Well Hello Sunday

Birthday for Doug

My buddy Doug had his forty-something birthday event last night. I was glad to be able to attend and spend quite a bit of time with everyone last night. It’s still quite different seeing them as parents. Happy Birthday Doug!


Doug and friends at a Billy Joel concert


Cubs managed to steal one from the Brewers to tie the series at 1-1. Cubs now are leading the division with a one and a half game lead. Not much of a cushion.  Their win came thanks to Jason Heyward in the 11th inning.

Did you happen to see the crazy play with the Boston Red Sox game? Damn. It’s as good as baseball gets.

Glenn Beck on CNN

Usually, I don’t mind listening to him. It seems like he knows how to tone things down when he’s on premium channels but doesn’t mind getting obsurd when people are listening to theblaze (his home network). He makes some valid points below.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

It’s upon us. It’s that time of the year where we pay tribute to all the dads. Happy Father’s Day – Dad I wish you were around today and that we could play a round of golf.

I’m reminded, that while I do miss my dad, that I’m grateful to have a daughter that calls me ‘dad.’

Happy Father’s Day – Dad

US Open

US Open is upon us as well and finishes on father’s day. This is definitely a US Open unlike any other. So many players in contention. Definitely anyone’s game.  Fifty years ago today Jack Nicklaus met Arnold Palmer and had one of their legendary matches.

I appreciate everything that the USGA is doing to honor ‘The King’. Today they’re giving everyone in attendance a replica of his 1960 player’s badge.


Golf Yesterday at Sycuan

Pete and my buddy Gary took second. Two man scramble for the seniors and it’s really just such an advantage to have a low-handicap player to start with.

Doug and I got out for a fun round. His wife will nice enough to let him to get out for some golf. This week and next. Two rounds of golf in two weeks. Next Friday we’re at Aviara and got a great rate thanks to my coach, Bob Madsen.

@dbabington9 on the 13th hole today #GoTime #NoFear #bringonthebirdies

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Doug definitely had a good round going.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.03.05 AM

Myself – just a casual 76 where I was just out there having fun. Not bad for playing from the tips.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.05.07 AM

What do I take away from it? I didn’t get a single opportunity up and down. Four opportunities and didn’t get one up and down. Three putt on 16 was stupidity. So it’s another round that could have been much lower.


Good Wednesday

Morning Morning. It’s Wednesday we’re already off to the races.

My Life

I got to play some golf yesterday before getting home and working on some projects. Fun fun fun. Definitely wasn’t striking the ball very crisp. Quite a few thin shots. But still good to get out and walk. 18,000 steps – I’ll take it.

Member-Guest finished last Sunday. I think I was still tired yesterday from the days of that. Mentally draining. But still good to get out there and walk.

I’m starting a new diet today. It’s really not much of a ‘diet’ but more just counting what I’m eating and trying to eat it under a certain level. I was reading about the diet and health benefits of a two-day ketosis diet and I may incorporate something like that. But for starters – I’ll start with some accountability. Last time I did this – I lost something like thirty-five pounds.

My Buddy Doug – is having his baby tomorrow morning. I wish you the best in the biggest and most rewarding challenge of your life.


I got to take some last week portraits of their family before their latest addition. Definitely was a fun photoshoot but the real star of the shoot….


Let us start with things that I found of interest around the interwebs….

I particularly found of interest this video which John Green talks about life expectancy and your neighborhood/location.

Greg Norman

If you’re Greg Norman and you’ve broken your foot – you’re still getting in your daily workouts.

Just had to improvise.

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Kate Upton at Tiger Jam

The Tigerless TigerJam occurred. To raise money for who knows what.

Paige Spiranac makes Another Video

Well done Paige. Keep it up. #CallawayLovesThis

Who’s Paige?

Her latest youtube video below. Give it a watch golfers.

Oh, Lastly Melania.

You did it again. I’m starting to wonder if it’s on purpose. Cmon. The world is watching.

Science in America, Dan Patrick, Golf, and Doug loses


What an excellently done video with a lot of very valid points. We need to get back to the days of not being ignorant to what science is telling us. Science is our future.

Dan Patrick on the Patriots Hernandez Suicide


Some very mature observations.

Golf Yesterday

Graham, Pete, Gary and myself took off for a round of golf. 76 for myself was had. Nothing exciting. Definitely was a fairly boring round. But time with the guys is always enjoyable.

Doug Loses his Match

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I thought there was no chance of it happening. But alas it did. Five down at the turn and lost 4 down with three to play. I should have seen the writing on the wall when he once again showed up without enough time to warm-up. Oh well. After discussing it after my round yesterday, we came to the consensus that it’s much easier for a 15-20 handicap to get hot for a stretch and run away with a match than it is in the A & B flights. As long as he’s in the C-D flights, it’ll be something he has to deal with. You get a lot more players that used to be earlier in the year (12 handicaps) and now suddenly they’re 17. A lot easier to channel something from a year ago….or….c…h…e…a….t.



Different Note

Wednesday News

Golf Today

Up early for some golf with the boys. Well, one of the boys is off to play his semi-finals match. Good luck Doug! My prediction is Doug cruises thru. Only way this doesn’t happen is if he doesn’t play anywhere near like he did yesterday. We played a round yesterday where we tried to simulate for him what the match would be like for him. Doug – just remember the fundamentals and you’ll be fine.

Also, remember how to mark your ball and make sure you hit your own ball. HaHa


Jordan and the Boys

Funny clip from their vacation.

Star Wars Last Jedi

This worries me about the film. I don’t quite understand why directors wouldn’t want to listen to an actor that has played the title character for forty years. He’s lived with it, he has been to the conventions for decades, and he breathes the character on a daily basis.