Getting Closer

One day closer to golf courses opening up and having some semblance of normalcy. But even that I'm sure upon doing that will have people scratching their heads and realizing how different things are. I received notice that both Cottonwood and Steele Canyon in my area are opening up on May 1st. My club and … Continue reading Getting Closer

Saturday Latest. InstaCart – Ethical?

It's Saturday morning and I'm waking up and reading my Apple News. Some go to their specific websites and if you're like my boy, you perhaps go to YouTube as that's where the youngsters go for their news, but for me it's Apple News. Apple News I can throw together everything I'm interested in and … Continue reading Saturday Latest. InstaCart – Ethical?

Oh Monday

Yep, we're rolling into Monday like we have no other choice. How was your weekend? My wife and I ventured on out to Costco, and we've noticed the dramatic increase in people wearing face masks. But while I was out, I saw a large percentage of them wearing them wrong. Gaps on the top or … Continue reading Oh Monday

Hey Scrubs Returns. Kinda.

Not many of you know that I'm a huge fan of Scrubs. I had a few religious shows that I'd watch growing up - The West Wing, Scrubs, and a few others. But Scrubs was what I used for my main source of endless comedy. So imagine my surprise when Zach Braff and Donald (Turk) … Continue reading Hey Scrubs Returns. Kinda.