Comey Interview

I file this under elections have consequences. What gets me and makes me laugh. Trump is all about being on the attack of Comey who served under both Republicans and Democrats. If Comey hadn’t put the information about the email investigation of Hillary Clinton there is a decent conversation to be had that we’d have a different conversation right now.

James Clapper makes some decent observations of his meetings with Trump while head of the Director of National Intelligence.

On a related note, I wanted to comment on this.

We spend more than the next top twenty countries combined. There has never been an instance where we haven’t had money to buy something for our defense. More than anything we have a bunch of wasteful spending with our military.  Sorry, Donald, but the answer isn’t to spend more.

My last comment. Why isn’t Donald Trump focused on the future and future election meddling by the Russians or any foreign entity? All the discussions are on the past.  We need to focus on the future. We have midterm elections coming.

Trump and his Parade

Skip to the 10:00 mark of this video.

A f$*king parade? Trump wants the Pentagon to put on a parade. Oh geez. I served and I can tell you the one item that we were all unified in, we absolutely hated parades. Base Generals would change hands and the Marines would spiff themselves up and do three to sometimes five practice rounds of “parading” around.

No country on this planet says

“The United States is the only remaining super power but they don’t have a parade.”

The resources that are going to have to be spent on this is just going to be insane. There are no military bases near Washington DC – so it’s not like an Abrams tank can just drive on over. Also, we haven’t even gotten to what happens when you put a multi-ton tank on asphalt roads.

This is pure and simple the dumbest thing you’ve ever asked for. Trump you don’t need to be jealous of the French.

Solheim Cup and some Politics of Note


It’s Solheim Cup time. This is the ladies version of the Ryder Cup for those that read this and don’t know.

We’re off to a good start…

But that amazing drive doesn’t matter if you can’t make the putt…..

Onto some Politics

Krauthammer makes a lot of valid points here. This should be over with already. The President and his party – the party of Lincoln – should know that he needs the moral compass to just say,”This is wrong and this is not what we stand for.” His agenda and what the American public need is your mission. Jobs and economic growth. That’s your mission, Mr. President.

Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, and longtime Trump supporter had some harsh words for him yesterday.

Also, Fox News and 21st Century Fox’s CEO James Murdock had these words for the President which seems to be what should be being said by everyone…

“I can’t even believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists. Democrats, Republicans, and others must all agree on this, and it compromises nothing for them to do so.”


Post 4th Of July

I hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July. It’s time to move onto the rest of the year.

Trump at G20

So Trump is at the G20 and someone needs to clue him in. A lot of false media being thrown around here in the United States. Like this bit that claimed that Poland’s PM refused to shake Donald Trump’s hand. You can see from the full video that she did.

My Golf on Wednesday

It started off bad. Then started off really well. Then it went completely south and terrible. I started with walking to the wrong course. Fortunately my buddy Gary went over and picked me up. Then I started on the right course and played 9 holes really solid. After that, I jazzed up my wrist on a shot and the wheels completely flew off for a nice solid 88. I haven’t played that badly this year.


I got up this morning and played golf with Eric Thomas who had a good solid round. Not as good as his 70 from the other day.

Rickie Fowler and his Girl Friend

I like the way they celebrated the 4th of July.

I wanna fly like an eagle🦅🇺🇸

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Spiderman: Homecoming

I’m off with my step-son Tommy to go and see Spiderman: Homecoming today. Arclight. One of the best theaters in the area.

Quite digging their song by MGMT:

Health Care and a new Thermostat

Health Care

House Republicans passed a bill yesterday. Yep! They finally did it. What does it do? Well, it for starters reduces the tax burden that Obamacare put on the top 1% and gives it back to them. Some $833 billion dollars going back to the richest Americans. What’s the effect of that? Some twenty-four million people will lose their insurance. Not something you can brag about Republicans. I haven’t understood this President and this party for some time. How can you claim you’re the party of the religious right and not take care of your brother and the poor? Isn’t that within the very teachings of Jesus and the strongest message in the bible? It’s rhetorical. Of course, it is. Also – I find it deeply disturbing when even the American Medical Association doesn’t stand by it. AMA is doctors and care providers – the largest group in the USA – and they don’t support it.

Read their statement below:


We still have a long long way to go. A celebration is very early. You still need to have the bill to committee for adjustments in the Senate – voted on – and then back to committee in the House – and voted on again. Some members of the Senate have already said that the bill in its current form – won’t be voted on.

I think what I find most ridiculous to me. They didn’t even wait for it be scored by the Congressional Budget Office. Our representatives voted on it without even knowing the numbers of cost and how many will be affected.

Watch the video above and notice all of the constituents behind Trump. Those are people that in a year are going to be running for re-election and they’ll have to answer a very difficult question. Why did you strip my health insurance? Why did you choose not to take care of the weakest amongst us?

Anyone remember when Trump promised “insurance for everyone“? Twenty-four million isn’t everyone. Whoops!

Moving on…

Installed an Ecobee 3 Thermostat Yesterday


It’s an intelligent thermostat with sensors for monitoring temperatures in rooms. But more importantly – it monitors movement in the rooms and then adjusts based on that. I’m ready for the savings $$. That being said we don’t use our AC but maybe a month a year.

What do I love best? It works with Siri and Alexa and works mobile. So if I’m at the movie theater – nobody at home – I can manually turn up the thermostat to conserve on electricity.


Sergio, John Oliver, and some Thor

Well Sergio finally did it.

Well done Sergio. I had a busy day yesterday but didn’t quite get to check-in on the Masters like I would have wanted. I even appreciated his sense of humor during the press conferences. Moving on….

John Oliver Nails it

An excellent video on Gerrymandering.

Trump vs Syria

Trump launched about 59 Tomahawks at an airfield in Syria. To me – empty gesture. Might as well be waving our hands saying,”Hey remember us?” I’m even wondering if it’s just a tactic to take us off what’s happening with the Russians.

That’s great Donald! Except what did we actually hit as they were launching planes the VERY next day? Also now it’s come to fruiting that we gave the Russians advanced warning. What’s the point of a show of force if they know it’s coming?


As usual – Thomas Friedman is spot on in his comments on ABC.

Of course, let us not forget how Trump changes his mind.


Let us not forget how this will impact foreign relations.

Lastly some Comic Goodness…

The new Thor: Ragnarok Trailer.

Happy Tuesday

Arnold Palmer Invitational – Bay Hill


It’s this week and it’s the first week where we get to pay tribute to the man that did so much for golf. I’m surprised that more players haven’t gone out of their way to pay their proper respects. Henrick Stenson, is one of those that has said, he was never going to miss the event and hopes to make the memory of Arnold Palmer proud.

Speaking of Stenson – did you see this video of his daughter running to him on the course?

I even appreciated Blair O’Neal showing she’s a proud member of Arnie’s Army

Trump and Health Care

Anyone remember this?

I’m not sure how we go from everyone covered to 24 million less? This is the best that we can get from the “Grandmaster of the Deal.” “So much winning…” The major problem I have is you’re playing politics with people’s health. Definitely not cool.

Anyone seeing this gif making the rounds?


Of course, it’s from this video that actually happened…

Trump is a Clown. But a Master Clown

It’s not often where I can say this. But I totally agree with this former CIA operative. We need to see Trump for what he is and what he isn’t. He’s just a very good manipulator and getting people to talk about what he doesn’t want people talking about. He knows the collusion with the Russians is an issue that will dog his entire presidency. So what does he do? Change the subject. Even if there isn’t even a shred of evidence to it – change the subject.

Trump vs Media

Trump vs Media – Again

This is getting old – really fast. President Trump just shows up for Press meetings now and thinks he can just get away with giving any number he wants and to present it as fact. Does he not think that we live in an age where nearly everyone has a micro-computer in their pocket and can fact check things themselves?!?

It seems like he’s still stuck in campaign mode. Maybe this is one of the detriments of not spending some of your life in the political arena.



Our Recent Executive Actions

Trumps First Week in Office


I was trying to find the right words to sum up my exact feelings. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg.

Is this really who we are? We’ve reached a point where we are denying people access to the United States who are refugees based almost entirely on their religions. Cmon.

We wouldn’t have the likes of Steve Jobs who came from a Syrian Immigrant Father. If he hadn’t been allowed to come here and put him up for adoption – Steve Jobs likely would have had a very different career path.


Steve Jobs and his Syrian Father


This isn’t who we are. This isn’t what we stand for. There will always be evil and hatred in the world. We cannot hide from it. We need to stand up and say this isn’t who we are.


People you need to be more particular with whom you’re getting your news from. I see so many articles being shared from the alt-right and from the ‘Occupy Democrats’ that it’s ridiculous. They have an agenda and they have a bias.