Well Hello Sunday

Birthday for Doug

My buddy Doug had his forty-something birthday event last night. I was glad to be able to attend and spend quite a bit of time with everyone last night. It’s still quite different seeing them as parents. Happy Birthday Doug!


Doug and friends at a Billy Joel concert


Cubs managed to steal one from the Brewers to tie the series at 1-1. Cubs now are leading the division with a one and a half game lead. Not much of a cushion.  Their win came thanks to Jason Heyward in the 11th inning.

Did you happen to see the crazy play with the Boston Red Sox game? Damn. It’s as good as baseball gets.

Glenn Beck on CNN

Usually, I don’t mind listening to him. It seems like he knows how to tone things down when he’s on premium channels but doesn’t mind getting obsurd when people are listening to theblaze (his home network). He makes some valid points below.

Life Blog 0000

John Green talking about why we can’t have a grown-up discussion about healthcare. He makes a lot of valid points.

Give it a view. A lot of interesting info. You’ll be educated.

Baseball News

Sports Illustrated came out with their MLB preview. I’m still currently dissecting it. It looks like the big series of the year will be Cubs vs Dodgers and SI is picking the Dodgers to win it all. Long season. Lots of things can happen.


Golf Today

I got out early this morning for some golf with a few buddies. I shot a 77 with a lot of careless shots. One shot at a time. My buddy Pete however seemed to be hitting the ball much more consistently and almost like his usual self.



I’m up early tomorrow so I’ll keep this kinda short today. My next book to read.