Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup

It’s a Ryder Cup year so a lot of the golf spotlight is on the American and European teams. I think Europe is going to be sneaky strong especially with the latest addition of some of their long hitters like ‘Rahmbo’. Better video clip discussing it below.

PGA Tour is off to Mexico for the WGC event. Huge elevation change and hence the ball is traveling some %10-15 longer. Player whine about having to use trackman. Yeah, I don’t remember Jack Nicklaus complaining about this. Players today! Argh! Video below discussing it.

Jon Rahm says that he’s working on his temper. Is this really a point of discussion? It’s one of the items that I actually enjoy of him.


Special Thanks


A special shout out to Doug and Jenn who sent my wife flowers to help with all that she’s going through. Losing a parent definitely isn’t easy. But friends showing they care makes a difference. Thanks!

Justin Timberlake performed his hit song ‘Say Something’ at the brits yesterday. I think it’s quite fitting in so many ways.

“Maybe I’m looking for something I can’t have…..”

Well done Team USA #RyderCup

Well done DLove III on making sure each person played three rounds. Truly a team.

My favorite match though and the Superstar of this RyderCup has to be Patrick Reid. Such a champion but a true team victory.

Patrick Reid will definitely now be an American favorite at so many tournaments. Well earned.