Happy Labor Day

Labor Day Cook Out

We attended a Labor Day evening cookout that was a lot of fun. Food that was prepared since 7 am was amazing. So juicy and just the right amount of not rough and not falling apart. This coming from a very simple food guy.

What was interesting. Three different Marines from three semi-different age brackets. 40 (myself), 36 another, and 26 another.


Myself an Infantry grunt, another Pararescue, and another was a radar tech for F18’s. I did enjoy my one dig that I got in …

“If you’re not Infantry – then you’re just support.”

The 2nd eldest realized the truth to this right away. While the youngest it wasn’t sinking in. My how my beloved United States Marine Corps is changing. But on a funny note, all three of us wound up with really hot significant others and are all married. So well done gents. It is a bit different to realize that I’m talking with someone that is as young as my step kids. Then I realized they’re probably thinking, “This guy is really old…”


Golf News


Stacey Lewis ended her three-year drought and as promised, donated the the entire check. If that doesn’t buy some good karma then I’m not sure what will.

Onto the Men’s tour – anyone catch that Sergio broke his putter and was putting with a 3-wood and a 3-iron. Still managed to make some birdies.

Everybody make sure you have a safe labor day.


Happy Sunday Everyone

A good discussion about Global Warming. Trends and probability. How often are more major storms occurring? You look at that year to year and you can start to form a trend.

College Football

#2 OSU came alive in the 2nd half to beat Indiana. SDSU looked good against Davis. Alabama beat #3 Florida State. So all and all it was about what anyone expected in college football. It’s too early in the season for upsets anyway.


I think I’m officially shutting things down for a while. I have the itch to play and practice but my wrist when I feel it pushing a club up while holding it is just causing some light annoyance. As my buddy, Dylan says – time to shut it down for a while and really heal. Maybe a month of just chipping and putting. Whatever it is – it’ll definitely be some time.

My Daughter

I had my daughter this weekend and she’s just growing up so fast. So much to say. I keep thinking of the future and what she’ll be like. I keep having to remind myself to focus on the now. It’s hard to do when you have a child that is growing up right in front of your eyes.

Heat Wave

We’ve been getting crazy 100 degree days for nearly a week now. Finally due to settle down today with some rain. Let us hope that actually happens.

Funny House Bit.

I loved this moment on House from years ago….

Up Early

Up early on a Saturday for some golf with some buddies. It should be quite a bit of fun. I’m working on getting my ball striking back to where it should be. Also – getting some other parts of my game back on track.


Last Evening…

We ventured out to this place called ‘The Farmers Market’ in La Mesa. New restaurant that just opened. My wife really enjoyed it mainly because they take reservations. But food was good and one of the few places that I’ve found Cali Creamin on Nitro from Mother Earth. Definitely one of my favorite beers.


Packed Monday

5:30 AM Golf

Up in the morning to meet up with my buddy Keith for a 6:50 AM tee time. Sure did work well as we finished the golf in two hours and forty-five minutes. Not bad.

Shot Tracer came out with some interesting updates.

He had a 78 compared to my 80. Quite a bit of fun.

Cubs Game

Cubs continued to be kind of stuck in 2nd gear. They have too good of a lineup to give the pitchers no support. Eleven stranded runners on the bases. That just screams massive potential. Below is a video of Theo Epstein speaking at the Yale graduation.

As usual – I truly love spending time with my wife at the ballpark.


Home by 5 pm and Off to the Gym

One thing I love about the gym on Memorial Day – it’s empty. Literally my choice of any of the machines that I wanted.


Good Wednesday

Morning Morning. It’s Wednesday we’re already off to the races.

My Life

I got to play some golf yesterday before getting home and working on some projects. Fun fun fun. Definitely wasn’t striking the ball very crisp. Quite a few thin shots. But still good to get out and walk. 18,000 steps – I’ll take it.

Member-Guest finished last Sunday. I think I was still tired yesterday from the days of that. Mentally draining. But still good to get out there and walk.

I’m starting a new diet today. It’s really not much of a ‘diet’ but more just counting what I’m eating and trying to eat it under a certain level. I was reading about the diet and health benefits of a two-day ketosis diet and I may incorporate something like that. But for starters – I’ll start with some accountability. Last time I did this – I lost something like thirty-five pounds.

My Buddy Doug – is having his baby tomorrow morning. I wish you the best in the biggest and most rewarding challenge of your life.


I got to take some last week portraits of their family before their latest addition. Definitely was a fun photoshoot but the real star of the shoot….


Let us start with things that I found of interest around the interwebs….

I particularly found of interest this video which John Green talks about life expectancy and your neighborhood/location.

Greg Norman

If you’re Greg Norman and you’ve broken your foot – you’re still getting in your daily workouts.

Just had to improvise.

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Kate Upton at Tiger Jam

The Tigerless TigerJam occurred. To raise money for who knows what.

Paige Spiranac makes Another Video

Well done Paige. Keep it up. #CallawayLovesThis

Who’s Paige?

Her latest youtube video below. Give it a watch golfers.

Oh, Lastly Melania.

You did it again. I’m starting to wonder if it’s on purpose. Cmon. The world is watching.

A Saturday Recap

American Airlines Troubles

What’s going these days with flights? Is it getting so bad that the safest option is really just to drive yourself. Sure is seeming that way.

Breaking News:

Maybe Sean Spicer will be a flight attendant

Weekend Golf

Partner Gary and I played Saturday and came in third in for the day in the A-flight. I’m counting two to three shots that we could realistically made up that would have had us winning the day. Lots of woulda coulda though. A 76 for myself and an 81 for my partner.

San Diego Escape Room Houdini


We tried the San Diego Great Escape Room Houdini downtown. Damn! We were so close. We had the last item figured out in the final seconds and just ran out of time. Wallah. So we got the consolation prize of this photo which I had to track down from their Facebook page. Thanks for taking everyone Becky & Bill.

Then Off to Dublin Square…



Excellent service!

One of my favorite places to go downtown. I usually don’t mind the loud music as well and I’m right at home in almost all Irish pubs. Probably due to the ‘down to earth’ vibe you get at most Irish establishments. But – there was one running joke that continued thru the evening. The table directly behind us had a couple that….let us just say….were introducing their bodies to one another. Geez man! Just go on home and have sex! Don’t make us all watch the “pre-game show”. Also – the dude was about 90lbs overweight. Argh!


The photo below definitely sums things up. When did I become the old grandpa of the group that has no interest in these things?!? Yikes! Below photo isn’t from the evening but I think it conveys the awkward vibe well.


Golf Today

For whatever reason I didn’t ireally didn’t have it today.  I could’ve played a lot better but it just wasn’t in the cards.  A lot of silly errors today.  I think what killed me most was two three parts on the front  and one on the back.   I also failed to get up and down several times today.  In fact, while I’m looking at the stats, I realize I didn’t get up and down a single time.

Good news. I wasn’t quite like Henrick Stenson. I’ve never launched a club though I have to admit I do actually use some foul language. I definitely need to work on that.

Chicago Cubs are on so it’s baseball time.


Back from it all. What a game. Cubs managed to pull off a what could have been a close one. Jake threw a flawless near 6 innings. Cubs managed to score mostly off walks. Well done. Off to Chicago we go. I’m quite enjoying how much of a Cubs fan my wife has turned into.


Have you seen James Franco’s official endorsement of Hillary Clinton? If you haven’t – it’ll crack you up.