Bring on Thursday

Digging the new clip that showed up on Snapchat from Justice League.

New Photos of Tommy and Lauren

Tommy just got back from his trip to Germany. Below are two photos that have surfaced of the two of them.

What a view and Tommy representing SDSU



Jordan Spieth – Amazing Shot

First round of the Bridestone WGC

Wonder Woman, Jordan Spieth Wins, Dan Patrick comments

Wonder Woman

Another big weekend for the Wonder Woman movie. It officially passed Man of Steel domestically and it’s on track to beat Batman vs Superman next. Not bad for a movie that had a fraction of the budget of Batman v Superman and Man of Steel.

Golf – Jordan Wins

Jordan Spieth holed out a bunker shot in the first playoff to win in dramatic fashion. Good thing they went with the body slam as earlier in the day they tried the ‘high-five’ and completely missed each other.

Dan Patrick had a good take on purists and the modern age of celebration in golf.

Also Dan had a great interview with Phil Mickelson talking about – oh I don’t know – anything that he might have done recently…

Wednesday News

Golf Today

Up early for some golf with the boys. Well, one of the boys is off to play his semi-finals match. Good luck Doug! My prediction is Doug cruises thru. Only way this doesn’t happen is if he doesn’t play anywhere near like he did yesterday. We played a round yesterday where we tried to simulate for him what the match would be like for him. Doug – just remember the fundamentals and you’ll be fine.

Also, remember how to mark your ball and make sure you hit your own ball. HaHa


Jordan and the Boys

Funny clip from their vacation.

Star Wars Last Jedi

This worries me about the film. I don’t quite understand why directors wouldn’t want to listen to an actor that has played the title character for forty years. He’s lived with it, he has been to the conventions for decades, and he breathes the character on a daily basis.