Christmas Fun

Well I hope everyone is as full as I am. Geez. Two days of amazing dinners. Christmas Eve was filling enough to last me a week.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was nice with my daughter. We went and attended Rogue One and I think it was a bit much for her. Probably too adult of a film for her. My wife wasn’t feeling well and she kept communicating with me on my Apple Watch saying she wasn’t sure if she was up for entertaining but wanted my daughter to have her gifts. End of the movie arrives and my wife confirms that she wants to go ahead and have everyone over.

Some Pepto and Probiotics, add about sixteen people, and the evening was a good time. My wife made one hell of a dinner and did an excellent job of entertaining.

Christmas Day

I woke up at 2:30 am with the heartburn or some burning throat reflux. I tried to go back to sleep and woke up again at 3:30 – except this time it was plarf in the toilet. Way to start Christmas right!?!?

Woke up at 6 am to enjoy a bit of time to myself. It’s my calibration time to usually write on this blog, respond to emails, and catch up on news. Soon everybody else was awake and Christmas day was off and running.

Lauren and Tommy ready for Christmas

I sincerely enjoy the time with my family and friends. That to me is what Christmas is all about. I could care less what people get as gifts. I’d rather hear about the time that you had with family. I’m extremely blessed to have people that I enjoy being around.

Wampa – Wonderland. Get it?!?!

Julie, Colin, Hanna, Tom, and his mother all made it over for Christmas Day dinner. Along with the initial batch of living here kids. (Shown below). I don’t think I’ve ever had Tur-Dunken. First time for everything.

Tommy, Lauren, and Derek (Jesus)

Day After

Today. I got the go-ahead for some golf. I’m going to meet up at Sycuan and we’ll maybe go on out to Steele Canyon with a couple of other guys.

Thanksgiving. The First Tough One

Thanksgiving for me has gone from something that I took for granted to something that I cherish more in my older years. My younger years with my mom and dad were one’s of us all gathering. The typical fire place roaring, football on in the living room tv, and my father, Chet, carving the turkey. All of my younger year Thanksgivings were in the mid-west so the climate was much colder and often snow. So when I now have Thanksgivings with temperatures of sixty degrees – it feels out of place to me.

I’ve since lost both of my parents and the holidays are always a tough time. I didn’t have any holiday memories of my older years with my dad which is a real shame. So much we could have talked about. So much we could have worked past. So much I could have taken responsibility for. Never the opportunity. My mom, however, I was with on her last Thanksgiving in hospice care and I remember watching ‘The West Wing’ with her. I remember her making a rebound and her body feeling better and her spirits getting higher. I thought she was going to make it all the way thru New Year’s Eve or maybe into summer. Turns out my optimism was misguided and she lasted until that first week of December. So much I wish I had said.


So Thanksgiving comes around and it’s the first of my very rough holidays. It’s the first that reminds me that my parents are gone. So below I’ll post one of my favorite West Wing clips. Mom: I miss you and I’m watching thinking of you.

Be thankful of those around you. Enjoy the time around them. Cherish the moments. For you really never know how long they’ll be around.