LA Lights up the Batsignal, Scramble, US Open, Tommy and Oxford

It’s Saturday morning. Good morning everyone. We’re off to the races.

Adam West


I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the tribute that Los Angeles paid to the original Batman. The one that I grew up watching on the tv screen in re-runs. A little odd that I thought they were always live. RIP Adam. To the Batcave Robin….

Pete and Gary Scramble

My buddies Pete and Gary are off to be part of Sycuan’s two man scramble for seniors. By seniors – you have to be fifty or older. I’m a bit over ten years out so I won’t be taking part in that. Guys – play well. Try to limit yourself to just one bogey and you guys will be solid.

US Open

Damn this course is making it look easy at times for the boys. I thought this was supposed to be the most challenging course in the US and weren’t they also the same body that decided to cut down some of the rough because it was too penalizing. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the scoreboard.

Some of the best shots from round 2:

Tommy and England


My step-son Tommy had signed up to go to this study abroad for a month thing at Oxford about six months ago. Then the ‘looney’ events happened in England and SDSU sent out this email saying that they were monitoring the situation but not cancelling the event. For whatever reason, Tommy got freaked out and no longer wants to attend. Originally, I had thought there was a small fear factor. But as I was crunching the numbers. Large amount of people – small amount of people effected. Give me numbers.


The largest amount of people were effected in the 80s.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 6.28.21 AM

Terror is killing far fewer people in the UK now than it was in the 1980s

I just have this feeling that he’s missing out and missing out on a good opportunity. What’s worse is when you ask him about why he no longer wants to go. You get vague answers and not very thought out responses. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely his decision and he has to live with it.


Anyone heard John Butler Trio play guitar. This guy can just flat out play…..

Comey, Golf, and Gal Gadot

I’ve taken a few days off from writing on my website. Now back to the fire…

Comey Testimony

Comey gave his testimony yesterday on the hill. What was gained? We learned that Donald Trump is a strange man. Comey said he felt uncomfortable with the nature of his personal meetings with Trump, including a private dinner at the White House. He said Trump told him he had “hope” that the then-director would “let Flynn go,” and that he took the suggestion as a “direction.” Is that obstruction of justice? Nope. Is it stupid? Yep. If this were litigated it would probably be called ‘Trump vs Competence”. Guess who wins?

What was odd? Usually, after an event like this, you’d have former Attorney Generals and White House aides lined up to defend the President. Not in this case. Well, Donald had Donald Trump Jr. – but former aid to George Bush Jr took care of him well.


“A guy who kills baby elephants for kicks to be giving James Comey a lesson in character is rich at best, and pathetic at worst,” she said.

First Wednesday Tournament

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 06.49.31
Holy Crap! We won.

I’ve played in two of these events where we were just crazy under par. First one was a scramble at Cottonwood. Second – last Wednesday. The format was two – Best Balls of Four. So you just take your lowest two scores in the group and that’s what you post. You wouldn’t know how well we played by some of the videos that I took.

This weekend – the Club Championship.

Wonder Woman

Holding strong at the box office. Huge success. Now the big issue is can they get the director back for the sequel?!?


Producer Talks Wonder Woman and now has made $223 Million WorldWide. Success!

Producer talks about all the writing that took place getting Wonder Woman onto the silver screen. Also talks about the upcoming Justice League reshoots that are happening.


Looks like Wonder Woman made $223 million worldwide. Thus making it the most successful female lead movie and female-directed movie ever.

Wonder Woman Review *Spoiler free*


My Review

This is the movie that we’ve waited for. So well done. Patty Jenkins had the tough job of trying to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen for all ages. To portray her sexy but also really smart and to be able to stand with the best fighters. Well – Patty – mission accomplished.

We needed a movie today that makes us feel hopeful. Diana is the woman that cares for all and wants peace in mankind. Well done. It’s the perfect mix of adult and kid humor.

Also, major kudos to Zach Synder for casting the perfect Wonder Woman.

One of my trusted reviews below.


I found this a bit interesting….

Even better that Chris Hemsworth took the time to respond.

Cubs Lose Another and Covfefe

Holy Cow. Cubs lose another. Their worst road trip in five years. Argh. I don’t even want to discuss this any further and lets hope things turn around when they go back to Wrigley.

President Trump and his Covfefe

Exactly why Trump shouldn’t be allowed to just off-the-cuff tweet.

For those unsure of why this is happening. People screenshot the tweet long before he took it down.


Anderson Cooper actually broke it down well.

It is a bit humorous. Then of course the internet got a hold of it….

My favorites are below.

The Oscar winner is…

Batman –

A little Harry Potter…

A little Star Wars….

Hope everyone has an excellent Thursday…..

Cubs Lose 5 in a Row

Nope. Not a dream. Definitely not a joke either. We have to suck it up and get thru it.

With this loss the Cubs drop to below 500. Below is some video I took of the overenthusiastic Cubs fan near me. I tried to get video of him screaming but everytime I started to record he got a little silent.


Jake Arrietta, today’s pitcher that will hopefully stop the Chicago Cubs skid at five games, had an excellent interview with ‘The Score AM 670’ where he was just stating that he welcomes brawls in baseball.

Jake – we need you today buddy.

Back to last night’s dismal performance. I’ll sum it up like this.

  • No hits with runners in scoring position. This whole series – too many runners left on base. 2nd to last in MLB with runners in scoring position. Cmon
  • Pitchers are giving up too many runs. We’re a better pitching rotation that this.

Maddon had this to say about the game. Spot on. Not a productive offense.

Kyle Schwarber, who’s still trying to find his way, with his batting .179 but did have a dinger last night – needs to find some consistency.


Jon Jay in the lineup. I understand Maddon was going for a contact hitter to try and bring in some runs but the dude struck out three flippin times. Just the kind of luck the Cubs are having of late.

Alien: Covenant – Huge Disappointment

eitzqasg9bpzxhxlfjtqHere’s a sentence that I wasn’t expecting. Alien: Covenant is bad.

Now the entire movie isn’t bad mind you. Nope. The first forty-five minutes are a worthwhile adventure. Then it turns into a giant alien turd sandwich.

For those unaware, Alien: Covent is a sequent to Ridley Scott’s 2012 film, Prometheus, and it follows the adventure of another space ship traveling into space.

I get tired of horror/sci-fi with incredibly stupid people in them. Basically, when I watch these movies all I have to think of is,”What’s the dumbest thing to do right now?” Boom – it happens.

We just got back into space after a horror filled adventure. Possible flesh-eating alien onboard. Yep – let us take off our clothes and have sex. I’m sorry but if I’m on a planet and I see a bunch of my friends get brutally killed – I’m going to need years of Dr. Phil therapy before I’m even thinking about having sex again.

Also, why was it necessary to even tell the story of the Alien creation? Yes, it’s a damn alien. It comes from ‘OUTERSPACE’. All we need to know is this. Every time we see the aliens they try to either kill us or use our bodies for mating pods. In each event, we end up dead. So no point in developing a backstory.

Highlight of the movie: Michael Fassbender as Walter/David.

Lowlight of the movie: Michael Fassbender playing a sociopath robot in David. Did your creator sexually molest you as a kid? Why are you so beyond fucked up? I know this will probably be the next series of movies to come out in fifteen years. It’ll probably be called ‘David: Robot Gone Bad’

Do yourself a favor. Save your money.

My biggest annoyance with the movie.


Prometheus is about us understanding our beginnings and we meet these engineers. We, at the end of that movie, are left with a bunch of questions. Boom! Sequel. David gets his black slime and kills all the engineers before we understand or know anything of them.