Bring on Sunday

Good morning everyone.


A good Saturday for college football was had. Ohio State lost in what was a good game. My friend Pete’s team at Oregon pulled out a victory. Back to  Ohio State. I think this is just what the team needed. I felt like they were a bit over ranked at the beginning of the season. But they take into account many factors like returning seniors, recruiting, injuries, etc. 2014 they lost their second game and then went on a tear the rest of the season. I’m not sure I’m seeing that with this team. I really hope that I’m wrong.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the classless act at the end of the game as the Sooners were celebrating.

Indy Women in Tech

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.40.57 AM

Lexi Thompson pulled out a victory over Lydia Ko. Nice to see her go head to head and come out victorious.

Funny Note.

#madsengolf personal greeters @calpoly #sanluisobispo

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My buddy Bob Madsen dropped his son off at Cal Poly yesterday. They were greeted by this on the streets. They might as well be screaming ,”Well done on giving us your hard earned money. Keep giving us more…”


iPhone Announcement Tuesday

Tuesday is the event. 10 am is the time. In the new Steve Jobs theater that just got finished where Apple spent almost $20,000 per seat. You enter this theater and take a stairway below ground and then you’re in an entirely underground theater environment. What an excellent tribute to the man that had the vision to bring us the IPhone.

I’m expecting an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the gem – the iPhone X. The IPhone X may start at $1200. A $400 premium over the other phones because it supports wireless charging and has an entirely OLED screen. I think we’ll also see an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity and an AppleTV that does 4k.

Lexi Thompson and Ridiculous Penalties

So I’m not sure if you heard about Lexi Thompson. How she was called a four stroke penalty in the middle of the round on Sunday – where this penalty occurred on Saturday. Absolutely silly! I have a three step solution for this.

One. We need to use common sense. If no competitive advantage is gained then what is the point of the penalty. Same was true with Dustin Johnson at the U.S. Open. No harm. No foul. No penalty.

Two. No more TV phone-ins. If officials want to watch the broadcast – that’s fine. But golf cannot be the sport where we have officials at home.

Three. Penalties are only available to be given on the day of the tournament. No more being penalized for something on Saturday that you notice on Sunday. Once you tee off on the next day – the opportunity and window for being penalized for the previous day is over.

Dan Patrick had an excellent take on this. I’ll publish it below. You really have to feel bad for Lexi.