Saturday at Torrey

What a Saturday


Saturday was loaded up from 5 am onto 11:30 pm yesterday. By the end of the day, I was just exhausted. It started with going to Torrey Pines (Farmers Open) with buddies Eric and Keith and Eric’s pal Jimmy. All of them together made for excellent company and you realize just how popular the sport of golf is. Torrey Pines always has a very big attendance and it’s highly enjoyable.

Shot with the IPhone X

Some highlights of the round of golf that I watched:

My pick:


I think it’s Ryan Palmers time. Who – little known fact – is Mr. Palmer’s grandson. HaHa. See what I did there?

Donald vs JK Rowling, Backfire Effect, and the Farmers Open

Donald Trump vs JK Rowling

Not sure where to even start on Trump’s immigration policy.

So again I’m saying – why the big change of heart? To go from this to justified. Apparently, I’m not the only one saying so.

Of course, some ridiculous man that it would be a good job to challenge a professional writer with a huge following.

Of course, then she beautifully thanked her steadfast Harry Potter fans for correcting the record.

Moving on….

When I listen to a lot of science podcasts they mention a lot of ‘The Backfire Effect’. It just basically asserts that when certain people are presented with facts that they double down on their opinions regardless of facts. Sure enough, I saw that Bill Bye was on talking of just that item.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at Columbia

Great interview of these two. Warren has a great quote which he suggests that college students should look for a job as if they didn’t need one.

John Rahm Grabs his First PGA Victory


Well done sir. Well done. I’ve officially added you to one of my favorites to watch.

Have an excellent Monday everyone! 

Trump, Golf, And Apple’s File System

Trump and his Week

So he put in place his executive action to ban Muslims from certain countries. Ironically it’s none of the countries that do business with Trump and also none of the countries that have done harm to our nation here.

Mmmm Numbers. I like numbers.

Perhaps the funniest that I saw yesterday…

Alright, Mike. So when did you have the change of heart that it became justified and constitutional?  Do you realize how much of a leap that is?!

Now some additional perspective on the numbers…


For those asking for some specifics. This is Americans killed on US soil. Man, we’d better ban Americans from leaving their homes. (sarcasm)

Lastly, I saw this and couldn’t resist passing it along.


Yesterday was the 3rd round of the Farmers Open. I had a number of friends that were there. Damn it looks like fun but for some reason I’m just not feeling the vibe of wanting to go there. Bravo to Doug and Keith for going yesterday. I wonder how many steps they had or if they just stayed near a beer tent?!? HaHa


I’ve installed and been using 10.3 beta 1 on my daily phone. This is the beta that finally brings Apple’s new file system to the phone. Damn it runs faster, smoother, and upon install I instantly had three GB of data space cleared up.


Benefits are that it works with SSD’s much better than Apple’s existing file system that is now thirty years old. Also, this version supports a much higher level of encryption by default.

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines

It was a beautiful day at Torrey Pines. Course played wet and slow but still a gorgeous day out. I’ll be going Sunday so lets hope for the course drying out.