Well Hello Sunday

Birthday for Doug

My buddy Doug had his forty-something birthday event last night. I was glad to be able to attend and spend quite a bit of time with everyone last night. It’s still quite different seeing them as parents. Happy Birthday Doug!


Doug and friends at a Billy Joel concert


Cubs managed to steal one from the Brewers to tie the series at 1-1. Cubs now are leading the division with a one and a half game lead. Not much of a cushion.  Their win came thanks to Jason Heyward in the 11th inning.

Did you happen to see the crazy play with the Boston Red Sox game? Damn. It’s as good as baseball gets.

Glenn Beck on CNN

Usually, I don’t mind listening to him. It seems like he knows how to tone things down when he’s on premium channels but doesn’t mind getting obsurd when people are listening to theblaze (his home network). He makes some valid points below.

Golf at Aviara. Birthdays of Yesterday. Ron Howard. Basketball One and Done.


Yesterday the guys and I went off to Aviara to have a nice round of golf. Course was in excellent shape and the layout was nice. Even nicer, they had a blue-white combo tee sheet that allows for a mid-shorter to longer tee range. So that fit perfectly with the group.


After the round – a lot of guys that had a lot of fun.


My round. I was just tired from this week. Between doing some photography and golf practice, I was just beat this week. Creatively my mind was zonked.

But still – definitely a lot of fun and I highly enjoyed the course.

Today I’m 40

Well, like Dr. Fisher said last week at my physical. It’s just another number and the body doesn’t know any different.

What’s odd though. I was around for both my parents turning forty. I remember theirs. It just makes me reminisce a lot of times of yesterday.


Turning 11. Throwing my birthday party. Man – check out that outfit.

Other News…

Ron Howard has taken the helm for the Han Solo movie. We’ll see how this pans out.

Dan Patrick had a good take on college athletes playing one year and then done. Mostly referencing the NBA draft.

Inauguration, Jack Nicklaus’s 77th, and Silence Movie


I think maybe George Bush summed up my feelings the best about this inauguration.


I did notice that Barack kind of had a vibe of “Let it rain bitches…” It still made me laugh. So worth it.

Now that the inauguration ceremonies are over we’ll see how serious of a President he actually is. I give him six months and then we’ll get an early light indicator as to what kind of President he is. I’m cautiously optimistic.

I think often we need to remind conservatives what ‘REAL CONSERVATIVES’ are. They’re the party of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. They used to be the party of getting the government out of your business. Getting the government out of our families.

Progressives. We can do better.

Nicklaus Turns 77

One of my favorite videos is of Johnny Miller telling Jack Nicklaus that there is no chance for this putt. That he’d be better taking a wedge a hitting it up. Well school was in session. Big time.

Silence Movie


My review. Fairly short.

“Silence” is not a great movie. It is punishingly long, frequently boring, and hugely unengaging at some of it’s highest points. I kept asking myself why they bothered to cast Spiderman and a Star Wars actor as the leads – one of the leads I felt didn’t even need to be in the movie. He contributed nothing. Two thumbs down for me.


Golf Yesterday and Night out in Downtown SD

First I couldn’t help but laugh at SNL’s opening…

The boys got out for some golf yesterday. I don’t know why I volunteer to play this game ‘Wolf’. I usually end up finishing last and the game slows down the pace of play so badly. It seems that we’re always so fixated on order and who’s next and who’s wolf that the entire game takes some of the speed out of the golf round.

Doug hitting an approach shot

The other problem I have is too many pickups. Guys will pickup 6, 8, 9 foot putts. Or even sharp downhill putts from two feet and ask ,”Is that good?” I have no problem to pickup if you’re far out of the hole or it’s slowing down the round but give yourself a fair and justified score. 7 foot putt and you’re going to tell me that more than 50% of the time that you’re going to make it?

Also to make an obvious point – the only person you’re hurting is yourself by not being true to yourself. Those are handicap strokes that you’re losing out on. I just shake my head when I keep the scores myself and I look down and I see 6 “X” ‘s.

Here’s the exact ruling on if you have conceded putts to pick up on a hole. Source here.

USGA on Conceded Strokes/Unfinished Holes

Last night we went off to downtown SD to celebrate my friend Terri’s birthday. An excellent time was had. Dinner at Bona Appetito and then off to Craft and Commerce for some drinks.

Group Photo at Craft and Commerce

Today’s fun. We’re going off to Costco to prepare for an annual Christmas party. Food, beer, wine, etc.