It’s iPhone Day

Yep. If you got your iPhone order in about a month ago they should be delivering today. If you’re like me, and you got your order in about three minutes later, you should see yours at the end of the month. It’s amazing to me how much of Apple’s revenue is strictly from one product now. I’m kind of torn about my feelings on the new iPhone. I really wish that they had done facial recognition and allowed for the fingerprint reader – together. That would’ve been the ultimate – perfect world for me.

Thor: Ragnarok

Out today. I’m excited about it. It’s one of those movies where if you’re a comic fan that you can see multiple times.

Clinton Corrupted DNC

Well, now more evidence is coming to light that it looks like Hillary Clinton and the DNC conspired together to make sure that she was the candidate. If there was ever a time for a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party – now is that time. You can’t be a better option if that option has corruption happening at its base. It’s just flat wrong. For starters – I’d get rid of the superdelegates. Next – I might even go as far as to apologize to Bernie Sanders. Who it’s now very obvious that the system was completely rigged against.

Happy Friday

Have you seen this idiot? Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron trying to explain to people that these earthquakes, hurricanes, are all part of God’s plan. That we’re failing him and this is our punishment. I’m all for people having religion as long as it guides them in a positive and non-destructive way. But when you start to use it as a tool to assign blame – it loses its value.

I was trying to think of an adequate response. Ahh, here it is….


Cubs Win

Lester is back. Baez comes back and is strong. Cubs are looking solid but not sure how deep they can go in the playoffs.

Bernie on Colbert

It took him a while. But he was indeed able to find something nice about Trump.


Friday Political Madness

Donald on HealthCare

John McCain showed up and cast the deciding vote. $20 million would have been less insured and premiums would have been raised according to the early CBO estimates. It’s also not very often that I’ll say that ‘Donald Trump’ was right….but he was right when he said that Australia has far better insurance than we do.

Boys Scouts CEO Apologizes

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.56.39 AM

Why does everything need to be politically oriented? Why can’t you just show up and talk about the importance of values in the Boy Scouts? Read the full letter from the CEO here.