Hey It’s Tuesday

A really fun interview with Jason Day and Phil Mickelson on the Dan Patrick Show talking about the upcoming Presidents Cup.  He also had a really good take on the protesting that is happening during the national anthem. Posting the video below

My take on it. The President was way out of line with calling some of these players ‘SOB’s’. He’s better than that. He needs to have a filter. The flag represents different things to different people – but it doesn’t make your feelings on it – correct.

You have the right to boo. You have the right to get angry. Also, people that say “I done with the NFL.” I’m not buying it. We’ll see these people watching games in another week or two. It’s all just a social media talking point.

The key. Peaceful demonstrations. They’re peaceful. Nothing is wrong then.



Dani, Lauren, and Luke showing that he’s a bear….


My wife is coming back to the good old US of A in another six days. I’m missing her a lot.

Good Morning

Happy Monday. Bring on the Monday morning 4th of July madness.

Phil Mickelson on Chipping

Definitely a good segment.

Golf with my Daughter

I took my daughter out to the golf course and she had a good time. Though she won’t admit it. Playing from tee to green and she even sank a few clutch putts. Usually in the past, I’ve just had her drop up close to the green and hit up from there. This time, however, she insisted on playing up from the tees this time.


My buddy Pete texted me yesterday that he’s helping a BBQ that has 180 people in it. Wow!


Cubs and the All-Star Game

Not a single Cubbie from last year’s team made this year’s All-Star game. Wow. I’m just flabbergasted. On an upside, Jake Arrieta threw a one-hitter and looked like the pitcher of old.

Player tells Caddy not to Bring Rain Gear

Kang definitely paid for it in the rain. Who’s to blame? I would always put the blame on the player.

Conservative Charles Krauthammer

He was on Fox News – as he is regularly and he’s usually a mind that I enjoy listening to. I completely agree with him when he says that when the President acts like this that he degrades the office of ‘President of the United States.

Mark Crossfield on Changing your Golf Skillset

Wonder Woman, Jordan Spieth Wins, Dan Patrick comments

Wonder Woman

Another big weekend for the Wonder Woman movie. It officially passed Man of Steel domestically and it’s on track to beat Batman vs Superman next. Not bad for a movie that had a fraction of the budget of Batman v Superman and Man of Steel.

Golf – Jordan Wins

Jordan Spieth holed out a bunker shot in the first playoff to win in dramatic fashion. Good thing they went with the body slam as earlier in the day they tried the ‘high-five’ and completely missed each other.

Dan Patrick had a good take on purists and the modern age of celebration in golf.

Also Dan had a great interview with Phil Mickelson talking about – oh I don’t know – anything that he might have done recently…

Phil Mickelson on Marking the Ball, Mark Crossfield Addresses the Point, and My Take.

170404-phil-mickelsonBravo to Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson was using his time yesterday in the Press room at Augusta National to discuss the Lexi Thompson debacle. But he did it by calling out his fellow tour pros. Bravo! Phil Mickelson below:

“So rather than address that specific instance, what I would say is this: I know a number of guys on tour that are loose with how they mark the ball and have not been called on it. I mean, they will move the ball two, three inches in front of their mark, and this is an intentional way to get it out of any type of impression and so forth and I think that kind of stuff needs to stop. But I think it should be handled within the tour. I think that the tour should go to those players and say, look, we’ve noticed you’ve been a little lax in how precise you’ve been in marking the ball. We’d like you to be a little bit better at it—and see if that doesn’t just kind of fix the thing.”

He even went a bit further later in the interview.

“But to have a tournament be decided like that, with all the scenarios going around, as far as viewers calling in, as far as it being a one‑foot putt with really no advantage, just a little bit of loose marking, if you will, something that happens all the time, intentionally and unintentionally, I just think that’s — I think it should be reversed. I think that she should be given the trophy.”

To those arguing with me yesterday. Rookies! Ahem! BM – Sometimes you have to look around and see if you’re in good company. I do find it interesting that both Phil Mickelson and David Duval cited ,”No Competitive Advantage…” Both lads have won their share of majors and one – was the #1 Ranked Player in the World to unseat Tiger Woods – both think it’s unjust.

My Take

So I’ll just leave my opinion below.

I’m Buying

My buddy Mark Crossfield also did an excellent video making some points – with his children – before he’s headed to The Masters.

And here is the proverbial – I’m at the Masters video. I’m sure more is to come.

Wednesday Hump Day

Donald’s Speech

Donald was invited by congress to address the legislature. I dare say for the first time he actually looked Presidential. He sounded like the President of ‘All People’ not just those that voted for him. Words have meaning. If he’s true to those words – it could be the beginning of something.

If you’d like to fact-check his speech – it’s available here

Even staunch Democratic supporter Van Jones felt the same way

I’m also a big sap for military support moments.

Phil Mickelson Bit

Not very often that anyone gets an extended interview with Phil MIckelson. So I’ve quite enjoyed viewing these bits. Damn – he’s got quite the tan going on.

Final Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer

Say what you want about baby Groot. He might be my favorite addition to the group.

Phil Mickelson British Open

Each time I see Phil in contention, I feel like it might be the last chance to watch something special. Probably due to the fact that I’ve had several experiences with him where he has been nothing but a class act. Also it helps that he was one of the top two golfers that I always cheered for. I’ll leave the other one for a future blog post.

Phil-Mickelson-63-TroonI’d have loved to have seen him shoot the 62. Would have definitely been one of the ages. At Torrey Pines each year, if he’s not in contention, on some of the longer hole he’ll walk down the sides and sign autographs in the middle of the round. He knows how popular he is at the end and just wants all fans to get something they want.

Second experience I’ve heard, My neighbor at my old house was an elementary school teacher in the area. He told this story that Phil used to sponsor some schools and get the kids all of their back to school supplies. They’d open an OfficeMax and Phil would be there are 5 am and just have all the kids get all the school supplies that they need. Then just drop the bill on Phil at the end. That is the ultimate in generosity.

Below is the putt that just barely lipped out for the 62