Father’s Day

Father’s Day

It’s upon us. It’s that time of the year where we pay tribute to all the dads. Happy Father’s Day – Dad I wish you were around today and that we could play a round of golf.

I’m reminded, that while I do miss my dad, that I’m grateful to have a daughter that calls me ‘dad.’

Happy Father’s Day – Dad

US Open

US Open is upon us as well and finishes on father’s day. This is definitely a US Open unlike any other. So many players in contention. Definitely anyone’s game.  Fifty years ago today Jack Nicklaus met Arnold Palmer and had one of their legendary matches.

I appreciate everything that the USGA is doing to honor ‘The King’. Today they’re giving everyone in attendance a replica of his 1960 player’s badge.


Golf Yesterday at Sycuan

Pete and my buddy Gary took second. Two man scramble for the seniors and it’s really just such an advantage to have a low-handicap player to start with.

Doug and I got out for a fun round. His wife will nice enough to let him to get out for some golf. This week and next. Two rounds of golf in two weeks. Next Friday we’re at Aviara and got a great rate thanks to my coach, Bob Madsen.

@dbabington9 on the 13th hole today #GoTime #NoFear #bringonthebirdies

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Doug definitely had a good round going.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.03.05 AM

Myself – just a casual 76 where I was just out there having fun. Not bad for playing from the tips.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.05.07 AM

What do I take away from it? I didn’t get a single opportunity up and down. Four opportunities and didn’t get one up and down. Three putt on 16 was stupidity. So it’s another round that could have been much lower.


LA Lights up the Batsignal, Scramble, US Open, Tommy and Oxford

It’s Saturday morning. Good morning everyone. We’re off to the races.

Adam West


I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the tribute that Los Angeles paid to the original Batman. The one that I grew up watching on the tv screen in re-runs. A little odd that I thought they were always live. RIP Adam. To the Batcave Robin….

Pete and Gary Scramble

My buddies Pete and Gary are off to be part of Sycuan’s two man scramble for seniors. By seniors – you have to be fifty or older. I’m a bit over ten years out so I won’t be taking part in that. Guys – play well. Try to limit yourself to just one bogey and you guys will be solid.

US Open

Damn this course is making it look easy at times for the boys. I thought this was supposed to be the most challenging course in the US and weren’t they also the same body that decided to cut down some of the rough because it was too penalizing. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the scoreboard.

Some of the best shots from round 2:

Tommy and England


My step-son Tommy had signed up to go to this study abroad for a month thing at Oxford about six months ago. Then the ‘looney’ events happened in England and SDSU sent out this email saying that they were monitoring the situation but not cancelling the event. For whatever reason, Tommy got freaked out and no longer wants to attend. Originally, I had thought there was a small fear factor. But as I was crunching the numbers. Large amount of people – small amount of people effected. Give me numbers.


The largest amount of people were effected in the 80s.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 6.28.21 AM

Terror is killing far fewer people in the UK now than it was in the 1980s

I just have this feeling that he’s missing out and missing out on a good opportunity. What’s worse is when you ask him about why he no longer wants to go. You get vague answers and not very thought out responses. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely his decision and he has to live with it.


Anyone heard John Butler Trio play guitar. This guy can just flat out play…..

US Open and Doctor’s Visit

The US Open on Fox

While – yes – I have enjoyed the coverage. Some of the commentary is just completely silly. Azinger talking about how he doesn’t understand ‘Aimpoint’. That’s great but it’s your job to explain it to the viewer. Not just say ,”Hit the putt.” That’s not your job as a commentator.


Also, Holly Sonders is being completely underutilized. Also to a point where I would find it insulting if I’m her. She should be an on the course commentator. Instead, you’ve got her stowed away doing one-minute segments every three hours or so. Why?!? That’s a waste of her talent and golf knowledge. Yes I’m sure Fox would love the ratings. But cmon.

Doctors Visit

I’m 40 in just under two weeks. So, my wife organized some blood work and check-ups beforehand. Maybe this was just her way of making me feel old. LOL. I love the first words out of my Doctor today….

“Forty is seriously just a number. The body doesn’t know it any different.”

I’m more concerned with this issue that I’ve been having when wearing contacts. After a few hours, I see this haze and my eyesight gets a bit blurry. I don’t think it’s ‘dry eye’. Maybe though?!? When I had an Optometry test they thought they saw something on my eye. So now I’m off to the next specialist in two weeks. The really odd part to me is when I wear my glasses that my eyesight is fully what it should be and I don’t see the haze or blurriness. Quite odd.


Good Morning

Good morning. It’s Thursday.

US Open 117 is upon us. Who’s your pick? I’d definitely like to see Jon Rahm pull out a victory. But this US Open, like all of the others, will definitely require some luck.

New Ping’s Spotted


Me likey….

Yesterday’s Golf

Dylan and I played against Gary and my buddy Pete. They’re getting ready for a senior scramble tournament this weekend and Pete suggested, “How about Gary and I vs you two?” That was a mistake.  -1 and square making the turn to finishing -8. Cardinal rule. Make sure one of you has a safe shot.

My few tips for two man-scrambles.

  • Usually, have the lower skilled player go first. That way the higher skilled player can determine how much risk he wants to take on the next shot.
  • If one is a more skilled putter but a higher handicap player – have him putt last as to use his strengths. Let him see the line and give him a read off the first.
  • If player 1 is in danger – player 2 sometimes needs to down club and hit the safe shot.


Ball behind coin sir. Behind coin. HaHa


US Open

Looks to be a tough test. That was the initial feeling. But after watching some of it – looks as if we may see some low numbers. My picks – Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson. Rickie has the new girlfriend who’s ready to help pole vault him into the top position.

What I’m Watching…

Chips. You remember the tv show? Well they decided to weaponize it into a movie. Why is it so terrible? Oh yeah Dax Shepherd wrote and directed it.

Monday Morning

Club Championship ended. I stayed home to rest my right bicep and also spend some time with my wife. Happy wife – happy life as they say. Definitely true in my case.


Dinner Out

We drove to downtown SD to hang with the Babington’s and their newborn Ava. They’re doing well and have a definite cutie. So much more hair than my daughter at that age. So much more hair than her dad currently (HaHa) .

Blood Work

This morning it’s time for the blood test. Last time I went for this checkup was three years ago and I was given the ,”We don’t need to do this every year until you’re forty.” So, in typical fashion, I’m forty in two and a half weeks – so I’m doing the blood work now. I’m fairly confident that I won’t pass out which has been my thing for the longest time. Crap. I can go back to elementary school with this problem. Anyone else blood and I’m fine – make it my own – and I fall onto the floor. It’s amazing I survived the Marines.

Update: 8:38 AM -Didn’t pass out. Didn’t feel a thing. Nurse was definitely a pro and my wife was excellent at keeping me distracted. 

Funny Wonder Woman Moment

Gal Gadott was caught biting her lip when Chris Pine was talking if he was interested in her.


Literally, anything makes news with this movie. I just can’t help but laugh.


A new Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer with Tim Duncan.

Club Championship, Puppies, RIP Adam West

Good morning. It’s Sunday morning.

Club Championship

Always a lot of fun. A lot of people complained of the greens. It is what it is and it’s that way for everybody. So I didn’t think of it much. I only had one putt all day that was a good putt that would have gone in but hit a bump and skidded off-line. So really nothing to complain about.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 6.03.02 AM

I think what I was most impressed with. I got up and down 57% of the time. It certainly can be better but two of those up and downs were out of bunkers.

I had a slight bicep strain at the gym on Friday and I thought that it would just go-away with some time. But I’ve felt it all during yesterday’s round. So I’ve decided to take things easy and not compete today.


My buddy Gary – who played in the Championship flight with me – had a day he’d like to soon forget. Shooting a 90. He definitely looked frustrated.

Adam West RIP

The first Batman that I’ve seen from the television show has passed away. His television portrayal was definitely one of the keys to help get me into comics.

New Dobie


Some friends of ours lost their Doberman dog. Horrible that they had to go through that. I guess they’re ready for a new puppy. I was stating my opinion last night that puppies are a lot of work. Exercise, obedience training, potty training, etc. I got accused of lecturing her when I was stating the ‘said work’ involved. Oh well. Life is full of choices.

Paul Azinger talks Tiger Woods


Comey, Golf, and Gal Gadot

I’ve taken a few days off from writing on my website. Now back to the fire…

Comey Testimony

Comey gave his testimony yesterday on the hill. What was gained? We learned that Donald Trump is a strange man. Comey said he felt uncomfortable with the nature of his personal meetings with Trump, including a private dinner at the White House. He said Trump told him he had “hope” that the then-director would “let Flynn go,” and that he took the suggestion as a “direction.” Is that obstruction of justice? Nope. Is it stupid? Yep. If this were litigated it would probably be called ‘Trump vs Competence”. Guess who wins?

What was odd? Usually, after an event like this, you’d have former Attorney Generals and White House aides lined up to defend the President. Not in this case. Well, Donald had Donald Trump Jr. – but former aid to George Bush Jr took care of him well.


“A guy who kills baby elephants for kicks to be giving James Comey a lesson in character is rich at best, and pathetic at worst,” she said.

First Wednesday Tournament

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 06.49.31
Holy Crap! We won.

I’ve played in two of these events where we were just crazy under par. First one was a scramble at Cottonwood. Second – last Wednesday. The format was two – Best Balls of Four. So you just take your lowest two scores in the group and that’s what you post. You wouldn’t know how well we played by some of the videos that I took.

This weekend – the Club Championship.

Wonder Woman

Holding strong at the box office. Huge success. Now the big issue is can they get the director back for the sequel?!?