Super Bowl and More

Eagles Win

I prefer to say Patriots lost. But really it was the Eagles offense and their defense early that got to Brady. I’ve never been a Patriots fan and at the beginning of the season I just said ,”Anyone but the Patriots in the Super Bowl…” Will they be back next year? Who knows. Brady says he will return and Grok says he wants time to think about it. So who knows?!?

Interesting Bits during Super Bowl

The full Han Solo teaser trailer got released. This is not a good sign. I was hopeful that I’d like it as much as Rogue One but goodness. It really feels like Disney is grasping at straws. When the original two directors leave over ‘Creative Differences’ I get a vibe that they wanted to make a hardcore Han Solo and Disney wanted to make a film for ten years old. Boo! Disney!!

Onto something good. Mission Impossible 6: Fallout looks very good. But these are the type of films that I typically enjoy.

Peter Dinklage vs Morgan Freeman. Yet, we didn’t use their voices at all. I wonder how much they paid for that?!?

The Rock in Skyscraper. It seems like this is just The Rock in a Die Hard version. Argh! Hollywood is definitely out of original ideas.


I did enjoy the new Jurassic Park trailer. That looks like a lot of fun.

This morning….

Golf with some of the boys. Getting ready for Wednesday’s tournament. It should be a good one.


Super Bowl. Favorite Commercials. Saturday Night Live

So this year’s Super Bowl didn’t really grab my eye.  Not being a fan of either the teams has its advantages.  I did find it funny though that all over Facebook there was a lot of discussion about the game being rigged. Somehow also people were comparing this to the election. Give me a break!

Below I’m going to post my favorite commercials from the Super Bowl.

Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. Enough said.

“Do you want to pet my roo?”

I enjoyed this one for obvious reasons – I have a daughter. Well done Audi.

“Who is John Malkovich?!?”

But my favorite…

Lots of Super Bowl spots for movie trailers. None of them really caught my eye in a big way. I was kind of hoping that we might see a small tease for episode VIII of Star Wars. But alas – that didn’t happen.

Argh! Now I’ll get to hear lots of how great Tom Brady is. Blah blah. Boring. Not a fan.


But I did think this skit on SNL was particularly funny….