Kevin Smith Reviews ‘Last Jedi’

I thought I’d share another review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Kevin Smith. Long time Star Wars lover. I think his review was quite good. He’s spot on with so many points.

  • Luke calling it a laser sword. Yes, that was odd to me as well.
  • Luke and Chewie didn’t have a moment when discussing the death of Han Solo. It seems like it was a missed moment.
  • Porg’s worked. I agree. A good mix between Ewok’s and Jar Jar.

Supposed to see Kevin Smith But Donuts…


So we started the evening with what was supposed to be a trip to see ‘Jay and Silent Bob Get Old’. It’s a recorded podcast of Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith where they talk about current events and comic book events.

This is from last week’s episode. Anyway, I was highly looking forward to it. Mainly because I enjoy Kevin Smith’s personality. Outgoing but good at heart – but also a deep love for comics.


Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

But deep down – we decided to pass. We’ll see Kevin Smith next time. When we got invited over to my buddy Doug’s, I have a feeling that we’d end up staying longer and miss the event. I kept looking over and my wife was having fun socializing and having wine. Then I kept on thinking….

“Do I want to drag here out of here and take her to see two guys talk of comic book for hours? Nope.”

Kevin Smith and his podcasts will be there again. We’ll see it next time. People are what is important. Enjoying people.


An Evening…with Donuts

As the night went on I found a tray of donuts. Hello – definitely – my kryptonite.