They have a week to figure out how to get some offense other than the field goal kicker.

Enjoy your Sunday. I’m off to the gym. Peace! ✌️

The Latest. What’s up?

What’s going on everyone? As has been the case lately I would start my day with blogging some and then decide to just not publish. I really should just hit that publish button and then add to it later in the day. But for whatever reason, I haven’t been the best at doing that. So let’s see if I can recap things of late.

Wednesday we went out to our local watering hole. It’s usually a good time there but Wednesday nights there is this bartender Jesse that just rubs me the wrong way. Kind of a hothead and very full of himself. For whatever reason, I’m not entirely sure why we’ve just not clicked on several occasions. Usually because of something I’ve said that sets him off. One time I said that swimmers were the best athletes. I even sited Matt Biondi as an example. Hey, he was an eleven-time medalist and former record holder in five events. Why did I pick him? Someone before the steroid age. This lead to Jesse using that statement to say, “Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Anyway. Last Wednesday was another one of these rare verbal confrontations with Jesse over something utterly completely stupid. Did I say that it was stupid but also at the same time comical? What was the topic? Should NFL players under contract renegotiate and hold-out? Is it good for the NFL? I sited Michael Jordan as an example. The guy was winning NBA Championships. Scoring titles. Best in the league by far. What was his contract? Eight years for twenty-five million dollars.

* Totals are adjusted for today’s inflation

So look at MJ’s first round of Championships. 1991-1993. Hey did he sit on the sideline and renegotiate his contract? NBA Finals MVP, NBA Most Valuable player, and yet didn’t negotiate his contract. After winning championships he was in a prime position. But, true to Jordan’s class he played out his entire contract. What isn’t shown above are two years of his eight-year twenty-five million dollar contract. He played all eight years under that contract.

“What’d he make $200 million off that contract?” – Jesse

Nope. Far from it. Sure people like to point out what they make off the field in endorsements but those items are irrelevant when it comes to contracts. How did he compare with players after winning the NBA Championship before he semi-retired to play baseball?

Not even in the top five of players in the NBA. Yet – he never sat out and balked at his contract. Why? He’s given several interviews where he stated that was his contract and he just wanted to play basketball. That when that contract was up, if he was worthy, the money would take care of itself.

What else did my favorite bar guy Jesse have to say?

“Enjoy your privilege.” or perhaps, “Enjoy your privileged life.” One of those two. For someone that doesn’t know me at all to say that. I’m not quite sure how to respond. Perhaps this. Perhaps Adam Carolla would like to respond.

Oh wait. My other favorite line.

“What about your hazard pay while in the Marines? You negotiated that.” – Jesse

Nope. Those are done by the Department of Defense and part of military budgets and have been so for probably half-a-century. Definitely wasn’t me negotiating it and when everyone in a unit receives the same thing – it’s not quite the same comparison as one football player who thinks he’s worth more than his current contract.

Jesse is also an assistant football coach. So I told him ,”Well, now I have someone to root against.” Truth be told the day earlier I had been golfing with Jimmy who’s a teacher at Helix. He’s talking about their football team and I kept thinking to myself, “I don’t have a duck in this fight so I don’t really care.” God essentially said for me to hold his beer and threw Jesse at me.

“Let’s make a bet. Put your money where your mouth is. If my school wins you shave your head.” – Jesse

Let me break that one down. You’re already bald and if I lose I get to shave my head. Do you grow a white afro if I win? We already know you’re shaving your head for a reason. I don’t think it’s because you fear the afro. Also looking at the stats – odds are not in your favor. Helix has won what eight of the last ten times you’ve played? Last year you pulled out a victory by one point.

Possible Jesse if we had made a bet.

But here’s the thing. I don’t make bets with people that I don’t enjoy their company. On that note, I hope everybody has an excellent weekend.

Quick side note: How is everyone liking that new Joker trailer that dropped. I’m ready for it next month.

Breaking: Rise of Skywalker D23 Footage

The Disney D23 Footage that was shown to fans on Saturday that many were wondering if it would finally be released to the public. Well, you’re in luck. It has. It definitely has a lot of fans wondering about the turn. Is Rey actually a clone? So many possible answers.

How about this badass Star Wars official poster for the new movie. Damn!

We’ll see. It was obviously a very big Star Wars weekend with this footage being dropped and the first trailer of ‘The Mandalorian’ which is the Star Wars show coming to Disney+ this November. I might be possibly more excited for The Mandalorian.

Oh Hey There Wednesday

I find it funny that people are so hell-bent on making sure they can label someone. This is right. This is left. When did we decide as a society that not only do we need to label someone but we need to tear them down for having different beliefs than you. It’s a different opinion. Plain and simple. My wife is a Republican. On a lot of issues I’m very Republican. But I don’t go pointing my fingers at someone and make it an all-sum my way has to be right. Where is the worst place this is very evident? Facebook. I’ve lost a few friendships for simply having a different opinion than someone else. Think about that for a second. When did we become so stuck in our belief system that it’s the judgement for friendships?

Moving on. Did you happen to catch the interview with Dan Patrick with ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’? What a good interview. A bit funny. Very honest. Explains what it was like to be a wrestler during the big heyday.

Hope you have an excellent Wednesday.

Tuesday Eruption

Hey, it’s Tuesday. I went to bed rather early last night and woke up to the firestorm happening in the world. It appears that Chris Cuomo was set up by a heckler looking to make a name for himself quickly. This heckler while Chris was at dinner with his wife and daughter decided to keep calling out the Italian derogatory term, “Fredo.” To which Chris took offense and duh the guy recorded the whole thing. It sounds like a complete setup to me. Thankfully CNN feels the same way. Video below of the exchange that happened.

Of course, our President couldn’t resist chiming in.

Chris actually took to Twitter not that long ago to respond.

Moving on…..

I found this funny bit from yesterday with Jimmy Fallon and Kate Upon. Enjoy the week everyone! Try not to get too serious and take some time and enjoy life and those around you.


I write this on Monday evening and I think to myself that it’s been a whirlwind of a few days. I’ve tried to rotate amongst news coverage. CNN to Fox News to MSNBC to NBC. It’s tough to make heads to tails of any of this madness. Perhaps the worst story was the husband and wife that died protecting their children. Terrible. Where am I at on this? The framers of the constitution definitely had limits to the 2nd amendment. It’s also very limited that it must be something that is hand-carried. But the framers never had dreams that we’d be dealing with a day with assault rifles and one-hundred round drums along with the mental illness that plagues our society today. I often go back to this clip from the late Justice Scalia talking of the limitations.

Moving on…..

Have you caught David Spade’s new show Lights Out? I find it quite funny. Check it out. Here’s some from a recent episode.

Did you happen to catch the interview of Ricky Fowler with Dan Patrick? Quite good. Posted below for your enjoyment. Have an excellent Tuesday everyone!

Sunday. More Prayers?

Wow! To say that it’s been a wild one is an understatement. Horror in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. What has changed? Since 2012 shootings have been on the rise and where do we draw the line and say ,”Let us start looking at causes…” Myself personally I’ve had enough of the thoughts and prayers. We need the President to step up with a serious tone and address the nation and condemn these acts of violence. But the thoughts and prayers – enough. Think of this though. We’re now this morning covering two horrific shootings from the previous day. What’s the answer? I have no idea. None. Mental illness + high capacity magazines + assault rifles = the wrong situation to be in. I’m still even to this day puzzled that our answer after Sandy Hook was literally nothing. Our own children massacred. Yet – nothing changes. It would be something if we actually tried something and we could point at this/that/the other and say it didn’t work. But we do literally nothing.

Oh good. More prayers?!?

Happy Friday

Brad Faxon had an interesting point when discussing slow play. He mentions home golf courses at 3 1/2 hours. What if your home golf course is 4 1/2 hours for some rounds? Then I’d say you have a problem.

It’s a few people’s birthday’s today. My buddy Doug’s birthday. As well as Kevin Smith. Kevin posted this live video to 2,000 people where he had some valuable insights on life and in typical Kevin fashion – added some humor.

What am I doing today? I’m helping my step-son Tommy move into his own place. One item at a time.