Tiger Makes Cut

Tiger Woods is onto the weekend largely due to this approach shot and an excellent lag putt.

My favorite shot was definitely his flop shot to save par. Huge!

Getting up and down 7 of 9 times. So much for those chipping yips.

I’m off to Torrey. Have a wonderful day everybody.

Tiger Woods is Back

Tiger Woods

I think the Las Vegas odds for him basically says it all.

This video sums up some of the excitement for Tiger Woods. I give you USA Today

Brandel Chamblee

Brandel’s own words ,”I’d be shocked if he can figure the chipping out…”

Boom! Very next day he’s chipping. Maybe you should save your reviews for when you’ve seen him play four tournament rounds in competition. But to base your analysis on just one tournament, this tech guy says,”You need more data sir.”

I even couldn’t resist giving Brandel the comment direct from me –



Thursday. Bring it


My problem with college football, in general, has been that some of these coaches pad their schedules. We need more accountability when teams have an easier year and don’t play good teams. Plain and simple.

Aaron Rodgers Returning?!?

I personally don’t know why he’d want to come back and play. Green Bay isn’t going to make the playoffs and honestly – just my take – nobody is going to think you’re a better quarterback by coming back this season.

Justin Thomas has some Fun on Social Media

A fan sent him a nasty remark on Instagram. Frotunately, JT has a good sense of humor.

Tiger Woods Returns

Today’s the big day for Tiger Woods. His first step on the road to recovery. Can he win this coming season? I think it would be a huge victory if he can just play the upcoming season without getting injured.

Sunday FunDay


Thanksgiving Group Photo

It was good to get everyone together. Big Thanks to Sharon and Mike for hosting us and making us feel like we are at home.  From Thanksgiving day to Cornhole Bags to racing at the dirt track – I had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything.

Cornhole Fun.

Ohio State vs Michigan

I kept on screwing up when the day of the game was. My Friday totally felt like a Saturday and my Sunday today now feels like a Monday. So I literally was searching for the game on Friday. I enjoy a good rivalry but for the life of me I cannot understand people that post and share such banter like calling Ohio State the ‘Fuckeyes’. I could maybe loosely understand it if you were a nineteen-year-old college student but for it to be coming out of the mouth of forty-year olds – I just don’t get it.

Anyway – Ohio State won due to their play in the second half. I think the thing that I appreciate about the team. Meyer goes out of his way to play tough teams and wants to play them on their turf. 48-3 in conference games. That’s one hell of a record.

Cowherd had an excellent segment talking about just how good Urban Meyer is and how he’s different than Alabama’s head coach.

If you’re looking for highlights of the game: Here you go….

The coach also gave a decent press event afterward.

Brad Faxon: Tiger outdrove DJ Half the Time


If it’s true – the big cat is back. I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs next week.

Last Note –

UCLA picks up Chip Kelly. I’d look for them to get their offense into high gear.

It’s Thursday. Enjoy

Billy Payne Steps Down


He was big for Augusta National. A Chairman that really brought Augusta into the 2000’s. The Drive, Chip, and Putt – new Media room – honorary starters – and countless other initiatives were all his. I’m sad to see him step down but glad to see that they looked for another chairman with his credentials.

Lindsey Von – Tiger Woods – Others have Nude Photos Leaked

142nd Open Championship - Previews

If you take these photos and you put them on your phone, there is a chance that you’re not doing enough to secure them. Bingo! They can be hacked. Also – nearly 7 in 10 people that I talk with don’t have the latest software on their phones and computers. This gives hackers a gateway into your life.

Apple Event


Everyone is waiting for the next IPhone and the question is now – when will it be announced? Then the question is ‘when will it be available?’ Lots of rumor sites suggest supply for this IPhone will be tougher and that we’ll see three variations.

IPhone 7s

IPhone 7s Plus

IPhone Pro (IPhone 8)

We’re starting to get hints as some of the cell phone carriers have been told when to start putting up promotional material and advertising. 9to5mac is reporting that we’re looking for a September 12th date.

One of my Favorite Movie Scenes

Kate Upton, North Korea, Bill Nye, and Boobs.. Oh and Tiger Woods.

Kate Upton of Lip Sync Battle

Looks like the rhetoric is heating up with North Korea. But before we get to that, how about some Kate Upton on Lip Sync Battle. How’s this even a show?!?

Well at least it’s fun.

North Korea

It’s becoming quite an issue. The rhetoric is definitely ramping up to levels we haven’t seen. People ask why we haven’t gone in there already and taken care of this. Not so easy when they have mobile missile command centers already pointed at our partners in South Korea. Thousands of casualties could occur before we could act fast enough. Patriot missile defense systems are good but not that good. My opinion is we need pressure from China, Russia, and ourselves. So far it’s just The United States.

Bill Nye Answers some Science Questions

30th Anniversary of U2’s Joshua Tree

I can’t believe it’s been thirty years. Now that makes me feel old. My father had a Toyota Supra and it was the first CD player that we had in our home. Only problem? We had no CD’s in the house to play and test out the sound system. Off we went to the record store and we purchased our first CD – The Joshua Tree.

Drunk Woman at Cubs Game brings out the Twins

Maybe we need to instate drinking limits if you possibly look like you might be white trash. Argh!

Tiger Woods

Looks like Tiger Woods had another back surgery yesterday. From what I’ve been reading he’ll be out about six months. That puts a fork in him for the year. The good news – golf is in excellent shape with today’s young. Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory, Dustin Johnson, etc. I could go on. He needs to just turn golf off and focus on getting himself healthy to 100% and maybe have a serious conversation with himself about whether it’s possible to play again. Hello retirement!!

SNL Spicer, Grammy’s and Nike’s Equality Campaign.

SNL Spicer

SNL Lives delivers and get their highest rated show in years. Interesting that the top skit didn’t have so much to do with Donald Trump but his Press Secretary.


I tried watching it and hell we even had it on in the background. But it’s just terrible. Metallica and Lady Gaga?!? Really?! Then Metallica’s mic doesn’t work. Adele does a tribute to George Michael and then midway asks to restart it because she botched it up. What?!?

Nike Equality Campaign

Nike has kicked off their equality campaign with some very well done videos. They’ll be advertising these at some prime time sporting events.

Even nice to see Tiger Woods get involved….

Michael Breed on some Putting Tips

It’s a bit old but I highly enjoyed this.

I also quite enjoyed this one from Dave Stockton