Wife flies to Germany. Cubs win. Others Interests

It’s a lovely Friday morning and I’m up and writing and ‘killing time’.  It’s day one of my ‘Hall Pass’. This is the period that I’m calling my wife visiting her family in Germany. HaHa.

First evening with my wife on her plane wasn’t that interesting for me. I stayed home and watched ‘Gotham’ and baseball with my dogs.

My wife and step-daughter Lauren

I’m sure Daniela will have an excellent time. It’s more about visiting her mother and making sure everything is alright. Argh! Just thinking about that eleven-hour flight over there.

But my wife texted me at 2 am telling me that she arrived. So all is good in the world. I guess she’s even having Lauren drive her rental car as Lauren put this on her Instagram.

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Cubs Win in 10

Cubs pulled out a victory in the tenth inning with a comeback in the 9th and the go-ahead in the 10th. Whew! It was a close game.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live announced their opening lineup for October. Surprise surprise – they want Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot.


Jimmy Kimmel on Health Care

He makes a lot of valid points. Well, I’m going to make it even easier. I’m sick and tired of our representatives making health care regulations that they themselves opt out of. No more of that. If you sign the bill and it becomes law – it applies to yourselves as well. Also – it’s not rocket science that if you allow states to opt out of the no maximum in health care that there is potential that they might. Then it becomes a step back from what we have now.

TO have a laugh….

Foo Fighters were on last night’s carpool karaoke. It’ll make you laugh.

Bring on Thursday

Digging the new clip that showed up on Snapchat from Justice League.

New Photos of Tommy and Lauren

Tommy just got back from his trip to Germany. Below are two photos that have surfaced of the two of them.

What a view and Tommy representing SDSU



Jordan Spieth – Amazing Shot

First round of the Bridestone WGC

Coffee Tuesday

I’m up at 6 am and writing.

What an excellent football game. Just what college football needs. Am I alone in thinking that the college football season is perhaps more entertaining and exciting than the NFL?!

A lot of people are discussing the Meryl Streep speech. I’m actually going to show you a clip from one of the segments that had me laughing hysterically.

Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are just awesome in this.

As far as the Meryl Streep speech. Well I think Billy Eichner said in perfectly in his exchange with Meghan McCain.

My take. Meryl was just voicing her opinion. Like it or not, she’s just voicing her opinion like anyone else. You don’t have to like it or you can agree with it. If comments like this – during an awards show no less – get under Donald’s skin. Then he’s way too sensitive. It’s time to grow up and get some tougher skin.


Moving on….


It’s the last full day that my step-daughter Lauren is in the country. She’s heading back to Germany to live with her grandmother and find employment. It’s been enjoyable having her hear and I don’t think she’ll be away that long. Step-son Tommy isn’t that far away from graduation college at SDSU.