Cmon Cubbies. Don’t Fail me Now

Cubs vs Nationals Today

Smells like game day!! #Cubs #NLDS #GoCubsGo

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The first game of the series. This will be the series that may determine a lot. I’m rooting for the Cubbies but I feel like a few pieces to their game aren’t just dynamite like they were last year. But – the postseason is a whole different animal. You just need to get hot for a few games and before you know it – you’re in the World Series.

Blade Runner…

I’m off to see the newest one today. It’s getting very good early reviews so I’m curious to see how it will pan out. Is Harrison Ford a replicant?!?! I have a feeling we still won’t have a clear idea and we’ll still be guessing.

More Justice League Photos…

Along with a new and the final trailer launching this Sunday.

Off-Duty SDPD at the Concert Shooting

I was brought this gem to my attention by my step-daughter Lauren on Facebook. One of her friends, Max, was at the concert who was an off-duty police officer. Between heroes like this and those that dove on top of their loved ones to save them – we have some amazing people in this country.

Interview with him below…

Lastly…Words on Alexa

I was told that my wife’s family couldn’t believe that we used Amazon Alexa for our lights, etc and more with the comment ,”Are you ok with it always recording?”

Well, you’re not really understanding how it works. It’s just listening and processing about ten seconds at a time and only looking for keywords. Of course, the keyword is ‘Alexa’. When it doesn’t recognize that in the recorded data it deletes it. It has a very small amount of flash memory onboard and can not afford to store/save any of these conversations.

Saturday Morning and we’re Off

First the Fun


Matthew Vaugh has admitted now that he’s in talks to possibly be the new Superman 2 director. Yes! Very good news for comic book fans/Superhero fans.

Cubbies Get Hot after Pitcher gets Tossed

This all happened because of a questionable not called third strike where even the batter was walking to the dugout. It lead to both the pitcher and catcher getting tossed from the game but it sure did fire up the Cubs offense. Every game counts going in and the Cubs have a laster focus going on right now. Let us see if they can keep it up.

My Volleyball Experience

I photograph volleyball for about three months out of the year. It’s enjoyable to watch and it’s enjoyable to see these girls that put so much time in the offseason see the payoffs for their high school teams. So last Wednesday, I went to Christian High School who has a very nice gym and I was expecting this to be a decent experience. Boy was I wrong.  The young students who were in attendance who came after their basketball practice were just absolutely obnoxious. They’d chant ‘zing’ or ‘Nice ass # whomever’ when a Valhalla player was about to serve. They’d literally sit their with their buddies and do a countdown from 3-2-1 and then say their rudeness. I’m all for fan spirit and cheering for your own team but don’t show up for matches to just taunt the other team. What’s worse was some of the Christian High Volleyball players would laugh and giggle at them in the stands (probably friends of theirs) and they’d continue it.

Coaches, Campus Officers, Principals, or Athletic Director need to shut that stuff down. Students need to carry themselves with at least a minimal amount of class instead of looking like your gum on the bottom of my shoe.

Golf Notes

Saturday tournament today. I really wanted to play but I’m not wanting setbacks with my wrist. So not entirely pushing things yet.


On a different note, but still in the golf related world. It’s girls golf season. I witnessed a Helix vs Valhalla match. First hole. Helix girl is teeing off. The ball is teed up and she takes a swing and the ball comes completely off the tee and lands an inch to the side off the tee. Just a tiny bit short of a swing and a miss. The coach tells her it tee it up again. Now I wonder where do you draw the line between trying to have fun out there and being a complete dick with the rules with these girls?! Obviously, the club struck the ball so she needs to play it as it lies. She was given bad advice by her coach and it should be an instant loss of hole. I’m not sure how that match played out.



Bring on Thursday Madness

How about those Cubbies?

Cubs win! #Cubs SWEEP!

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Even included Biaz stealing home… shown below

What a game. Maybe not so much if you’re a Pirates fan.

Paige Spiranac Dumps Callaway

Not entirely sure how I feel about this. Golf Equipment sponsorship for someone that doesn’t compete in professional tournaments. I mean…I know why they do it…they feel she can move the needle and draw attention to their products. It just feels to me like they’re paying for a model.

Golf Game

My wrist annoyance is still lingering in my game. So it’s time to do the last option that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do. Rest. I was hoping I could play thru it and it would pass. Just not happening. So time to shut things down and enjoy the other things I enjoy doing.

Hurricane Harvey

It’s terrible and I hope Texas recovers. Words cannot express what they’re going thru.

Happy Sunday Everyone

My wife and I decided to go to Alpine beer and hang out in their lovely beer garden and watch the fight on my mobile phone. My take – I wish they had it let it go on further and at least end it with him being knocked to the floor or having to take a knee. $100 price tag for someone at home and much more expensive for bars – I wonder if they feel they got their money’s worth.

Cubs vs Phillies

#Cubs win!

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I found it quite funny. Alec Baldwin definitely has the Trump down.

Golf with the Boys


Bad ball-striking. My wrist still isn’t 100%. But a fun time none the less. The fifth hole I’m walking down the fairway and I bring up the Sheriff Joe pardon and he starts giving me the ,”But Obama and Eric Holder….” Literally shaking my head. Republicans can’t claim to be the party of responsibility and accountability if we don’t hold true to those values.

Both Republican Senators from Arizona seem to both not be in favor of this pardon. Even the WSJ is reporting that Paul Ryan’s spokesman condemned it.

“The speaker does not agree with the decision. Law-enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”


Cubs lose in a big way, Donald Trump Jr admits to meeting, and IPhone 8 News


How about that Cubs game? Losing 14-3 much to do with the first inning. The wheels have completely fallen off. I think between Dexter Fowler, Chapman, hitters that were regulars last year, and the pitchers of last years – just not producing – you have the nightmare the Cubs fans are now living. It has definitely been a rough season. That’s being kind.

Now the only highlight of the game. The Cubs sent outfielder Jon Jay to the mound in the 9th. He threw a blazing 56 mph with his curveballs at a speed of 46 mph.

Presidential News

‘impenetrable’ and you want it co-designed with the very people that we think are the lead culprits to trying to hack our election? Also – anyway that knows anything – software is written by people. People are flawed in thinking and design. So there will always be FLAWS that people use for hacks. So the word impenetrable is just plain silly.


Donald Trump Jr – has now confirmed that he took a meeting with a lawyer from the Russia that claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. So the story keeps on changing. Trump originally said that he had no knowledge of anyone meeting with Russia. Are you this out of touch with your own son that he wouldn’t tell you that he’s heading to Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton? Ok lets even give him a pass for that. What was gained? Where’s the dirt that was used? What was the scathing information that the American public went ,”oh my….”? Didn’t happen. I’m smelling bullcrapola.

The White House sent out KellyAnne to try and do damage control.

IPhone 8

The big item to be included with it – wireless charging. Strong sources are saying that it might not come with the phone at launch.

Trump goes after Mika, Cubs Beat Nationals, and some America’s Got Talent

Trump and Mika

Well, the President became unglued and did what I’ve been thinking he’d be doing for so long. When will someone take away his phone and twitter access? Mashable even wrote a nice piece suggesting that Twitter should ban his account.  You’re the President of the United States. You represent all of us. Even those that did not vote for you. When you take your platform and you use it to attack another woman – you deface the value and integrity of the office to which you represent.

Many people brought up some great responses to him. Many Republican senators and even listened yesterday to a panel of entirely Republican women call him disgraceful. My favorite response was below.

As had become customary, JK Rowling had a great quote from Abraham Lincoln.

I also quite value the opinion of Bill Kristol – edit/writer at Republican magazine ‘Weekly Standard’

Republican Strategist and Communications Chief for George W. Bush Nicole Wallace also had some very valid points on her show.

Also this just in….

It appears that Donald Trump does watch ‘Morning Joe’. He posted this an hour ago.

Cubs Win

My Cubbies pulled out a win with an injured Kris Bryant over one of the best teams in baseball. My buddy, Pete, called Jon Lester a ‘turd’. Well, he was definitely shining against one of the best teams in baseball. Two World Series rings to his credit. How many pitchers have that kind of hardware on your team? *crickets*

America’s Got Talent

Usually, I don’t watch this show. But this amazing clip showed up in my feed. Very well done.

Cubs Lose 5 in a Row

Nope. Not a dream. Definitely not a joke either. We have to suck it up and get thru it.

With this loss the Cubs drop to below 500. Below is some video I took of the overenthusiastic Cubs fan near me. I tried to get video of him screaming but everytime I started to record he got a little silent.


Jake Arrietta, today’s pitcher that will hopefully stop the Chicago Cubs skid at five games, had an excellent interview with ‘The Score AM 670’ where he was just stating that he welcomes brawls in baseball.

Jake – we need you today buddy.

Back to last night’s dismal performance. I’ll sum it up like this.

  • No hits with runners in scoring position. This whole series – too many runners left on base. 2nd to last in MLB with runners in scoring position. Cmon
  • Pitchers are giving up too many runs. We’re a better pitching rotation that this.

Maddon had this to say about the game. Spot on. Not a productive offense.

Kyle Schwarber, who’s still trying to find his way, with his batting .179 but did have a dinger last night – needs to find some consistency.


Jon Jay in the lineup. I understand Maddon was going for a contact hitter to try and bring in some runs but the dude struck out three flippin times. Just the kind of luck the Cubs are having of late.