Well Hello Saturday

I’ve been getting people asking me why I don’t update my blog as often anymore. Well, life got busy and I would mainly only use this as a tool for some place that I owned the content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – they own whatever you share there. This is mine. I can export it out or delete it or whatever. So I’ll probably try and do my blog on three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.). Every day might be a bit tedious as I don’t want to bore you with items all the time.

Elisabeth Shue

My first real crush growing up. Ali. I was really bummed when they wrote her out of Karate Kid II. This is a decent interview with her and Rich Eisen discussing many things but mainly that she was a better soccer player than Ralph Macchio.

Government Shutdown

Republicans and the President are going to have to own this. When you’re the majority party and you have control of every branch of government, you lose the ability to point the fingers elsewhere.

But I think Jeff Cannata said it best…..

Ironically, it’s on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Now you’ll be known for this. How’s this ‘Making America Great Again’ ? Seems to be just more of the same.


Today is a big day in that I take portraits for Club Pacific volleyball. The actual portraits are the easy part. Then it’s the resizing and putting them all on the website and properly organizing them which is the toughest part. That will take some time.

Something of Interest.

An excellent documentary on Albert Einstein.

Fury Unleashed

Trump vs The Book

Surprise! Surprise! The author of “Fire and Fury” got access to the White House and campaign season. What do people have to say about our President? According to the author everybody thought that he behaved like a child. Is anyone really surprised? At all? This book just confirms all that most normal people already thought. That we elected our local village idiot to be President of the United States. *Slams head into desk*

I did buy the book. It was immediately available for my Kindle Paperwhite at midnight. Almost nothing better for a reading experience. Why? It’s easy to take notes with the Kindle Paperwhite and my big pet peeve is that I don’t need to have the book hanging around on a shelf for years.


Sean is finally making the rounds. I wish he’d make a larger attempt at realizing just how silly he sounded at times. He claims that when information came available later that they tried to correct the record. Uh. No. It got shuffled under the desk and you didn’t. Nobody expected perfection. Nobody wanted to just put you to the fire so to speak. But just stand up and say you made a mistake.

New Year’s Day

NY Eve

Thanks to our friend’s Terri and Andy for hosting another awesome New Years Eve. The food was excellent and to top it all off, this was the year that I didn’t overdo it. Mariah Carey did her song before midnight and achieved full redemption. Then they kicked it over to Britney Spears in Las Vegas and she wasn’t that bad.


Britney – Work Bitch :

NY Day

Woke up in the morning for a round with the buddies. Like clockwork one or two of them have canceled. Gary and I joked this morning that we should have a betting table and place bets on what time we find out people cancel.

Enter Big E. He’s become one of the guys that I can count on for a solid round of golf.

Best Moments of 2017

Some of these are a downright catastrophe. I just couldn’t help but list them as a highlight of the year. I’m not ranking these in any particular order.


We cannot forget Mariah Carey’s Awful performance in 2016 – start of 2017.



Michelle Obama’s expression’s caught on camera at the Inauguration.


BBC Dad who gets interrupted by his family during the interview.

This led to many well-done parodies.



We cannot forget Donald Trump using Twitter even after he told various news outlets that he’d use it sparingly. An example below of it blowing up in his face.


Trump had no choice but to try and laugh at it….


Our Solar Eclipse. Anyone remember the need for everyone to buy the glasses so that you’re don’t potentially damage your retina’s? Amazon and others were selling like crazy.



Donald Trump takes on the NFL


Harvey Weinstein.


Who can forget how badly he crashed and burned?


The #MeToo moment on Twitter and Facebook started by Alyssa Milano.


Matt Lauer terminated from ‘The Today Show’. It’s come to light that he had an automatic door lock for his office installed. Argh! Many other moments.



Tiger Woods returns to golf this year.



Just barely missing out. This was the year of ‘The Last Jedi’

Hello Thursday

Yesterday was a good day to get out for some golf. Mid-70s when we finished the round. It would have been better had I played some good golf but it is what it is. Below is my buddy Eric who was determined to either 1. Be festive 2. Support SDSU 3. Be a distraction to me on the tee box and putting green. I’ll even go with all three.


New Practice

I’ve always thought for a while that it might be a good idea to reflect at the end of the year and write down the items that you did well and you want to take into 2018. Also write down the items that weren’t positives that you want to leave in 2017.


Christmas Party

First Thanks…

Thanks to all of those that showed up to make it a lot of fun. Nothing says Christmas quite like having friends over and socializing about just about anything under the sun. Topics that I remember with friends – Baseball, Dodger Baseball, cooking, photography how to, 360 Panorama’s, iPhone X, Marines, and the Air and Space Museum. Of course, a lot of discussion was had about golf. HaHA. There should be more photography but I wanted to socialize with people rather than spend the entire party just taking photos.

Thanks to all of those that came out and I really hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

* For those that were at our October gathering and we were discussing the photography of certain people come December. Well, I raised my hand and said enough. You doubters – pay up. $$ I know it sounds cryptic but I don’t want to dive too deep into something that I’m currently also writing.

Again – thanks everyone for making it a special time of year.


California Fires

The fires in California have gotten bad. I feel bad for the people that have lost homes, loved ones, pets, etc. So much land has been damaged/ruined. I couldn’t help but post this interview of Jerry Brown talking about this. I pray we get through this fast and safely.

Also, CNN did some good reporting on it today.