Golf at Aviara. Birthdays of Yesterday. Ron Howard. Basketball One and Done.


Yesterday the guys and I went off to Aviara to have a nice round of golf. Course was in excellent shape and the layout was nice. Even nicer, they had a blue-white combo tee sheet that allows for a mid-shorter to longer tee range. So that fit perfectly with the group.


After the round – a lot of guys that had a lot of fun.


My round. I was just tired from this week. Between doing some photography and golf practice, I was just beat this week. Creatively my mind was zonked.

But still – definitely a lot of fun and I highly enjoyed the course.

Today I’m 40

Well, like Dr. Fisher said last week at my physical. It’s just another number and the body doesn’t know any different.

What’s odd though. I was around for both my parents turning forty. I remember theirs. It just makes me reminisce a lot of times of yesterday.


Turning 11. Throwing my birthday party. Man – check out that outfit.

Other News…

Ron Howard has taken the helm for the Han Solo movie. We’ll see how this pans out.

Dan Patrick had a good take on college athletes playing one year and then done. Mostly referencing the NBA draft.

US Open and Doctor’s Visit

The US Open on Fox

While – yes – I have enjoyed the coverage. Some of the commentary is just completely silly. Azinger talking about how he doesn’t understand ‘Aimpoint’. That’s great but it’s your job to explain it to the viewer. Not just say ,”Hit the putt.” That’s not your job as a commentator.


Also, Holly Sonders is being completely underutilized. Also to a point where I would find it insulting if I’m her. She should be an on the course commentator. Instead, you’ve got her stowed away doing one-minute segments¬†every three hours or so. Why?!? That’s a waste of her talent and golf knowledge. Yes I’m sure Fox would love the ratings. But cmon.

Doctors Visit

I’m 40 in just under two weeks. So, my wife organized some blood work and check-ups beforehand. Maybe this was just her way of making me feel old. LOL. I love the first words out of my Doctor today….

“Forty is seriously just a number. The body doesn’t know it any different.”

I’m more concerned with this issue that I’ve been having when wearing contacts. After a few hours, I see this haze and my eyesight gets a bit blurry. I don’t think it’s ‘dry eye’. Maybe though?!? When I had an Optometry¬†test they thought they saw something on my eye. So now I’m off to the next specialist in two weeks. The really odd part to me is when I wear my glasses that my eyesight is fully what it should be and I don’t see the haze or blurriness. Quite odd.


Monday Morning

Club Championship ended. I stayed home to rest my right bicep and also spend some time with my wife. Happy wife – happy life as they say. Definitely true in my case.


Dinner Out

We drove to downtown SD to hang with the Babington’s and their newborn Ava. They’re doing well and have a definite cutie. So much more hair than my daughter at that age. So much more hair than her dad currently (HaHa) .

Blood Work

This morning it’s time for the blood test. Last time I went for this checkup was three years ago and I was given the ,”We don’t need to do this every year until you’re forty.” So, in typical fashion, I’m forty in two and a half weeks – so I’m doing the blood work now. I’m fairly confident that I won’t pass out which has been my thing for the longest time. Crap. I can go back to elementary school with this problem. Anyone else blood and I’m fine – make it my own – and I fall onto the floor. It’s amazing I survived the Marines.

Update: 8:38 AM -Didn’t pass out. Didn’t feel a thing. Nurse was definitely a pro and my wife was excellent at keeping me distracted. 

Funny Wonder Woman Moment

Gal Gadott was caught biting her lip when Chris Pine was talking if he was interested in her.


Literally, anything makes news with this movie. I just can’t help but laugh.


A new Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer with Tim Duncan.