Town Hall and More

CNN hosted a town hall with many kids and parents that lost loved ones in the most recent shooting. Marco Rubio and others were held to the fire. While I applaud their efforts banning assault weapons is a very difficult task as there are so many weapons that are encompassing that label.

I’m less about the weapon and more about mental health checks and enhanced background checks. We need to make it tough to get as well as have a community outreach program where if citizens believe someone to be a danger that we can have a weapons restriction placed on them. Granted, all of that will have to be done with due process.

So many of these guns are already on the streets and in the hands of citizens. Banning them simply won’t work.

This is part of the problem with politics. The moment they take office they work on fundraising for the next election. Bring on the money! Money in politics. Part of the problem.


Quite an interesting video. Enjoyed!

John Green – When your Friend Runs for Governor

Big fan of John Green.

Trump is a Clown. But a Master Clown

It’s not often where I can say this. But I totally agree with this former CIA operative. We need to see Trump for what he is and what he isn’t. He’s just a very good manipulator and getting people to talk about what he doesn’t want people talking about. He knows the collusion with the Russians is an issue that will dog his entire presidency. So what does he do? Change the subject. Even if there isn’t even a shred of evidence to it – change the subject.

Facebook and Politics. I’m done

Facebook and Politics. I’m Done.

This year’s election seems to have done nothing but cause a separation divide. We’ve forgotten how to talk with one another with etiquette and manners. To actually have some class when having the discussion.

Facebook isn’t for politics plain and simple. People think that after a year and half of championing their political hero that the correct thing to do is continue to do that. People think that all we want to see is positive information about their candidate and how he can do no wrong. Or their party can do no wrong

The articles, GIF, and “Late Night Destroys….” has gotten old for me. I’m tired of it. The reason to be on Facebook is to socialize with many people at once and be able to catch up with people’s lives. Have we lost track of that? Facebook is a way of having everyone know what’s new with your life, children, family and well….politics….well….it ruins that.

Now I’ll cut to the chase. Posting about politics is boring. Mostly because YOU are boring. Nobody is waiting for you to weigh in on the day’s political environment. Nobody is waiting around saying,”I hope he shares the latest Tomi video.” Nobody reads a facebook and says,”Wow. What I could really use is a conservative fact check site?!”  Sorry, your constant regurgitation of talking points and sharing the same posts isn’t changing ANY votes.

Spare everyone the argument that you felt this was necessary for you to share with everyone. It makes no difference. Your bitterness is evident.

Spare everyone those moments that you share a Tomi video and just write the words “I agree” or the Rachel Maddow or ‘Occupy Democrats’ video. Nobody cares.

Politics isn’t everything, and that should be reflected in your Facebook posts.

My Change

I won’t be posting anything political on Facebook or to this blog any further. I’m determined to let politics be something that is in the background. Discussed with a few friends that I know have demonstrated they know how to carry a conversation with respect.

Final Thought

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”  – John Adams , 1780

This was the first election that I voted for neither of the major political parties. I’m glad I did. Also, I couldn’t bring myself to ever tell anyone that I voted for a ‘Reality Tv Star’ for President of the United States.


Facebook and Politics. I’ll Pass

1936687_1185722398105979_6276226539478948464_nI see a lot of things I disagree with on social media. It’s hard to keep our personal beliefs to ourselves when we see things online that we take issue with. One thing that comes to mind frequently is the subject of politics on Facebook.

I used to engage in political discussions with people on social media. I enjoyed debating people, and still do, provided there is mutual respect. I’ve always thought that you never learn anything from people that you agree with. However, I’ve stopped. Every now and then I’ll see a regurgitation of official government something or a meme that is going around with and I’ll be tempted to throw in my two cents. Lately, I come to my senses and use some self control. So why did I stop? There are several reasons but I’ll share my top.

  1. It’s a waste of time. Life is short and precious. Time is the most valuable item you have. Not to state the obvious, but none of us know how much we have. No point in wasting hours in a back and forth debate, just to have the other party change the subject or to ignore my comment entirely.
  2. You end up losing respect for people. Respect is a two-edged sword. Several people have lost respect for me as I’ve been a bit forceful with my views. It’s my own fault, though. When you start throwing around specific words that people may take offense to, you get a backlash and you’ve brought it upon yourself.
  3. Good arguments need a better format. We live in an age of sound bites and five second responses. We have political pundits on television programs where they have to answer problems/give answers in thirty seconds. Good arguments deserve better than that.
  4. Let your vote be your voice.
  5. There’s enough politics in the media. I use Facebook to laugh, have fun, and to converse and keep up with family and friends. It shouldn’t be used to get worked up or stressed out over something you happen to disagree with.