I’m Back….Again

I'm back and writing on my blog. I took a little time off while I was fighting this cough that I had. One visit to the Dr and it turns out it was more than a cough. Anyway, I'm finally more like myself. Enough time in bed. Last evening we visited the Vuong's and it … Continue reading I’m Back….Again

Facebook and Politics. I’m done

Facebook and Politics. I'm Done. This year's election seems to have done nothing but cause a separation divide. We've forgotten how to talk with one another with etiquette and manners. To actually have some class when having the discussion. Facebook isn't for politics plain and simple. People think that after a year and half of championing … Continue reading Facebook and Politics. I’m done

Facebook Election Issues

I took sometime this election cycle to try something different. I liked every single Republican candidate and then as they got weaned down - I liked just Trump and then liked three strong conservative feeds. Mark Larson, Rush Limbaugh, and Conservatives for America along with Donald Trump. Then I followed Hillary, Bernie, and three strong … Continue reading Facebook Election Issues

Facebook and Politics. I’ll Pass

I see a lot of things I disagree with on social media. It's hard to keep our personal beliefs to ourselves when we see things online that we take issue with. One thing that comes to mind frequently is the subject of politics on Facebook. I used to engage in political discussions with people on … Continue reading Facebook and Politics. I’ll Pass