I’m Back….Again

I’m back and writing on my blog. I took a little time off while I was fighting this cough that I had. One visit to the Dr and it turns out it was more than a cough. Anyway, I’m finally more like myself. Enough time in bed.

Last evening we visited the Vuong’s and it was definitely a ‘go hard to midnight’ type day. Fortunately for me I had the perfect excuse being that I’m on antibiotics to go a little lighter.

Moving onto the Masters

Tiger Woods survived but still couldn’t post anything in the red. At least, on hole twelve he didn’t hit it in the lake for what would have been a third straight day.

The story definitely has to be Patrick Reed. He’s playing some good golf.

People are saying that this is a Ryder Cup rematch. Wrong! These two are going to be keeping to themselves. Especially Patrick. It’s completely different. Patrick has to play the golf course and not play Rory. So no there won’t be any finger-wagging.

But it’s not all Patrick Reed. Rory has a chance. If he can have another round in the 60’s, he’ll put the pressure on Patrick Reed.

Facebook Still under Fire

I’m sorry Mark. You gave away fifty-million people’s data without their permission and your answer is ,”Sorry!” Why didn’t you have stronger privacy standards in place from day one? I feel users have the right to know when their data is being sold or given and used for purposes that they don’t want it used for. I’d be very careful with Facebook and trusting them.

California. Independents about to overtake Republican Party


We need more people with common sense. More people like myself and like my wife – who in the last election voted for ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’. Not Hillary. Not Trump. We need better candidates and better choices. Enough of the standard bells and whistles.

“Trump is bad for California.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


It’s Master’s Week

As you’ve noticed I’ve changed the look of my blog. A few days only as for golfers – this is our Olympics every single year.

It looks like we’ll see the day where Tiger and Phil are actually friendly enough to play a practice round together. Not just because they were possibly going to be paired together in some team event. Maturity has taken over and Phil has stated on numerous occasions that he has benefited from the explosion of Tiger Woods’ popularity.


Tiger and Phil also played against Fred Couples and Thomas Peters. As you can tell from the video above, Freddie and Thomas got a shellacking.

ESPN had a good interview with the two of them:

Alex Inc and Baseball

My latest TV show

So far I’m watching ‘Alex, Inc’. Zac Braff (Scrubs, Garden State, The Last Kiss) is so far the perfect family flick.

Baseball is Back

First pitch. First batter. Cubs are off to a good start. Padres are already showing signs that the offense is stuck in neutral. But hey wasn’t it just last year where they had gone four games without scoring a single run?!?

Currently, my Cubbies are in the 13th inning and tied 1-1. There was some fun with Wilson Contreas and Anthony Rizzo. I guess Rizzo wasn’t thrilled with how much speed the catcher put on it.

Bryant also had his first home run of the season. Two games and boom!

It’s getting Stormy

The Stormy Daniels Interview

Yep, this is all the info that Donald Trump tried to silence with money.  He was paying for relationships with ladies while married. Yep, the same guy that said that nobody is more Christian than him.

Oh, here he is talking about his wonderful relationship with God and how he always tries to do good.

Enterprise Fail

HaHa. No, not that one. The car rental place. I’ve had literally the worst experience ever with them. This all started because my wife got hit in the back of her new car by a millennial up by work while she was stationary. The car that hit her – going about five mph. If I had to guess she was probably looking at her phone and then wham. My wife said she was nervous and shaken up. Yep! Beware of that 5 mph. Wait until you hit 10 or even 30 mph. So anyway, our insurance provides us with a rental car while we’re getting the back bumper replaced. Hello, Enterprise rent-a-car. I arrive there are 9:30. Get a Chevy and drive it on home. One big problem. The AC doesn’t work and the air flowing out of it is warm as if it’s direct from the engine. Yeah, that’s not going to fly. So off I go back to Enterprise. I arrive and tell them,”No AC. Only heat pouring out.” They have me wait thirty minutes and tell them they’ll get me an upgrade. I’m happy. Finally, he walks me to out to this Dodge Journey. I get it, start her up, and no Bluetooth. Now in this day and age, every car that I’ve looked at comes with Bluetooth for calls. I tell the guy,”This won’t work. I need Bluetooth for calls.” He proceeds to tell them that about half of their cars don’t have it. That’s just plain crazy to me and I think he was talking out of his ass.


So I wait another thirty minutes. Finally, they point me to a Chevy Tahoe. A big beast of a car. Bluetooth. Yes. Air Conditioning. Yes. I’m happy. Drive it to home and park it in the driveway. I think to myself that I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Enterprise again. My wife and I are walking the dogs that evening and she says,”Do you realize that the car has Illinois plates on it and that they’re expired?!” I swear I just want to bang my head on something.

It looks like I’ll be making another trip back there this morning. This is truly the worst customer experience I’ve experienced with a car rental outfit. I’d just like a normal car. AC. Bluetooth. Proper Registration.


Facebook. What did you expect?

Funny video that Henry Cavill made about his CGI mustache removal that was used in Justice League. Quite funny.

Moving on….


I really don’t know why we’re in such a huff about the whole Facebook and your data was given to other people. That’s the risk of these social networks. You don’t OWN the data. You make posts and you give that data to Facebook who puts it on about a hundred different servers. Backups up backups. Ever tried leaving Facebook? They tell you that it’ll take thirty days to process the deletion of your data. Insane.

“This is a major trust issue” – Mark Zuckerberg

No flipping shit Mark! Isn’t that obvious!?!?! Now the Obama administration is saying they were given data access as well. So basically – hey if you want it – we’ll give it to you. My advice? I use Facebook sparingly. I’m very careful what I do post to it and what I give another company about my life. Basically, all Facebook knows is that I enjoy a good beer with my wife, I enjoy my daughter Joy, and I enjoy photography/golf. That’s all that I’m good with. I post maybe two photos of my daughter a month.

Golf Fun.

I got out Tuesday afternoon for some golf with Eric and Dylan. Doug was enjoying his match and WON!




President’s Cup

Golf this weekend was bittersweet. On one hand, I was glad that I was able to put together one good round. It was duck taping things together and to say that I was leaking oil coming in is probably being generous. But I was able to post that 77. Flash forward to yesterday and I knew it was going to be a tougher round. Why? St. Patrick’s Day. Also our typical Saturday night out with friends so I knew I wasn’t going to get home until late and then it would be a matter of how little alcohol I could drink so as to stay in a decent golfing shape. BTW, thank goodness for Uber. More on that later.


Witnessed it First Hand

A sandbagger is a lovely golf term. It means that your handicap is higher than your golf potential on purpose. Basically, so that you can try and give yourself an advantage over your playing partners. My playing partner was one under thru eight holes of golf but here’s the kicker – he was getting six strokes. He finished with a score of even par and shot a net – 66. Odds?

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 6.11.00 AM

It looks like the odds are around 536:1. Just a good round that’s completely random? Just a month ago we also had a net 67 from the same golfer. 276:1. Argh! It really just makes you wonder why you’re competing in a tournament.

But focus on the positive. I got to enjoy a fun round with Jim Davis. I played decently well on Saturday in rainy conditions for two hours. Basically, I got soaked for two hours and I was still able to string something together.



Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb took an impressive House seat in PA. Surprised? This is probably just the beginning snowball and it gathers speed. A blue candidate takes a seat in a deeply red district. Ground game politics works. Engage with people and know their issues. Then it really doesn’t matter is blue, red, green, or purple. Slight funny note. He’ll be campaigning again in eight months as this was a special election.

So much turnover in the Trump administration is just the biggest sign of instability. My take: DT wants to surround himself with people that agree with him.

Marine Corps vs Marine Core

Wouldn’t a proof-reader be a good idea? Also, to any veteran of the USMC, we know there is a big difference. The Marine Core doesn’t exist. It’s Marine Corps. Short for corpus. (french)

Favorite Justice League Scene