I’m sure by now you’ve read and heard of the shooting in Florida. I’m tired of the ‘it’s too soon to talk about it.’ We have our children being murdered at our schools.

Another quite smart man who’s more eloquent than I am with his words:

I’m sick and tired of the ‘lets not talk about’ and wait until the news cycle is over and it just goes away. We have a sickness and it needs to be treated. Doing NOTHING is a slap in the face to all of the parents that have lost children and loved ones in these mass shootings.

Moving On…

I really dig Justin Timberlake’s ‘Say Something’ music video. Quite well done.

Have a good Friday everyone! Get out and enjoy the sun.


Coffee Tuesday

I’m up at 6 am and writing.

What an excellent football game. Just what college football needs. Am I alone in thinking that the college football season is perhaps more entertaining and exciting than the NFL?!

A lot of people are discussing the Meryl Streep speech. I’m actually going to show you a clip from one of the segments that had me laughing hysterically.

Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are just awesome in this.

As far as the Meryl Streep speech. Well I think Billy Eichner said in perfectly in his exchange with Meghan McCain.

My take. Meryl was just voicing her opinion. Like it or not, she’s just voicing her opinion like anyone else. You don’t have to like it or you can agree with it. If comments like this – during an awards show no less – get under Donald’s skin. Then he’s way too sensitive. It’s time to grow up and get some tougher skin.


Moving on….


It’s the last full day that my step-daughter Lauren is in the country. She’s heading back to Germany to live with her grandmother and find employment. It’s been enjoyable having her hear and I don’t think she’ll be away that long. Step-son Tommy isn’t that far away from graduation college at SDSU.