RIP George Floyd

It's Thursday. It's a weird time for us to be dealing with Covid19 and also be dealing with racial issues. This shouldn't be happening to anyone that is black, white, orange or any color of your skin. I was trying to think of how I feel about all of this and then this Instagram post … Continue reading RIP George Floyd

Friday. Friday

I'm back. Yep. The blog is back. The turd of a blog is back. I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to say. Somedays I wake up and go through the motions of reading my news and it's the usual 'doom and gloom' stuff. I kind of think people need cheering up. They … Continue reading Friday. Friday

Getting Closer

One day closer to golf courses opening up and having some semblance of normalcy. But even that I'm sure upon doing that will have people scratching their heads and realizing how different things are. I received notice that both Cottonwood and Steele Canyon in my area are opening up on May 1st. My club and … Continue reading Getting Closer