Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday

My wife’s home from the hospital with her outpatient surgery. Hopefully this will be the beginnings of her hearing better.

Bob Corker on Donald

I’m right with you Bob – Alert the daycare that he has his phone again.

Justice League Heating Up

Warner Bros is starting their press heat up for Justice League movie.


Joseph Dunford – the man who I served with professionally – was giving the public some answers. At least tell them that he will give the public some answers for Niger. Mainly – why the hell we were there? Why we left one of ours behind? Why did the White House recommend to the widow that she not view her husband’s body?


Donald Does it Again

Well, Donald Trump found a way to unify us. By making both the NFL and NBA players dislike him….

It all started with this…

But it makes me wonder. How can you be uninvited to something that you weren’t planning on going to anyway? Also – isn’t the whole uninvited thing something 4th graders do? Don’t adults just suck it up and make it through the event?

Kobe Bryant weighed in…

I think Steve Kerr had probably the best response to Donald Trump and the situation.

Then Donald went after the NFL…

The NFL Commissioner had his response…

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 8.59.19 PM


Happy Sunday Everyone

My wife and I decided to go to Alpine beer and hang out in their lovely beer garden and watch the fight on my mobile phone. My take – I wish they had it let it go on further and at least end it with him being knocked to the floor or having to take a knee. $100 price tag for someone at home and much more expensive for bars – I wonder if they feel they got their money’s worth.

Cubs vs Phillies

#Cubs win!

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I found it quite funny. Alec Baldwin definitely has the Trump down.

Golf with the Boys


Bad ball-striking. My wrist still isn’t 100%. But a fun time none the less. The fifth hole I’m walking down the fairway and I bring up the Sheriff Joe pardon and he starts giving me the ,”But Obama and Eric Holder….” Literally shaking my head. Republicans can’t claim to be the party of responsibility and accountability if we don’t hold true to those values.

Both Republican Senators from Arizona seem to both not be in favor of this pardon. Even the WSJ is reporting that Paul Ryan’s spokesman condemned it.

“The speaker does not agree with the decision. Law-enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”


Bring on Wednesday

Anyone catch any of Donald Trump’s rally last evening? *sigh* where to start?!? Let’s just say the video above does most of the work for me. It’s like I was saying last week that he missed his moment to come down hard on White Supremacists and instead tried to play something to his base with “all sides.”

Personally. I thought it showed an extreme amount of low class when you’re attacking a veteran and a man dealing with a brain tumor – John McCain. When did that become acceptable?

Moving on….

Golf with the Boys

Showed up with my 85% wrist that is annoying me to no end. No pain but it’s definitely an annoyance.  I ridiculously suggested that we play teams where we’d rotate every six holes. The main problem is there are so many pickups and then we actually spend time talking about conceding a one-foot putt. I’m not even sure how in good conscience that you’d post from a day where you have so many pickups.

Also – a twelve-foot putt you just pick up and say ,”Is this good for six?” Answer should have been – no you pickup and it’s good for seven. Do you feel that you’re ‘most likely’ draining twelve-foot putts? If you’re being honest with yourself the answer is ‘no’. Secondly – you’re only hurting yourself for a score for today. It’s not a true reflection of what your golfing potential come tournament day. Don’t you want that additional stroke on your handicap if it’s a stroke that you legitimately take?

Why do I use that word ‘most likely’ – Section 4 of the USGA Golf Rules

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.12.44 AM

Michael Rapaport on Colbert

It surely does make me laugh.

Today’s Agenda

I’m moving the boy into the SDSU dorms. One less kid in the house and one more to go. My wife and I are ready to have the house to ourselves again.

It seems like just yesterday he was fourteen and posing for my silly photography.


Friday Political Madness

Donald on HealthCare

John McCain showed up and cast the deciding vote. $20 million would have been less insured and premiums would have been raised according to the early CBO estimates. It’s also not very often that I’ll say that ‘Donald Trump’ was right….but he was right when he said that Australia has far better insurance than we do.

Boys Scouts CEO Apologizes

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.56.39 AM

Why does everything need to be politically oriented? Why can’t you just show up and talk about the importance of values in the Boy Scouts? Read the full letter from the CEO here.


Hey it’s Thursday

DP on Football CTE

I think this should just be more alarming for parents. If your kid is already playing or you’re already a professional athlete – this is nothing new that is going to change your mind. Ninety-nine of one hundred that were tested were found to have CTE. That’s an extremely high rate. My take – our bodies and more specifically our skulls weren’t designed to withstand and take the combined impact speeds and trauma put on mind with the impacts of professional football. What’s the answer? I have no idea. It’s their choice and if they know the risks then let them play.

Kyrie Irving

Have you followed this going on in Cleveland? Kyrie believes that he can lead a team on his own. Kyrie believes he’s a franchise type player but can you do that when you’re in the shadow of someone like Lebron James? Give me a break. Kyrie needs to swallow his ego and do what his role is. Score some points and try and bring a (Another) championship to Cleveland.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 6.29.42 AM

Perhaps my favorite comment was about Stephen A Smith though….

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 6.29.59 AM

Donald Trump bans Transgender Citizens from Serving

Did you forget that you said that Donald? You said you’d be better than Hillary Clinton on how these groups were treated. How’s that happening? My take. They fully have my support to serve. I served in an Infantry Unit with 2nd Battalion 6th Marines and I can tell you that anyone that wants to put themselves in harm’s way. I applaud them. I don’t care if they’re white, black, purple, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, gay, straight, or any other. They’re defending our values and putting their lives on the line for American citizens that they’ve never met. That’s the ultimate price.

Also on a slightly different nope. Why is the White House annoyed that a public disclosure form got released? Are you noticing the word I just used ‘PUBLIC’? Conservative Bill Kristol is spot on.



Happy Wednesday

First the Funny

Hey Donald. Think about this for a moment. How can Obamacare have wreaked havoc for seventeen years?

Tommy In Germany

Tommy pictured here when he saw his sister at Christmas two years ago
2017-07-25 13.34.20 1566948699301468006_71900
Tommy has arrived….

Katie Ledecky…

What a swimmer. You follow swimming at all? She’s now the most decorated female swimmer with a dominant swim at the World Championships.


John McCain

I may not always agree with his politics but he’s one hell of a fighter with his brain cancer diagnosis.