Bring on Wednesday

Anyone catch any of Donald Trump’s rally last evening? *sigh* where to start?!? Let’s just say the video above does most of the work for me. It’s like I was saying last week that he missed his moment to come down hard on White Supremacists and instead tried to play something to his base with “all sides.”

Personally. I thought it showed an extreme amount of low class when you’re attacking a veteran and a man dealing with a brain tumor – John McCain. When did that become acceptable?

Moving on….

Golf with the Boys

Showed up with my 85% wrist that is annoying me to no end. No pain but it’s definitely an annoyance.  I ridiculously suggested that we play teams where we’d rotate every six holes. The main problem is there are so many pickups and then we actually spend time talking about conceding a one-foot putt. I’m not even sure how in good conscience that you’d post from a day where you have so many pickups.

Also – a twelve-foot putt you just pick up and say ,”Is this good for six?” Answer should have been – no you pickup and it’s good for seven. Do you feel that you’re ‘most likely’ draining twelve-foot putts? If you’re being honest with yourself the answer is ‘no’. Secondly – you’re only hurting yourself for a score for today. It’s not a true reflection of what your golfing potential come tournament day. Don’t you want that additional stroke on your handicap if it’s a stroke that you legitimately take?

Why do I use that word ‘most likely’ – Section 4 of the USGA Golf Rules

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.12.44 AM

Michael Rapaport on Colbert

It surely does make me laugh.

Today’s Agenda

I’m moving the boy into the SDSU dorms. One less kid in the house and one more to go. My wife and I are ready to have the house to ourselves again.

It seems like just yesterday he was fourteen and posing for my silly photography.


Bring on Thursday

Digging the new clip that showed up on Snapchat from Justice League.

New Photos of Tommy and Lauren

Tommy just got back from his trip to Germany. Below are two photos that have surfaced of the two of them.

What a view and Tommy representing SDSU



Jordan Spieth – Amazing Shot

First round of the Bridestone WGC

LA Lights up the Batsignal, Scramble, US Open, Tommy and Oxford

It’s Saturday morning. Good morning everyone. We’re off to the races.

Adam West


I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the tribute that Los Angeles paid to the original Batman. The one that I grew up watching on the tv screen in re-runs. A little odd that I thought they were always live. RIP Adam. To the Batcave Robin….

Pete and Gary Scramble

My buddies Pete and Gary are off to be part of Sycuan’s two man scramble for seniors. By seniors – you have to be fifty or older. I’m a bit over ten years out so I won’t be taking part in that. Guys – play well. Try to limit yourself to just one bogey and you guys will be solid.

US Open

Damn this course is making it look easy at times for the boys. I thought this was supposed to be the most challenging course in the US and weren’t they also the same body that decided to cut down some of the rough because it was too penalizing. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the scoreboard.

Some of the best shots from round 2:

Tommy and England


My step-son Tommy had signed up to go to this study abroad for a month thing at Oxford about six months ago. Then the ‘looney’ events happened in England and SDSU sent out this email saying that they were monitoring the situation but not cancelling the event. For whatever reason, Tommy got freaked out and no longer wants to attend. Originally, I had thought there was a small fear factor. But as I was crunching the numbers. Large amount of people – small amount of people effected. Give me numbers.


The largest amount of people were effected in the 80s.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 6.28.21 AM

Terror is killing far fewer people in the UK now than it was in the 1980s

I just have this feeling that he’s missing out and missing out on a good opportunity. What’s worse is when you ask him about why he no longer wants to go. You get vague answers and not very thought out responses. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely his decision and he has to live with it.


Anyone heard John Butler Trio play guitar. This guy can just flat out play…..

Love Actually 2. Muslims. New Child in our Crazy World (Congrats)

Red Nose Day. Love Actually 2


Well, fans of Love Actually finally got some of the answers they were looking for. I quite enjoyed it.

Dinner with Tommy and Family Discussion

We had an interesting discussion talking about the Manchester bombing at a concert. I say that it was interesting as he must have interrupted me at least three separate times. He’s so focused on what he wants to say next and not listening to what is currently being said – and often times overanxious to say what he’s thinking next. Listening is definitely an important skill.

I quite enjoy Reza Asian – Professor of Religion at UC Riverside who appears on CNN and has appeared on Fox News.

He makes a lot of valid points below.

“We’re using two or three examples to justify a generalization – that’s actually the definition of bigoty. ” Reza – 2:55 in the video

I’m usually a big fan of the Pew Research Center for some stats. So here are some good stats on Muslims in the United States.

Rand Paul on Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Definitely a very valid point. Tax payer dollars are used to research and develop these weapons and then we’re selling them to countries that may in turn give them to ISIS. Why are we selling them to other countries when they’re for our protection?

Lastly…..but not of Least Importance.


My buddy Doug (and wife) gave birth to a beautiful girl yesterday. It was a long childbirth for Doug and after a day of nursing – Doug had this to say…

“Damn my nipples are sore. I’m done with this. Oh wife….your turn.” – Doug

Seriously…I’m very happy for you guys. Now, let’s start cutting down Doug’s golf clubs to get her ready for the LPGA Tour and college. Yes – I put it in that order on purpose.

Golf, A Library Find, and Tommy’s Birthday

Golf Yesterday and Today

I played yesterday with quite a few errors. Some of them rather silly. Today was more of slightly the same. 82 today but too many forced silly errors on the front nine and then got some momentum going on the back 9 with seven straight pars and fell apart coming in. Wind started creeping into my thoughts and hitting different ball flights.

My group. Today I definitely enjoyed it more. Three other players that all wanted to compete and play. I could really care less if you shoot 72,82, 92, or 112 but if you have the desire to want to compete and do better – it’s all I need.

Going Thru my Library

I found this old video before my wife and I did the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. 13 miles baby.

Tommy’s Birthday

The boy turns 20. Hard to believe. Step-son and family are headed to a German restaurant for dinner. Still hard to believe he’s turning twenty. It seems like just yesteray he was doing cowabunga dives during swim team. Crazy! Below is a video of us paragliding in Hawaii.

Last Few Days

Last few days I’ve been busy setting up a new system in the house. We replaced all the bulbs in our house with the Phillips Hue system. Mainly I chose that system because it works with both Siri and my Amazon Echo. It took a bit of figuring a few things out but now it works marvelously.

Simply wake up and say ,”Turn on Office Lights.” Boom – it’s done. Also I can set routines so that at 6 am the lights are already on. Very helpful.

Golf with my buddies Pete and Gary this morning was fun. I couldn’t hit a cut to save my life today. Draw yes! 5 yard draw. No problem. Cut?! Nope. Starting way out right and not cutting. Have to work on more solid contact and starting the ball on line. I had to bail after nine today because I wanted to get home, shower, eat, and then drive up to see my daughter. She’s on the school choir and tonight was their Christmas event. She’s growing up so fast in front of my eyes that I cannot believe that soon she’s going to be nine. I really wish my mom would have met her. Or for that matter my dad.

Christmas is four days away or by the time that I post this – just three days. Hard to believe that it’s upon us already.

Data. I saved my butt again. I’m a firm believer in the three backups. One local, One in the cloud, and one off-site. I have an encrypted backup on a flash drive in my car, encrypted off-site, and encrypted local. Three copies or you don’t really have a copy at all.


My step-son Tommy has been home for less than two days from college and on his second day, he’s already sleeping until 11:30 AM. Well, that didn’t take long.  Madness! Madness I tell you. I can’t even remember sleeping until 9 am of recent.